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  1. @Jud I couldn’t write a reply (above) to a quote from my phone, but I wanted to say that I am very eager to hear your findings with the Ghent.
  2. Yes that is that is what John S. suggests as well. however for whatever the reasons, (maybe not shielding related), my Cat6a with floating shield, sounds clearly better than the Cable Matters with tied shields from B side to Ultra Rendu. It’s the biggest improvement I have yet heard in my limited testing of ethernet cables. Since Cable matters sound toxic to me, I might sacrIfice one and untie the shield at destination end at some time and see what difference that makes
  3. Identical experience here. Started with a Belden Cat6 cable from Blue Jeans with generic plastic plugs from ER to ultraRendu. Not sure if it is the shielded or unshielded version. Tried the Cable Matters for a month, it had slightly better mid bass but I slowly drifted away from the music. I thought the honeymoon period was over and the effect of the ER was fading. Put the generic Cat6 back in, and the magic is back. Did some repeated AB between the two and I would characterise the Cable Matters as rolling off the very top end, compressing and hardening the lower treble. The midrange spatiality which is the major benefit of the ER was lost thing and sound was not pin point precise anymore. The slight mid bass support this sounded blurred and muffled in comparison. The generic CAT 6 seems far more linear, open better highs and better lows and bass was extremely details and very low bass was better. YMMV, different systems etc, but what is better for some can be worse for others.
  4. Just a quickie, finally plugged something else into the A side. Hooked in my Apple TV 4K which feeds my AV system. Didn’t notice any video improvement, but the audio is definitely smoother. It’s had a roughness that iv e noticed since upgrading my receiver 12 months ago. Now noticeably smoother sounding.
  5. Thermal issues, or non-issues, aside, do people find that specific voltages sound different/better? From the same supply even? I seem to remember John mentioning that different voltage/power supply combinations could sound better. Maybe that was a microRendu thread? Or was it the EtherRegen, or both? One poster indicated a feeling that a 7 volt Farad supply had a slight edge over the 12v Farad. Has anyone else noted a audio quality preference for difference voltage inputs?
  6. I am poised to get another Farad for the ER. How would you describe the differences to the stock supply? And which voltage did you go with? I can’t decide between the 7v or 9v. Also re cables, I have 2 Gotham’s unused as they add midrange richness but also crunchy highs which I couldn’t live with. The Canare 4S6 was more neutral but light on bass and underwhelming. The best low cost cable for me is the Canare 4S8, which is a higher gauge (thicker) version of the 4S6. No negatives. But I haven’t tried the Audio Sensibility Silver...
  7. In one of these threads John mentions that it’s usually capacitance requirements for the PHY to work properly to need >1m ethernet cables, but with the ER he has compensated with capacitance in order to support shorte cable lengths.
  8. 😁 Great idea! I had a heat sink just like yours sitting on a shelf. It was previously used for a wireless router that got a little too hot for my liking. Still has some thermal paste on the underside. Without reapplying any more I dropped it on top of the ER. It’s a perfect fit and definitely brings the temperature down a little.
  9. Hehe, thats what Ive found everywhere I use the JS-2. Its the best for my DAC and ultraRendu too. Im needing a separate rack for all of my power supplies. 🤗 Im waiting to hear some more feedback on the Farad with the ER from user @incus who has this combo. If I spring for another Farad I will try the JS-2 and the Farad on both the ultraRendu and EtherRegen and see what combo works the best.
  10. Oh! I’ve never actually used the stock power cord into the stock power supply. Ive always used a DIY shielded 14awg Belden cable with brass pin plug. Thanks for the reminder, I will roll some cords into the stock supply and have a listen.
  11. Will report back. Knowing the sound of the Farad power supplies, I have a sneaking suspicion that they might be the perfect fit for the ER. And the other variable that was added to the system with the ER was the short Belden Cat 6a that connects the ER to the ultraRendu. It has never been used, so what is the sound of that cable and what is the sound of the ER and what of these burn in changes is the sound of one or the other?
  12. @Lucie Very interesting. I have similar findings. I’m only day 5 in burning in, but I found that initially the ER added an exaggerated spatiality due to pushing the midrange and highs forward. I knew there were changes from burning in so I’m sitting tight and almost relieved that the tonal balance is becoming more normal and the spatiality is less sound effecty. Ive held off tweaking too much until things settle but have tried powering it with a JS-2 and LPS 1.2. These did add some improvements in treble but had a more congested mid range. With the LPS it’s like the bass information was pulled up into the midrange, not in a good way. The JS-2 had promise but I will come back to that when things settle a bit. My current preference is the stock supply, on a circuit separate from the audio system. I’m still having unnatural highs, but so have others until later in burn in process. Overall it’s a definite improvement, but comes with some exaggerated negatives at least initially. Not trying to be negative, just objective amongst almost universal praise.
  13. Are there any disadvantages / advantages to using different input voltages to the ER? Is more heat generated using higher input voltages, being regulated down? im in a hot part of the world with temperatures over 120 Fahrenheit due in the coming months, so I will go for whatever keeps things cooler, unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise...
  14. Very interested in any subsequent findings you have had, especially the characteristics the Farad fought to the sound?
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