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  1. The new Boenicke W22 look amazing: https://boenicke-audio.ch/products/loudspeakers/w22/ Of course, your current Kaewero Classics are absolutely drool worthy as well! I'd guess you would be considering the W8 or W11 due to your new room size? This reviewer seems to suggest placement too close to the front wall is not optimal, but who knows, could be room dependent (they do have rear-firing tweeters): https://6moons.com/audioreviews2/boenicke3/1.html and in this review, he ends up with the speakers out in the room as well: https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/boenicke10/6/
  2. I've wondered in the past about the term "distortion" when used by audiophiles as opposed to recording industry professionals. I think I know what you mean above when you mention 'distortion', being an intentionally fuzzy sound added to a guitar for example. The audiophile discussion context is typically something like "hey, enjoy your tube amp... some people just like the distortion introduced by tubes", or "you might like the sound of your system with a preamp inserted (as opposed to using software VC, DAC direct to amp), but all you are hearing is distortions introduced by your preamp which, for whatever reason, you find pleasing". In other words, if you like tubes and/or preamps in your system you are just veering away from the pursuit of high fidelity. In my mind "distortion" has a negative connotation, in that the signal has some noise of some kind (fuzzy or static like sounds that might be very subtle but still audible at some level). The term "distortion" being distinguished from "alteration" or "altering" the sound, which I view as emphasizing, de-emphasizing or adding some previously missing sonic aspect. Rightly or wrongly, I don't view tubes or preamps as introducing distortion, but rather they emphasize certain sonic aspects. For example, I find many tubes/preamps add body and improved sound staging, which sound more realistic, and therefore higher in fidelity to me (I am intentionally not using the term accuracy, as I view high fidelity to mean that the sound is more like what I subjectively perceive to sound more like the real thing). I hope I'm not being pedantic, but it seems that distinguishing the term 'distortion' from 'alteration' is important because of the negative implications of the term 'distortion' which can often start online fights. As a professional in the industry, I'd be curious if you if you have any thoughts on 'distortion' versus 'alterations' when you are engineering or producing and whether you find tubes to be introducing distortion, or alterations of the sound signal? EDITED for clarity.
  3. Setting aside some of the off-topic banter, this site's best usb cable resource: Might take some digging but just want to be sure the OP is aware of the thread. I always thought the Mapleshade USB cable was good for the price.
  4. From Gavin's website: ABOUT GAVIN Gavin began his technical training in 1997 at Packard Bell NEC University, earning his Microsoft Systems Engineering and Network Engineering certificates, along with his Database Administration and Web Application Development certificates. He also completed his Novell Engineering Certificate. Gavin launched his first technology consulting firm, ODT Technical Services, in 2000. He built up a large clientele in the Sacramento, CA region. Ultimately, he sold the business to a friend and colleague, who continues to grow it. In 2017, Gavin returned to technical consulting after a successful career in digital marketing and crowdfunding in the high-end audio field, where he was called The Big Crowdfunding Lebowski because of his ability to raise capital through that platform. Gavin was the first person to achieve back-to-back campaigns that surpassed $1MM raised. He broke records again when he achieved the feat back-to-back-to-back.
  5. Jarek, what a funny guy. Over the years, whenever it benefited his online image or cache, or supported his arguments, he claimed to have solid insider knowledge about product development and deliveries and the rest of us had no idea what we were talking about- we should take him at his word and stop creating trouble. On the flip side, whenever having knowledge of things lead to his own culpability in this criminal enterprise, he always shifted to "hey, don't shoot the messenger, I am just repeating what I've been told". The even funnier part is, Larry used our stolen funds to pay Jarek to shovel online sh** and Jarek is totally cool with that.
  6. This is just Part 1 of a four part series. At least read all four parts before setting fire to everything.
  7. Shockingly, Larry doesn't list himself as the founder of LH Labs in his LinkedIn bio 😁
  8. @tubegem Thanks for that additional info. That is terrific news for me. I am a huge fan of Gilbert and I'd love to try (and buy) new products designed by him. After reading your post, I checked out Amherst Audio's website as this is where I go for all Gilbert related info and was excited to read about his new ventures.
  9. New Terminator Plus review: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/spdif-dac-reviews/denafrips-terminator-plus/2/
  10. I haven't compared them in the same system. The Spring is quite good but clearly and definitively outclassed by the Terminator Plus from listening in two divergent systems (but similar-"ish" amplification and speakers), but that isn't a fair fight or a particularly valid comparison. A more interesting (and fair) comparison would be my Spring 3 KTE against my Venus 2. I'm not sure if I'll get around to doing that comparison though as hearing the results wouldn't cause me to sell or swap out either DAC as I am super happy with both. I wouldn't even venture a guess on that comparison as one system is for headphones and the other is speaker-based.
  11. This reviewer compares the Terminator Plus to his reference Mojo Audio Mystique EVO Pro DAC (not the basic model you inquired about). I do think it would have been interesting if the reviewer had used I2S (hdmi) input to the Terminator Plus and engaged the clock out feature using a DDC, as this is a significant sonic improvement feature of the Terminator Plus, as well as the Terminator 2 model you are considering. https://www.audiophilia.com/reviews/2021/8/13/denafrips-terminator-plus
  12. There is a small bit of DSD info here, with pics you can zoom on: https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/denafrips7/2/
  13. @MarkusBarkus Nice report! That is one exceptional system you have there.
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