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  1. Ok. Problems solved after faffing about wirh an Audirvana 3.5 trial where Qobuz integrated beautifully. Then as I was about to pay for Audirvana 3.5 I heard that Audirvana Studio was about to happen. So I had to think and then I could not access the payment link for Audirvana. So ... a rethink was in order. Tried to get an odd Japanese player to work. Then I decided to update from JRiver 23 to 27/28 and ... lo and behold, I now have both JRiver and Qobuz runming without Asio/Wasapi driver conflicts. Am I happy? Yes!
  2. Thanks Chris - (if this is who you are)! I will have to see what I can do then.
  3. If I select "exclusive mode" I get stutter / distortion galore.
  4. Yesterday my DAC kept saying 48 khz on the same setting in QOBUZ. I will have to investigate.
  5. I have selected spif out (Nuforce async) - Wasapi as the output. The music is 16/44.1 and my DAC displays 192 khz.
  6. Sorry. I think I will have to play around a little bit more. Right now my DAC shows 24/192 regardless of what resolution I am playing back using Qobuz (without JRiver displying anything). It is as if I am upsampling everything to 24/192. I will be back with my own thread when I have fiddled a little more in depth.
  7. I am using usb out to a Nuforce USB to Spdif converter---> coax to Line Magnetic DAC.
  8. I have been away from here for quite a few years and have not followed this extremely long thread. Since I built my CAPS music player that is still running in my livingroom, I have mainly streamed music bought from Qobuz and other hi res download sites. For playback I have stayed true to JRiver Music center with very few problems. Now I have signed up for Qobuz streaming - mainly because of a long contentious thread on Pink Fish Media about MQA - and now I am struggling with getting a stable playback chain established between Win 10, Qobuz/JRiver, my Nuforce U192s usb to spdif converter and th
  9. Option 3:RPI2 or 3DigiOne5V psuCasingThanks for a swift reply from Allo!I may give this a go, and even buy the usb out option too + kali reclocker + Piano Dac. Just to see how the Allo + RPI do in my set-up in its various guises.
  10. Option 1 is a no go: ----------- Hi, Sorry! There are no spare parts for the V1 card, Please consider the v2 card ... Regards Pang.Kai-Yu ------------------ A very quick reply from Mr Pang. Thanks! So options 2 or 3 - or buy a v2 card. Hmm.
  11. Hi. I have had my Paul Pang USB v1 die on me in my CAPS music player - it now fails to be recognized on Win Server 2012 and 2016 after a few years' solid use. So I am looking at simple and inexpensive options now. 1) Have the card repaired (if possible) and keep on using my fine Nuforce U192s to "translate into" coax out. 2) Buy an Auralic Aries mini or a MicroRendu and keep on using my Nuforce U192s to "translate into" coax out. I have already had an Aralic Aries mini in the house, but I sold it on because I already had streaming capabilities enough in the
  12. I use an ESl [email protected] sound card coax out to my Audio Note DAC. The [email protected] sound card can be made to run digitally only. Just remove the analogue section. Or you may go with an USB to Spdif converter. No problems. I have a very good cheap Nuforce U192s that I use also in the livingroom. Sent from my A0001 using Computer Audiophile mobile app
  13. I received the 12v Cense PSU yesterday and it really looks well-made. I will try to test it tonight:
  14. Specs: - Mini itx case M350 (front usb + front diode(s) disconnected/onboard sound disabled) - DN2800mt fanless motherboard powered by standard external power brick w. SBooster power filter - 2x4gb Crucial so-dimm 1066 ram blocks - SanDisk 32gb SSD mSata drive - PCIe riser card + Paul Pang usb card w. external power from Laboratory Linear power supply - Win Server 2012 Standard (64 bit) - JRiver 19 Media Center and Server (set for automatic start) - USB out to externally laboratory psu powered Nuforce u192s USB/spdif converter connected with Cardas Clear usb cable to - Metrum Octave M
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