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  1. Try Junilabs player ... it's free and you can optimize the player and specific songs many times. Mind blowing ...
  2. FOr regular tidal songs/albums (not master), are they cd quality ?
  3. same problem here. Exasound streamer ... I do burn-in and have playlist stopped pretty often.
  4. I sent my E38mk2 for repair (display had fault) and got back my unit 1 week later. Very good service repair.
  5. I want a full size case and regular xlr ... never like mini xlr. I own e28 and e38 dac with sigma streamer and teddy pardo supply. I dropped wireworld starlight platinum usb cable for a blueberryhill usb cable -> BIG CHANGE ...
  6. I took time to test the Sigma streamer against laptop on the dac. With the Sigma, I was using Roon on my PC (towner) as renderer. The sigma was configured wifi using roon core. Without the sigma, I was using laptop running (j-river/fidelizer 8 pro). I prefer the global sound of roon/sigma, it's bigger, sweeter and more musical. The music have more ambiance and are less in my face. I hear more details in the layers because the music is less packed at the same spot. Good job Exa!
  7. By ears E38 + JS-2 (uptone) vs Teddy not sound the same. I made MANY MANY A/B tonight. I am not able to convince myself to prefer JS-2 or Teddy ... because it's depend what I am hearing! I stay with my initial though. JS-2 is more laid back, more body, less details, larger soundstage, bigger impact. Teddy is more alive, sharper/clear details, uncanny and articulated bass. It's easy to read the different layers of the music. With burn-in Teddy show more tones now, less extra highs energy from what I am remember from it's new state. I had
  8. I am puzzled ... Up to down : E28 with uptone supply E38 with teddy supply E38 with uptone suplly zoom (sec) zoom (1/10 sec) zoom (5/100 sec) Was recording my speakers with my Earthworks M30 through my Motu 1248 sound module. It's SAME ... After dinner, I will do a listening session ... When doing the test, I do not notice any difference in sound between js-2 and teddy while when the Teddy was new, the difference was pretty impressive. Teddy have be left on all time time ... i
  9. Hi ssmaudio, Acourate for EQ / digital filters. This product generate convolution files I can add to Roon. https://www.audiovero.de/en/acourate.php My main steamers are 3 way open baffle and I have subwoofers. I need 4 voices and it's why I took the exasound dac! 8-) The sigma streamer support 8 channels over streaming ... perfect match and roon support multichannel convolution files over streaming.
  10. My setup is: Main computer running roon core software. (wifi) Exasound Sigma streamer -> Exasound E38mk2 Power amp Speakers Exa have volume control with hardware limiter (into the dac) to avoid to play too loud. This setup is VERY stable and play perfectly.
  11. Again tonight, somes A/B between E28mk2 and E38mk2. E28: Instruments and sounds have less focus to the E38. I had impression E28 filling more my room with music but it's just an impression because they are less precisely located in space. I think E38 have little less output to E28. Tonight, I gave 0.5dB more on the E38 when switching. This way, I no longer have the impression that the sound stage is smaller. I consider E28 just a bit under E38 overall.
  12. Do you hear the same thing as me with JS-2 vs TP supply ? On my setup, I tend to prefer always dynamic, fast sound and details over more diffuse sound. I not have done long term listening A/B, just quick A/B.
  13. I have done 7-8 A/B between Teddy Pardo and Uptone js-2 power supply on my E38mk2 Exasound. I was using the same power cord each time. JS-2 reproduces music in a more relaxed way. The dynamic seem a bit restrained and highs can be sharper. The soundstage height/width/depth seem on-par with Teddy. Teddy reproduce the music in more exciting way with sharper details and more explosive attacks. When I am posing my attention on the back of the soundstage, I have more facility to pick some details and follow them. I have to evaluate if I am loosing som
  14. Finally my Teddy supply at home ! Unboxed Teddy Pardo supply VERY well packaged This cable is tiny ... and flexible. Here the teddy with E28 (my E38mk2 was in another tablet) They sit on linn klimax solo I will do a little burn-in before do audition and compare to uptone js-2.
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