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  1. AO3 provides a very significant upgrade in sound quality over 2.20 and is well worth the price of admission! It installed easily on both my Control PC and Audio PC. I have never experienced any difficulties with the reliability or stability of any versions of AO and the new version is no exception to this. I'm not a computer expert but I find AO very easy to use. The accompanying manual is easy to follow and Phil is very quick to respond to queries on this forum or the JPLAY Forum should the need ever arise. Congratulations of AO3.00 Phil! For anyone considering purchasing this software or upgrading from a previous version, the new version gets an unreserved recommendation from me!
  2. xxxPhilxxx I am so sorry to learn of your friend Dan's passing. If you will permit me, I shall remember your friend Dan through music and my enjoyment of that music will be enhanced by AO3.00, which you have chosen to dedicate to his memory. It is a wonderful and wholly appropriate gesture. Sending heartfelt sympathy to you and Claudia
  3. The box set from Amazon in the UK is £79.77. The download from Qobuz is £22.99
  4. Couldn't agree more! The 5CD 'Zappa In New York' is superb. Prior to the release of the original album in 1978, a friend managed to lay his hands on a white label promo, which contained 'Punky's Whips'. On the day of the album's release, I went out during my lunch break to buy a copy and noticed that 'Punky's Whips' was missing. I checked the store's entire stock of the album and found that one of the copies sent to them included the track. I bought that one! There were two record stores in town so I went to the other one and asked them if I could look at all copies of the album that had been delivered to them. Sure enough, one copy contained 'Punky's Whips' so I bought that one as well for a friend. When this friend left the world at the age of 26 in 1980, his father gave me his modest record collection so I have two copies of the original vinyl release of 'Zappa In New York' with 'Punky's Whips'. The later CD issue was a disaster. Remixed by FZ and swathed in reverb, the horns on 'Punky's Whips' were almost obliterated by a new and overdubbed guitar part. I had hoped that the 2012 UME reissue would revert to the original mix but it was not to be. The musicians that FZ used for these four shows, augmented by the horn section from Saturday Night Live, The Brecker Brothers and Ruth Underwood provided a unique line-up. The 5CD set as you correctly observe observe is wonderful. The horrible reverb and overdubs are gone and the newly released material from the four shows gives an insight into just how good those concerts were. I bought a download version from Qobuz for £22.99 (http://tinyurl.com/yxjtg3jr). It contains all of the music from the 5CD set but omits the printed booklet, the metal manhole cover tin and the replica ticket. It would have been good to have the physical version but an additional £55 for a metal tin, a booklet and a replica ticket seemed unreasonable. It seems likely that a 24-Bit version is on the way. Some members of the Zappateers forum believe that the 24-Bit download will contain all four shows in their entirety, released on USB pen drive or download, as was the case with with the 'Halloween 77' set. Now wouldn't that be something!
  5. There's another one you might enjoy. It's called 'Heavy Weather' and it's by a band called Weather Report. Sorry I'm being unkind! Congratulations on discovering 'Spectrum'. It's a great album. I've always thought that one of the great fusion albums is 'Enigmatic Ocesn' by Jean-Luc Ponty: https://tinyurl.com/y4bvg2tk It seems to have got expensive. Until recently Amazon were almost giving it away!
  6. I find the shutdown option in AO AudiophileShell very useful! Much easier than the three finger waltz!
  7. Thanks for the reply Tubeman. Given that I am running JPLAY FemtoServer on my Control PC (With BubbleUPnP as control point on a Samsung tablet) what shell should I select as JPLAYFemto Server is not a player. Thanks
  8. I tried AudiophileShell and everything is working fine Phil. Don't have time to listen closely at the moment as I'm trying to get a document finished that I promised a colleague tomorrow! One more question if I may. Can I select AudiophileShell on the Audio PC as well or is shell replacement for Control PC only? Thanks again
  9. I'll give that a try Phil. I don't see JPLAY/JPLAYFemto under the shell replacement options although I guess I wouldn't as it's not a player. I have Fidelizer Pro installed so should I set the shell as Fidelizer or Audiophile Shell. Thanks for your reply
  10. I had the show with Branford Marsalis long before its official release. Remember the days when one could download a soundboard of just about any show that you wanted. I know that Jerry Garcia was cool about high quality audio GD shows being freely shared online although it all stopped after his passing. One show that I love is the one that gained official release as 'One From The Vault'. It was originally broadcast in the USA and the UK. There was a two disc vinyl bootleg of this show entitled 'Make Believe Ballroom (The 1975 Spotcheck)'. Friend of mine owned a copy. Prior to its official release this boot was the grail for me. I also thought 1977 was a good year for shows
  11. OS: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter GUI (Control PC & Audio PC) DAC/DDC: Naim Audio DAC/M2Tech HiFace Evo Driver/Version: N/A (DAC)/ (M2Tech) Need to press F8: No Player:JPLAY Femto KS working: Yes WASAPI working: N/A Needed HD Audio Driver: N/A
  12. I'm going to try to keep Phil happy by posting about AO3 Beta! I did a reinstall of my dual PC setup yesterday, installing WS2019 Datacenter on both machines. It seems that, despite Phil's advice to the contrary, there are those who perceive a difference between Standard and Datacenter. Curiosity had to get the better of me and it was good practice. Yesterday's reinstall was completely glitch free. The first time I think, that I have achieved this! I digress. When I had the dual PC setup finished and the Control PC and Audio PC communicating with each other, I tested it out using JPLAY Mini. Music emanated from the speakers but didn't sound too good at all. Within the next hour I had installed JPLAY Femto, AO3 Beta and Fidelizer Pro. It is amazing how these three pieces of software transform the sound of a computer audio installation. Thanks again Phil for AO3 Beta. t's a great product now and I guess it's going to get even better before final release. Hope this post keeps also keeps Marcin, Josef and Ketakawee happy if they read it! Did Datacenter make a difference? I'm not sure that it did. It's sounding really good playing a DSD64 rip of Santana's 'Caravanserai' at the moment but I have increased the DAC Link value and turned on Hibernate Mode.
  13. It is always difficult o recommend music to others as musical preference is such an intensely personal thing. People can recommend music that they like but that is not to say that you would or should like it I don't get electronic music at all. I think that most of it sounds like a bunch of teenagers messing around with DAW software like Magix Acid Pro or Abelton. Electronic music in that it opens the door for those who may not have formal music training to engage in music creation. As I said, it's not for me. Someone has recommended Grateful Dead. They are perhaps, an acquired taste and are often the muse of those who were enjoying contemporary music genres back in the 1960s and 1970s. I love Grateful Dead when they stretch out and improvise. The usual format of a Grateful Dead concert was play some songs, take a break, play some longer songs and improvise and then play some more songs to finish the show. I really like the music that they created. Steely Dan may be another contender for you. As you appear not to like jazz, you would probably be better off avoiding my favourite Steely Dan album 'Aja' and going for the early ones, such as 'Can't Buy A Thrill' or 'Countdown To Ecstasy'. Steely Dan were master craftsmen in the studio. Their music is probably the most technically proficient that I have heard from a rock band. A King Crimson album that I have enjoyed recently is their latest live release 'Meltdown in Mexico', which draws on repertoire from their fifty year career. There is real variety on this one. A less popular genre is Canterbury Music, as exemplified by bands like Soft Machine, Caravan, Matching Mole, Hatfield and the North. Try the eponymous debut album by Hatfield and the North or 'In The Land Of Grey And Pink' by Caravan as starting points. Good luck
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