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  2. Hi Everyone, I'll play along! I've been meaning to publicly thank everyone (especially austinpop) for the improvements and joy that this thread (and the Euphony/AL threads) has yielded in my musical enjoyment. For me, I've been trying to get my system "sounding right" for about 4 decades. Up until about 6 years ago, it was all speaker based, but then it finally dawned on me that getting it really right in the speaker world is beyond my budget and beyond my ability to control my room acoustics. My first move in this new era was to get a Mojo, with some decent IEMs (Etymotic, Alclair and then Perfect Seal). Then came a move-up to the Sennheiser 800S. At home, all of the Mojo was driven by a Mac Mini running Audirvana Plus, via USB. It was then that I discovered Roon. Wow, there's a new world. Roon needs an endpoint, which became a Raspberry Pi / HifiBerry, via USB. That was upgraded to a DigiOne, via SPDIF, all with great results. The physical flexibility of endpoints was a problem-solving revelation. I was quite happy here, for a quite a while. Then I was able to afford an upgraded to a Hugo 2. Oh man, that was unbelievable. Next, I discovered our "Novel/Massive" thread started digging into it and "trying" to catch-up and assimilate it. That takes a while! There was no turning back at that point. So all of that brings my story up to recent history. I got hooked (read, hook, line and sinker) on the unfolding story of NUCs, AL and Euphony. I actually had a friend give me his unused NUC6i3! I know, what a friend! I tired a trial of Euphony running on a USB stick. My music library remained on the Mac Mini, as the NUCs internal drive has been removed. The stock fan is still there running. The USB cable is an Audioquest Cinnamon (USB-A to USB-micro) The PS is still the stock SMPS. And yet dispite these sins, it sounds totally wonderful. Euphony running non-distributed in combo StylusES / Roon absolutely and totally rocks, highly recommended. The next chapter was a monster one. I sold my 800S and got a pair of Empyerian after listening to them at a really cool dealer, here in Chicago named "F1 Audio." They're great. They are well on their way to becoming the premier high-end headphone shop here in Chicago. It's was invaluable being able to hear so many great headphones there, for as long as I wanted. They are even a Chord dealer as well. I have always been a "detail guy," probably to a fault. I have a unfortunate and expensive history of mistaking brightness for detail. Been there, done that, don't like it. So the Empyerian are definitely not bright. It took me a little while for my brain to reprogram itself from the detail of the 800S, but reprogramming is complete and I couldn't be happier. The Empyerians are almost chamelian like in thier ability to always display satisfying detial, without ever being too bright, regardless of the song's mix. Helping them out is the detail and timing accuracy of the Hugo2, with an assist from a 3rd party cable upgrade to the Norne Silverguarde S3 cables. Wow... just wow. From there, I next took a comparatively tiny chance (financially that is) on the Cisco Router model that several people have been talking about here on our thread. Cost me all of $22! Well, that was a very nice and worthwhile improvement. Highly Recommended! Everyone talking about it on our thread was right.... yet again. So... what's next for me? Here's my plan, in my planned order. Your comments, guidance and correction are more than welcome! Upgrading the PS to a Sean Jacobs DC3. I'm already in the queue for September! Very exciting. The above supply is going to be 19V at 5A to power the NUC (or any NUC in the foreseeable future). It will have a secondary, regulated output of 12V at 2A This secondary supply is to power a EtherRegen, down the road sometime. I'm hoping, like everyone else, that it really does its thing. Upgrade the NUC to an i7, with Optane Get rid of the fan with a fanless case.... Porcoolpine or Akassa EtherRegen - TBD... waiting for the release, reviews and discussions to begin. Upgrade the USB cable This turns out to be a bit of a challenge... It's challenging to find a great USB cable with a Micro-USB for the Hugo2 There is the Audioquest USB-B to USB-micro adapter But it will put more stain on the Hugo 2's tiny USB connector How much of the new cable's performance will be lost in the adapter (???) Ethernet cable upgrade. Is this more important or less important then the USB cable upgrade.... not sure? Maybe upgrade to a TT2 and/or Mscaler.... lot's of money there.... that's not happening anytime soon! So, I'm really quite happy (satisfied), even as I stand right now. After the Paul Hynes PS upgrade, we'll see. I might decide to stop right there. TBD. After all this time, trying to get things right, I fully believe I'm knocking on the door... loudly. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you guys for your pioneering and experimenting spirit and your willingness to share that hard-fought-for-knowledge with everyone. Best Regards... Happy Listening!
  3. I'm running the latest Euphony in Roon/StylusEP mode from a USB stick on a single NUCi3 and with all music files on a networked MacMIni. It sounds great and is it is a clear improvement over my previous single-NUC Roon/Stylus (standard) configuration. I'm so happy with Euphony! I looked at my "Use Flac Compression Flag" and it was set to On (in my case by default).
