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  1. @feelingears Nice catch on the Blue Circle gear. My photos stink so I am surprised you noticed. I discovered Blue Circle pretty quickly after starting in this hobby. I can't recall if it was a magazine or online review, but something about the design and amazing creativity of Gilbert Yeung just grabbed my attention. I started off with power conditioners, then a preamp, then power amps and then upgrading within the Blue Circle line. Due to my relationship with the owner of Primus Audio Pleasure, he let me spend hours swapping around components, both in his store and at home demos so I was
  2. Terminator 2 recently replaced the original Terminator, pricing is on the Vinshine website. https://www.vinshineaudio.com/shop
  3. Nice review Chris. Agreed, Alvin has provided the best support and customer service I have ever experienced in audio. USA-based support is also available as you noted. I look forward to your report on the Terminator 2. I sincerely hope Alvin is also sending you a Denafrips DDC and some clock cables so you can experience the clock out feature which really takes things to another sonic level.
  4. Also, once you finalize things, take a serious look at the IsoAcoustic Gaia footers for your stands.
  5. Thanks for the reports. I have always been a huge fan of Revel. I owned the Gems for a long time and currently run two Revel subs. Do you have any plans to add subs?
  6. Gotcha. I was thinking I missed something there or in the comments below the video.
  7. A different Class D, but this new amp from Boenicke looks promising (Sven would never sell it otherwise): https://boenicke-audio.ch/products/electronics/p1/ https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/boenicke9/
  8. Yes, to the point where I might get a hernia.
  9. Looks like USA-based Denafrips service is now official:
  10. @OldBigEars This is an interesting question. I am planning to keep my Qutest for use at my actual office, and use Venus 2 in my home office. I still really enjoy the Qutest. Swapping in the Qutest in my headphone setup isn't too hard so I will do some comparisons and let you know my subjective thoughts. It might be a little bit as I am totally slammed at work. I need to earn some money to pay for these audio toys. On an unrelated note, I just received an email from Vinshine. They just announced they now have 2 USA-based service centers if you ever need to send in y
  11. I'd focus on the DAC first and not worry about the DDC. You can always experiment later if you get the itch to experiment. EDIT: I'd like to be clear, DDC's are not mandatory to the performance of any of the Denafrips DAC's. I only responded like I did because it seemed you had either owned a DDC in the past or were very open to trying one. It appears that is not the case and I don't want to give you the impression you must get one. Absolutely not. The vast majority of reviews you will read, the reviewer didn't have a DDC in the chain with any of the Denafrips DAC'
  12. I no longer have the original Terminator to directly compare to my Venus 2, and it has been 5 months since I had the Terminator so it is hard for me to give an answer, unfortunately. I am super happy with the Venus 2 + Iris though. If I had to venture a guess using my old, stale memory from 5 months ago. I would probably go with the Venus 2 + Hermes/Gaia option, but take that for what it is worth.
  13. Based on your options listed above, if it was me, I'd go Venus 2, combined with Iris or Hermes, so I could run I2S. I have owned the original Terminator, but never heard the Pontus.
  14. The Pontus has user changeable filter options, but the filters are only applied when OS Mode is being used.
  15. That is what Denafrips do with the Terminator Plus and the Denafrips DDC's. Unfortunately, the only DAC in the Denafrips lineup that can do this is the Terminator Plus.
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