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  1. Now at around 15 days burn in of the PlanetTech SFP. Yes SFP really do need a good burn in. They have improved considerably. The high end metallic ansound has gone and the entire midrange has a wonderful clarity. The only real negative is a slightly accentuated lower treble. It sounds clean but just a bit too elevated in the upper midrange and lower treble. Quoting Chris from the ‘novel way of...’ thread who has tried ‘many dozens’ of SFP “I was searching for many months and testing extensive a lot of SFPs and changes between them were very big .Each had a strong character in some
  2. While Im burning in my PlanetTech SFPs, Ive been going back and forth to compare between an optical connection and an ethernet connection into the EtherRegen to contrast the difference (then on to an UltraRendu). Just doing this the difference is an eye opener. There is not a clear cut winner in all respects but there is definitely a noticeable difference. So I will go out on a limb and say YES - there will be a difference between eR + uR and eR + oR. However will it be an improvement? I cant answer that as its so system dependent, plus finding the right sounding SFP is another chapter in ge
  3. I know cool_chris has some good advice for making improvements further up the chain. Assuming that is done (or isn't) I think your question still stands - would swapping the ultraRendu out for an opticalRendu be a sound quality upgrade? Significant? and better still to then use the etherRegen in place of the opticalModule? Ive read some differing opinions on how significant these changes might be, can anyone chime in with their experiences?
  4. Very interesting, those two models are also lower range products (4km -10km). Lower range, lower power, lower noise? Looking forward to hearing your impressions of them especially compared to the PlanetTechs and other SFPs. BTW after 10 days now the PlanetTechs are sounding different...
  5. CI Audio 2.A 5V supply. Listening to the system today and there is a noticeable change in the high end. At 7 days no change, now at 10 days and starting to change. Will report back in a couple of days.
  6. Even though I also experience a burn-in or settling-in with most stuff in the audio chain, when I add a new type of component or device, for some reason I assume there won’t be any and then I am surprised when there is. Even the etherRegen took a good 250 hours before the highs sounded natural to me. I guess SFP could be the same and will definitely give them more time.
  7. Thats exactly what I was expecting based on multiple experiences by others. But Im experiencing the exact opposite. It's a real head scratcher. However everyone else seem to be using a longer fibre cable than I am, usually 5-10m. But does this really matter for devices that are designed to go 20km? What is a couple of meters? Or my SFPs are a new model that are different? or they change considerably in burn-in? Multiple people report the opticalModule changing with burn-in, but mine has been plugged in for two weeks (one week longer than the SFPs). But is it actual
  8. I think I remember reading in one of the OpticalRendu threads, that John said something about implementing improvements to the way SFP noise was handled (in the OpticalRendu). Its a vague memory and it might have even been before the etherRegen was released so it may already be in the etherRegen. In rereading some of the older posts about optical connections there were quite a few people saying that the sound was a little harsh until they added optical attenuators. However people also reported that the PlanetTech SFP didn't need them. I have been talking to an optical n
  9. My experience was just like Heckyman but with the opticalModule and PlanetTech SFP. Definitely some positives in the mid range and with spatiality which at first seemed alluring but the slight harsh treble outweighed that after a week. Next steps, burn the SFP in for another week, get some attenuators to lower the receive strength to be closer to the midrange of receive sensitivity. I do wonder if the RFI generated by those SFP we let into the walled garden in order to keep electrical noise out, is actually worse for some systems, than the electrical noise kept out. Espec
  10. I actually had the opticalModule plugged in and turned on (but without the SFP) for a week prior to this week with the SFP and cable. Separate power supply for opticalModule (2.2A CIAudio supply) and the etherRegen (Farad3, 7V). Farad is apparently grounded but with a resistor to ground (to attenuate high frequency ground loops?).
  11. I have received a 3m cable and single mode SFP transceivers to optically connect a Sonore opticalModule to the etherRegen. The SFP are the single mode PlanetTech (20KM range), no attenuators. All devices have quality linear power supplies. All functions fine and I have had it running for a week now. Only issue is that this optical connection sounds worse than a CAT6a ethernet connection from the same router. Slightly pushed, unnatural high frequencies. I've swapped back and forth a few times and optical in my system is consistently worse. I know others
  12. Thanks for this. So despite the optical connection being on the same physical side as the B-Side output, it is electrically actually on the A-Side also? So if I use optical in, I keep my Ethernet output plugged into the B-side? (sorry if this was in the manual)
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