  4. News of "Stylus(EP)" is indeed an incredible development! I tried the trial of Euphony a while back. I ultimately ending-up running it in Stand-Alone Mode on a NUC. Stand-Alone Mode sounded even better than Distributed-Mode with a Euphony/NUC endpoint running a standard Roon Core on a stock MacMini, with plain-jane networking. I happily purchased Euphony, as once I heard it, I couldn't go back. Then I tried Euphony's "Stylus Player Mode" and that was even better still, but I was conflicted with giving-up the joys of Roon. So, the development of Stylus(EP) is the answer to a prayer. I can't wait for the new release! Lastly, Željko consistently provides patient, top-notch, very fast response to issues/questions! He's as awesome as Euphony!
  5. You just enter the name of your computer (as shown at the top of the Sharing window in System Preferences) and just the name of the Shared folder, even if it's on a different drive. Is the name of your computer something like garys-mac-mini, or something like that? Be sure to get the slashes correct... \\yourcomputername\sharedfoldername. I took a screengrab of my Roon settings... hope this helps! Good Luck!
  6. Yes, I can help you. I just did this the other day. In my case, I'm running Euphony on my new NUC, while all my local music files are stored and networked from my Mac Mini. My NUC has no local storage, other than the USB drive that it boots from and runs Euphony. So, here's how to do it: First, you need to go to the Mac's System Preferences and select Sharing. Note your computer's name at the top of the Sharing window, as you will need it later. Make sure File Sharing is check-marked to on. The folder(s) with your music files must appear in the Shared Folders list. If not, click the + button and browse to the folder and add it to the list. Verify that in the User's window, your user account appears, when you select the Shared folder. They should have at least Read/Write status. The "File Sharing On" dot should be green. Next, click on the Options button. With your User Account selected, verify that SMB sharing is on with a check mark. Close the window. Back on the main Sharing window, you can optionally add more folders, if your music files are distributed among more than one folder. You can also add iTunes Music folder! In my case, I use Euphony on my Mac. It is HIGHLY recommended, as you've probably read on this forum. So in my case, I had to tell Euphony where to find the Shared folders with my local music. If you're using some other player, you'll need to do the functional equivalent in that SW. If using Euphony, launch the Euphony control panel in a web browser. In the upper-right blue gear icon, select Audio Settings. enable your desired mode of operation, in my case, I selected Roon Core. Then go to Settings in the main menu. Click on the Library tab at the top. Your shared folders need to be added to the Network Drives list. Do that, by clicking on the add network. Enter the name of your Mac Mini in the server space. Add the name of your Shared folder back on your Mac Mini (with your music on it) to the Path. Click on Add Network Drive. It will then ask you for your login credentials to the user account on your Mac Mini. Enter your User Name and Password. In the Workgroup tab, enter WORKGROUP. Click the Add network drive button. It should tell you success and add the shared folder to the list. If using Roon, you also need to tell Roon about your new Shared Folders too. Launch Roon, go to Settings. Click on Storage. Tell it to Add Folder. Then tell it you want to add a Network Share. In Network Share Location, tell it the name of your Mac Mini on your network and the name of the Shared Folder that you want to add. There is a syntax here... the computer name must be preceded with two backslashes, like this \\ while the shared folder must be preceded by a single backslash, like this \ . So it would be, \\yourcomputername\yoursharedfolder. Enter your account's user name on your Mac Mini. Enter your account's Password on the Mac MIni. In workgroup, enter WORKGROUP. Click on Add Network Share and it should add it! Lastly, tell Roon to import your music files and optionally, playlists. If you have added a folder that contains an iTunes library, tell Roon of this by enabling that import option checkbox. Tell Roon to do it and it will count-up the imported files as they are imported into the Roon Database. Sweet. Repeat these steps in Roon for as many shared folders as you want to add. I should add a tip-of-the-hat to austinpop, who inspired and helped me! Hope this helps! Good Luck!
  7. Hi - My Euphony is now working with Roon. This is rather embarrassing, but my problem was caused by my not plugging in my DAC to the NUC. With no DAC seen, Roon hid the endpoint. I guess I was so used to using my Allo Digi-One... which totally hides the DAC from Roon due to the SPDIF connection, rather than USB. Sorry to bother everyone... but thanks to those who tried to help!
  8. I don't really recall noticing the big EUPHONY text made-up of the underscore and vertical line characters and saying it is up and ready ... but I do remember seeing the IP address and URL for logging into it... and the text stating, "There's nothing else to do on this screen." Thanks!
  9. Thanks very much for that very helpfull information... Yet that leaves me with wondering why my Euphony installation fails to appear within my Roon core? My other endpoints are still working fine.
