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  1. Yes, I'm using a shorter version for the power supply and I'm very happy with it, except for the way the panels are connected. HDPlex 800 can be mounted vertically on the front panel so that virtually the entire interior remains for the motherboard
  2. somehow this option https://modushop.biz/site/index.php?route=product/product&path=210_273_275&product_id=209 is much better for me, the biggest problem is the back panel because it needs holes for pcie cards and the motherboard itself, but the heatsinks look promising and the front panel can also be used for hdplex 800 dc-atx converter
  3. I can send you a link but I don't think they produce them anymore. https://robertoshop.hr/police/
  4. thank you, it is a rack made here in Croatia, it is completely made of stainless steel. The shelves are from 40 mm plywood, them i made.
  5. Various Molex connectors and housings came from the Mouser. I have not yet decided what kind of conductors I will use for ATX cables, Mundorf and Neotech are a bit too expensive for the diameter of the conductors I need, but Jantzen proved to be very good for me
  6. Today i also received an SSD, Intel MLC, this would be for OS. On the back of the HDPlex I inserted the power connectors, I still have to mount the 5V connectors. I decided to modify the CPU heatsink, I will make longer copper tubes so I can use the heatsink on the other side of the case as well. I will use acetone as the cooling medium in heat pipes.
  7. Here are a few more photos, power supply is complete, I inserted RFI filtering, now it's time to complete the server.
  8. https://www.anandtech.com/Show/Index/14562?cPage=4&all=False&sort=0&page=1&slug=turemetal-fanless-chassis-for-diy-highend-pcs
  9. Yes, there are different approaches to this design with schottky diodes but since these are diodes for higher currents I opted for snubbers:
  10. Yes, they are about 2-3mm above DRAM that i use.
  11. I assumed you were thinking of a combination with Sigma, but my main power supply uses HDPlex as a voltage regulator, which it actually does given that it has a variable input voltage of 16-30V.
  12. Hi, nickquick Thank you for the comment, my LPS for SSD and 12V reserve are based on the Sigma 11 with few modification, I try to use the highest quality components to get the best possible result, but the final result will be seen when everything is put together. As far as capacitors are concerned, choke plays a big role, i have seen some fantastic results with a 3 times larger bank of capacitors in the LC combination. At the moment I'm trying to connect everything into a whole and I'll try fine tuning later so another HDPlex 400 is in the future The plan is to assemble another server with a stronger processor for HQPlayer , then I would use this one as NAA, so I will need another power supply, in that one i will try some other LC combination When it's all over I'll do my best to share the sound quality information
  13. https://sjostromaudio.com/pages/index.php/hifi-projects/138-rfb03-the-high-current-ultra-fast-rectifier-bridge
  14. I use custom made EI transformer with extra copper shield, it is balanced design with 2x10V secundary voltage so i could use 20V imput to a bridge rectifier. Choke is high current Hammond 10A - 10mH , and for bridge i use 6 Nippon Chemi-Con 33000 mF/ 63V capacitors. I also use Cree Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode C3D16065, and some aluminium polymer capacitors before choke.
  15. Thank you Gavin1977, i would be happy to give you a parts list, schematic is simple, it is classic choke linear power supply with large capacitor bank and some extra Mundorf filter capacitors.Idon't know if i'm going to break the forum rules if i post links to manufacturers of some specific components so i can send it to you via PM.
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