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  1. Very interesting... was this with AT&T by chance? Thx!
  2. Exactly the same here. It will put up the unavailale message in orange letters, then withdraw it, even as the song loads and plays just fine. It does it on auto-advancements to the next song in Radio, or when the right-triangle is pressed to go to the next song. If you press the right-triangle again and again, it does not put up the message. I asked Zelco about it, and he said its a Roon issue. Rebooting and such does not help at all.
  3. Thanks for your comment back... I've had my Tambaqui for about a month now and you would have to pry it out of my cold dead hands to get it back. All the good things written by others about it are in fact true, it's just so musical. I've been making extensive use of the integrated headphone output. I can't say I've noted any shortcomings, but you know how paranoid we all can be. I also know of the one blogger's comments regarding the the Tambaqui's headphone amp maybe not quite being up to the standards of the Tambaqui's world-class line-level outputs. I'm left with the question, but running t
  4. Hi Everyone, Does anybody have any first-hand experience with evaluating the Tambaqui's built-in headphone output, against any external, TOTL headphone amplifier? In my case, it would be using the Meze Empyrean headphone. Thanks!
  5. Here's my experience on this front. It's been VERY rewarding and fun. Highly recommended. The quality of the Power Supply really does matter. The NUC will sound better at 19vdc than it does at 12vdc. I use a Sean Jacobs power supply, but other good choices include the Paul Hynes SR4 and the Farad 3. Moving the NUC to a fanless case is very important. I too used an Akassa. The fan is bad! Higher power NUCS sound better than lower power NUCS. Try to get an i7 based NUC I run the Euphony audiophile music system. You can get it for a trial. It's not cheap, but its oh s
  6. mriguy

    AXPONA 2020

    I’ll be there for sure!
  7. Hi Everyone, I'll play along! I've been meaning to publicly thank everyone (especially austinpop) for the improvements and joy that this thread (and the Euphony/AL threads) has yielded in my musical enjoyment. For me, I've been trying to get my system "sounding right" for about 4 decades. Up until about 6 years ago, it was all speaker based, but then it finally dawned on me that getting it really right in the speaker world is beyond my budget and beyond my ability to control my room acoustics. My first move in this new era was to get a Mojo, with some decent IEMs (Etymotic,
  8. I'm running the latest Euphony in Roon/StylusEP mode from a USB stick on a single NUCi3 and with all music files on a networked MacMIni. It sounds great and is it is a clear improvement over my previous single-NUC Roon/Stylus (standard) configuration. I'm so happy with Euphony! I looked at my "Use Flac Compression Flag" and it was set to On (in my case by default).
  9. News of "Stylus(EP)" is indeed an incredible development! I tried the trial of Euphony a while back. I ultimately ending-up running it in Stand-Alone Mode on a NUC. Stand-Alone Mode sounded even better than Distributed-Mode with a Euphony/NUC endpoint running a standard Roon Core on a stock MacMini, with plain-jane networking. I happily purchased Euphony, as once I heard it, I couldn't go back. Then I tried Euphony's "Stylus Player Mode" and that was even better still, but I was conflicted with giving-up the joys of Roon. So, the development of Stylus(EP) is the answer to a prayer. I can't wa
  10. You just enter the name of your computer (as shown at the top of the Sharing window in System Preferences) and just the name of the Shared folder, even if it's on a different drive. Is the name of your computer something like garys-mac-mini, or something like that? Be sure to get the slashes correct... \\yourcomputername\sharedfoldername. I took a screengrab of my Roon settings... hope this helps! Good Luck!
  11. Yes, I can help you. I just did this the other day. In my case, I'm running Euphony on my new NUC, while all my local music files are stored and networked from my Mac Mini. My NUC has no local storage, other than the USB drive that it boots from and runs Euphony. So, here's how to do it: First, you need to go to the Mac's System Preferences and select Sharing. Note your computer's name at the top of the Sharing window, as you will need it later. Make sure File Sharing is check-marked to on. The folder(s) with your music files must appear in the Shared Folders list. If not, click th
  12. Hi - My Euphony is now working with Roon. This is rather embarrassing, but my problem was caused by my not plugging in my DAC to the NUC. With no DAC seen, Roon hid the endpoint. I guess I was so used to using my Allo Digi-One... which totally hides the DAC from Roon due to the SPDIF connection, rather than USB. Sorry to bother everyone... but thanks to those who tried to help!
  13. I don't really recall noticing the big EUPHONY text made-up of the underscore and vertical line characters and saying it is up and ready ... but I do remember seeing the IP address and URL for logging into it... and the text stating, "There's nothing else to do on this screen." Thanks!
  14. Thanks very much for that very helpfull information... Yet that leaves me with wondering why my Euphony installation fails to appear within my Roon core? My other endpoints are still working fine.
  15. Hi Everyone! Rats! It appears that I could use your help getting my Euphony installation up and running. Here's the story. The NUC is a NUC6i3syh. It has no drives, other than the Euphony USB boot stick. I freshly formatted the USB boot stick and used the Euphony Trial download utility to populate the USB boot drive. On the NUC, I pressed F2 to select a legacy BIOS boot and selected USB as the highest priority boot device. When the NUC boots I can get to the Euphony configuration screen, on another computer's browser. It all looks and acts fine there. I told Euphon
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