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  1. Hello All, I need help in how should I order a new mac mini. I want to use the mac mini as a music server but unsure how to have it configured. I will be using the mac mini with a Bel Canto C5i integrated. I'm new in the computer audio area, just need a little advice. Thanks to all
  2. Can anyone reccomend a portable DAC to use with my macbook pro and B & W MM1 speakers. I travel alot to my ship where ever she may be and I use my macbook pro for listening to music and watching movies. I'm looking for a DAC that will work well with my speakers and headphones. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. On the go system: macbook pro 15" 500GB SSI drive, i7 dual core processor, B & W MM1 speakers, Grado PS500 headphones, Audivarna plus.
  3. Look to Bel Canto, all of their dac's have control functions, volume, input, etc. The Bel Canto intergrated amp e one 5i intergrated has a dac built in 24/192. www.belcanto.com
  4. What is the best music player to use on a mac other than itunes???
  5. If you want a killer system that will fit on your desk; go with the Grados PS 1000 or the GS 1000 headphones, headphone amp/dac, try the Burson. Get you a mac mini or a macbook air and you have a killer system that will rival most high dollar home systems. Headphones and Burson amp/dac can be found at Moon Audio online. Good luck.
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