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    44.1k, 48k >> 11.2M and 6.1M ... why not? Hi Jussi, I have a DAC that can manage PCM 384k and 256 DSD, both families, 44.1k and 48k. I flagged the “Auto-rate family” and my DAC is working accordingly: 11.2M and 12.2M respectively. Unfortunately – while I have no problem for 44.1k, there is a noise at 256 DSD for the 48k family (this occurs after a few seconds, and likely it is because the driver is not fully stable at that frequency). So I thought I could by-pass the problem by limiting the DSD Bit Rate to 44,1k x 256, while still keeping the “Auto-rate family” flagged. My expectations were to have: 11.2M when in input we have 44.1k 6.1M when in input we have 48.1k But HQP does not play at all when a 48k file is in input. Why? Many thanks Massimo
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    Thanks! Indeed I was convinced I posted in the HQ player thread ,,,,😊
  3. Hi Jussi, can you give just some example of DAC with NAA built in? does it also mean that you can use your HQP on that FAC? Thanks Massimo
  4. Hi Jussi, I downgraded to 1803 and .... it works now! it is great to listen to DSD256! I would have preferred Linux but W10 seems the only OS I can use now in my NAA. Jussi, many thanks for your guidance and patience!
  5. Hi Jussi, as you suspected, the driver is Microsoft. I'm going to contact North Star to act accordingly. I have W10 1809 installed and I would also try and downgrade to 1803 if I can, in order to test if the problem still remain. Will let you know.
  6. Hi Jussi, i tried it but unsuccessfully. I did also reinstall W10 Pro from scratch, even avoiding to install specific W10 drivers for UP_2, but no chance. After I installed the ASIO driver and connected my DAC, it does not work. Thanks in any case for your time. Massimo
  7. Jussi, it is really weird. I have installed HQP on the UP where I have the same OS (W10 Pro) and the same ASIO driver. DAC is recognized but only WASAPI is working. I have disinstalled and then reinstalled again the ASIO driver but nothing changed. In the HQPlayer.log, ASIO driver is found but there is a message: createEngine(): ...... ASIOInit(): (-1000) ASIO PCM-DSD USB Enum Failure! does it help you to understand?
  8. If I connect directly my PC (W10 based) to the DAC via USB, I’m able to run DSD256.
  9. Hi Jussi, i followed your hint and installed W10 on UP_2. All went well and I installed ASIO driver by North Star soon after and then your networkaudiod for Windows. All is running but unfortunately it seems that once more my DAC is not properly recognized. Message I have is “ASIO format selector not supported, assuming PCM” and I’m not able to play anything, nor DSD nor PCM. Can you please help? Thank you Massimo
  10. Right. Do not know whether it is good to continue with my small Linux and limit to DSD128 or install W10 to have DSD256 ,,,
  11. Hi Miska, thanks for having looked at my issue so deeply. As you confirmed , the driver in Linux cannot recognize DSD native capability of my DAC. May I ask your advice for another option? The manufacturer of my DAC (North Star) had provided his own ASIO driver for Windows. I have tested it on my PC and DSD256 works. What if I install Windows10 and related ASIO driver on my UP_2 NAA? Massimo
  12. @Miska Hi Jussi, do you think there is a possibility to have a driver recognising my DAC?
  13. Thank you, Jussi. Hope you can help fix it definitively! My DAC is a NorthStar Supremo, which I had chosen due to its musical output analog stage (discrete components). On their website, I found the following tecnical specs: Digital input frequency: 44.1 kHz to 384kHz, up to 32 bit – native DSD x64 – x128 – x256 (352,8-384kHz and native DSD on USB and I2S only) Digital input: 4 S/PDIF (2 RCA coax, 2 TOSLINK) 1 AES/EBU (XLR)1 USB2.0 1 I2S Let ever know if you need more info. Massimo
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