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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. I suppose I'll just have to let my ears figure it out... chris
  2. No problems with sound quality or playback. My understanding (probably incorrect) is that there's more jitter using a 12 Mhz oscillator with a sampling frequency of 44.4k as opposed to 48k? i'd like to compare the two sampling rates via Amarra....
  3. Thanks in advance for any input... I have a Teralink (Teradak) X2 (usb to i2s converter) connected to my Mac Mini and am running Amarra. My rips are all 16/44.1 as I haven't ventured into Hi Res (yet). The I2S from the converter feeds a DAC utilizing the TDA1541A chip (ala old school Lampizator style). My question (I think) lies in sampling rates and/or settings. The USB converter only has a 12Mhz clock and utilizes the Tenor TE 7022L chip. I'm presuming that a 48k sampling rate would be better than 44.1 due to the 'even multiples" rule? If so, what should I set to 48k and how do I physically do that? I've been trying to understand the MIDI Setup and Background Manager in Amarra. I'm still confused...
  4. Thanks in advance for the help. In Amarra>Preferences there are two things that I don't understand and would love some input as to what they are and what they do: 1. Processing Settings>Pure Gain 2. Hardware Settings>Follow Core Audio Settings
  5. Anyone seen the "fix" on this yet? iTunes crashes on Album View for me as well...
  6. I'm very hopeful that it will be a vast improvement... I shudder to think of the alternative.
  7. I'm bummed that Orchestra Hall (Minneapolis) is being "remodeled" this next year. Very good venue... Vanska surprised me with the Beethoven performances. Good choices. Not quite up to "Symphonie Fantastique". That one was a ripper.
  8. Darrell, First, I'm a newbie for almost all of this so..... I own a Macbook Pro (2010) and have my music on a Oyen Minipro. If I add the 9V wall wart to power the Oyen, that should sound better than just powering it from the MBP? Also, I'm using the FW cable from Oyen, is there a significant upgrade out there? Thanks, Chris
  9. The warranty IS a nice "piece of mind". I'm just weighing the difference in cost of the after market memory vs. the prices Apple charges.... Isn't it a pain to either partition or just "strip out" Lion and install SL? The 8GB RAM is (was) already a foregone conclusion, but more affirmation is always good.
  10. Hello All, I'm still very new at this, but here goes... We've got a 2010 Macbook Pro (our first Mac) and have been discovering the joys of computer audio. Our (my) next purchase will be one of the new Mini's which will be a dedicated music server. I plan on swapping out the HDD for a SSD myself. Can I do a reinstall of Snow Leopard using the discs that came with the Macbook Pro, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. Thank you for the input. It worked perfectly and I don't hear any difference.... Is it safe to assume (based on the comments in the forums) that probably the best "sonic" connection between the MiniPro and Mac will be the Firewire 800?...
  12. Hello, Newbie question.... I've got some CD's already ripped (Max) and stored on my Macbook Pro. I'm "getting to know" Pure Music as well.... The primary storage of the balance of my CD's will be on the newly purchased Oyen MiniPro. Can I just copy from the Mac to the new external HD, or should I "re-rip"? I don't want the sound quality to suffer... Thanks, Chris
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