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  1. I've had the opticalRendu running since Friday. Here's my listening impressions: opticalRendu USB (Sbooster MKII 6V) vs. Rendu i2s (SE Upgraded) -> Holo Audio Spring DAC L3: Most noticeable improvement through the opticalRendu on my system is the rendering of high frequency leading edges and presentation of vocals. Attacks are slightly more crisp with less etch. I would use the term slightly "rounder" but they're still very sharp/crisp. Vocal sibilance on tracks is a bit less harsh/airy and is rendered more to the point, sounding less artifical to me. Easy targets for this are: Massive Attack - Psyche, or Feist - Leisure Suite. These are minor improvements but easily noticeable when switching between the sources. Lesser improvements appear through the midrange. Guitars and strings are a touch more textured or "meat on the bones". Nirvana's "Lake Of Fire" sounding crazy good right now. Bass, soundstage, imaging, blackground... all remain amazing and both units are dead silent. No real noticeable change here but the level is already so high. Overall both units are top notch and any improvements are pretty subtle at this point - unless you're coming from a really lesser source (IMO). Unit setup was very easy and the different playback modes work great. PS: I did try the LPS 1.2 on the opticalRendu but it kept going red/losing connection - but that's not surprising as my DAC needs USB power. Using it on the TP-Link MC220L instead. Sbooster MKII 6V works flawlessly on the opticalRendu and doesn't break a sweat. I know the comparison is not an apples to apples comparison, but these are the units I have available. Impressive results since the Spring DAC i2s should have the upperhand. Of course I could chain another device AFTER the opticalRendu to convert USB -> i2s but I'd rather just upgrade my DAC instead. I've also ordered the opticalModule to replace the TP-Link MC220L. I'll report how that goes when it arrives. Playback chain details below: Software: Playback through DLNA (jRiver) and also HQPlayer (NAA) - both worked great. opticalRendu chain: Router -> TP-Link MC220L (PS: LPS 1.2 9V) -> opticalRendu (PS: Sbooster MKII 6V) -> WyWires Silver USB. Rendu (SE Upgraded) chain: Router -> Rendu -> AudioQuest Chocolate HDMI. Playback chain: (All interconnects WyWires Silver): PI Audio ÜberBUSS -> Rendu -> Holo Audio Spring DAC L3 > Goldpoint SA1X > Hegel H20 -> Salk SoundScape 10. Optical stuff confirmed working for those in Canada: Optical Cable TP-Link MC220L TP-Link TL-SM311LM SFP Back to listening!
  2. Beak>, side project from the keyboardist from Portishead. Lovely.
  3. They are remastered, so louder and offer a slightly different listening experience compared to originals. Dynamic range values are way less on 2017 versions compared to original releases but they hit harder and are not as thin sounding, mostly in regards to Broken since it's the oldest. Really enjoyed revisiting these albums remastered. The most interesting of the 2017 definitive releases in my opinion is "The Fragile Deviations 1". A collection of re-worked and alternate tracks from The Fragile - really awesome stuff. Some great unreleased tracks in there if you dig The Fragile era. Would recommend if you are a big NIN fan, otherwise the 2017 definitive versions aren't anything new or "audiophile" blow you away material. The originals hold up nicely and are not as DR squashed.
  4. Running i2s from Sonore Rendu (SE Upgraded) to the Holo and it's damn amazing. Can confirm channel swap on DSD as well. It would be nice to have this addressed as everything else is just flawless.
  5. Found some details on Audiostream: Before you get too excited, the exaSound UPnP/OpenHome PlayPoint Network Audio Connector ($1,999) is only for exaSound DACs..."at present". The PlayPoint has a nice one-two punch "Ready" list that includes Roon Speaker and MQA, while also supporting AirPlay, Tidal (also via AirPlay), and HQPlayer.
  6. I don't have an Apple product to try and sync, but the files downloaded don't have DRM on them. I just double checked. And by personal collection, in my case I meant on my NAS available whenever I want to hear them. Your mileage may vary, of course. Really digging these alternative tracks though. And the price was right.
  7. For any Nine Inch Nails / Trent Reznor freaks, Trent made some unique content available through the Connect feature on Apple Music. The Fragile instrumental album / alternate versions (some new tracks as well). With Teeth instrumental album. Few other things like a live video clip/images. Update to the latest iTunes. Search for Nine Inch Nails and click on the artist. Click on the "Connect" tab, scroll down a bit and you'll see posts for "The Fragile (instrumental)" and "With Teeth (instrumental)". You can also add these albums/tracks to "Your Music" and download them locally, so you have M4A versions for your personal collection. Enjoy!
  8. I have an original Rendu with the signature upgrade and it's an amazing sounding piece of gear. Much better than using my Mac Mini as a transport via USB, and much better than my laptop via USB. Haven't used the i2s yet, only SPDIF. Current DAC is the NAD M51. One of the most improved areas in my system was in the higher frequency region. Vocals are more natural, drums and transient peaks are tighter and have less sibilance. Very clean and amazing separation. Support via email from Jesus is also top notch. Device is very simple and just works. Highly recommended!
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