  10. Hi Everyone! Rats! It appears that I could use your help getting my Euphony installation up and running. Here's the story. The NUC is a NUC6i3syh. It has no drives, other than the Euphony USB boot stick. I freshly formatted the USB boot stick and used the Euphony Trial download utility to populate the USB boot drive. On the NUC, I pressed F2 to select a legacy BIOS boot and selected USB as the highest priority boot device. When the NUC boots I can get to the Euphony configuration screen, on another computer's browser. It all looks and acts fine there. I told Euphony to set itself up as a Roon Endpoint. It says it is Active. When I press Start (at the top) it tells me that Euphony should now be visible to Roon as a viable endpoint.... but it isn't. I notice that when the NUC boots, it has one Red [FAILED] line at the top of the boot list. The error says: "Failed to start Load Kernel Modules." I'm guessing that's not right and that it could be the cause of my problems. All of the other lines in the boot text have a pretty green [OK]. Any guidance would be very much appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Got it! Thanks! If I also wanted to do some SQ experimentation with music files on the same NUC, thereby combining the server and endpoints into one NUC, would it be best to: A - Place the music files on the same USB boot-stick? B - Place the music files on a second USB stick? C - Place the music on an external USB hardrive that is externally powered? If so, then should this drive be a SSD or a mechanical? Lastly, have any of guys home-built a LPS based for your NUC (or anything else) using a Belleson regulator? Thanks so VERY much!
  12. Hi Guys... that was an epic and incredibly valuable post of information from romaz! Thanks! I have acquired a free! NUC6 from a friend. Though the model (NUC6i3syh) has a M.2 slot, its 6th Gen processor comes up short on supporting an Optane card. So given that situation, what's my least-worst option for running Audiolinux and/or Euphony? Should it be a mechanical drive or a NVMe SSD? Thanks!
  13. Hi Everyone... I am wondering how big of a difference there is in SQ between Euphony running on a NUC compared to Euphony running on a Mac Mini? I need to acquire one or the other for my dedicated Euphony system to be!
  14. Well done! You guys have really captured my interest in Euphony! Right now, I'm just using a Raspberry Pi with an Allo Digi-One into a Chord Hugo 2. A couple quick questions for your collective minds here... Is bobfa testing/experiments going back and forth between AL and Euphony on his Roon endpoint or on his Roon core server? What would be the best NUC to use for creating a Roon Endpoint, that will NOT be doing any oversampling? In this use scenario, is there a SQ difference between an i3 or an i5 or an i7 based NUC? Is there a SQ difference between NUC6, NUC7 or NUC8s? Is there a SQ difference between M.2 versus SSD based NUCs? Thanks very much for any thoughts and guidance you might have. Right now, my Roon Core is running on a Mac Mini. The suggested idea of special version of Euphony for Roon users only (without Stylus), but with an adjusted price would be fantastic. I can't wait to give all of this a try. Keep up the great conversation! I'm hanging on every word!
  15. You guys are terrible people! I can feel my willpower to resist an investigation and subsequently inevitable purchase eroding, even though I can't really afford them. On the other hand, I want to go one-and-done at this point in my life... Does anybody have any insights or information on the Kii FOUR, please? Thanks!
  16. Thanks for your thoughts and the screen-grab. I did find that icon at the top of the iTunes window and it was set for only Computer (not Apple TV, though I did have that option present, though unselected). So maybe it is a Audirvana bug???
  17. Yes, I am having the same problem with the "iTunes Airplay Conflict" message too. Mine only happens once, when I first boot Audirvanna, then it goes away, even when switching songs. I can't figure out what it is talking about either. I'd really like it to go away. Help please! :-). BTW, I just got my Wyrd4Snd DAC2 upgraded and it is now "Integer Mode" compatible. I now get what everyone was talking about and so excited about! Audirvana SQ now rocks and is my player of choice!
  18. Hi... The DAC-2 sings, especially when outfitted with a Triode Wire Labs power cable and a Locus-Design Polestar USB cable. You are also way ahead of the game if you're driving it with a Mac Mini running Fidelia. These extra notes are indeed the secret sauce (imho). These extras are so worth it. Good Luck & Happy Listening
  19. Hi Everyone... I have had the incredible privilege of being on of the beta testers for Fidelia for at least the last nine months. I can assure you that after countless hours of listening that Fidelia is a (if not the) world-class music player. I have been waiting so long for this day. It was killing me not to tell everyone about it. The guys at Audiophile Engineering are professional, personable and on top of the game. They have big plans for Fidelia. I sense that this release is just the beginning of what they have in mind and can do. I could go on and on about how good Fidelia sounds, but that doesn't matter. Just go and try it out for yourself... you be the judge of its performance (and value). Run Fidelia with a good DAC (I use a Wyrd-4-sound DAC-2, all the review about it are true BTW) and (I know this is really difficult to believe, but trust me here) a really good USB cable like the Locus Polestar and your jaw will hit hit the floor in the first 10 seconds. Take away Fidelia or take away the Polestar cable (I know it's crazy) and the magic dies. AE is a value minded company... they think delivering world class audio software for ridiculously low prices is fun. If you have a Mac... you really don't have a choice! Knowing what I know, if I didn't have a Mac, I'd go get one. I've spent days trying to get a PC running J River to sound the same... it won't... you can only get about half-way there to what a Mac Mini running Fidelia sounds like. And BTW, Fidelia's acceptance of VST and Audio Unit plugins works flawlessly. These are indeed GREAT times for computer based audio playback!!!
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