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  1. I have an opportunity to buy one or these. Vivaldi is top of the line but Rossini is newer ,smaller and has a streamer built in. It is also cheaper. I have Debussy DAC and am looking for an upgrade. Is there a major advantage of having an integrated streamer? Right now I use Mac mini to watch Netflix movies and I am considering signing up for one of the music streaming services (tidal etc). Thank you
  2. How do you buy Green,Amber etc.?what is the difference? I can only see one option on Uptone ordering page
  3. Please read an article Vinyl Resurrection at the 2015 New Music Seminar | Stereophile.com. There was no mention about sound comparison.
  4. Thank you,I think I take your advise.
  5. Organic is very vague description. If organic is to you natural sounding than I have to disagree with your dcs experience. Dcs squeezes every single note which sometimes leads to listening fatigue. My Debussy is mellow when comparing to Scarlatti
  6. This is what I worry about :ORGANIC
  7. I am considering buying this dac. However before spending 35k,I would like to hear opinions/comparisons of the owners. I remember that Chris had listened to it,and I would appreciate his opinion as well. At present I listen to Debussy dac.
  8. OK :sorry for misunderstanding. I took it too personal.
  9. Just admit that you did not like my post. Thank you
  10. 1.Great to hear you like the vinyl. I've never had an issue with people's sound quality preferences. 2.I wonder if the two versions were from the same master or as Joel asked, if the digital was a vinyl rip. Either way, your preference is your preference :~) it was clear cut and was not preference. Why you responded to my post :because you disagreed with my impression?
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