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  1. Good call. The Ultrarendu powered up using the LPS-1.2 charger. The problem could be my aftermarket DC power cable not getting power from the LPS 1.2 to the Ultrarendu. My stock DC power cable is at the office so I will check on Monday. Thanks!
  2. Hi Jesus, My Ultrarendu seems to have lost power. It has been working perfectly for a long time. I keep it powered on 24/7 with an Uptone LPS 1.2. I went to listen today and the LED on the Ultrarendu will not light up. The LPS 1.2 is working fine. Thoughts?
  3. I would humbly submit that we declare a moratorium on all technical and product delivery questions until after the October 8th launch date, in order to allow poor Alex and John the time to focus on this project and get some sleep as well. In the meantime, IMHO, questions such as this are terrific as they can be answered by the membership, rather than Alex or John. Unfortunately, I don't recall if Alex or John ever mentioned what inhabits the moat so I can't provide an answer. Anyone else?
  4. Hooray! So Amazon is taking over yet another commercial space. Wonderful.
  5. Good to see a fellow Blue Circle Audio fan. Unfortunate that Gilbert semi-retired, as he was one of the most talented and, possibly the most creative audio designers I've ever encountered. The EtherRegen will be worth the wait.
  6. I only used the Gaia footers on my speakers. My subs are on IsoAcoustic subwoofer stands, but the sub stands are a different product than the Gaia. The sound quality changes are described in the link I posted earlier.
  7. Oh, I guess that would help, just being a bit lazy. Speakers are Raidho XT-1 on Raidho stands. My mini review of the Gaia is Post #79 in this thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/raidho-xt-1-new-version-of-the-award-winning-x-1.795502/page-6
  8. Just installed the Gaia footers to my speakers and..... wow! My speakers sound significantly better as compared to using the stock footers. The difference is not subtle. Quite shocking. Highly recommended. Now I understand why they won the EISA 2019-2020 HiFi Upgrade Product award. Well deserved.
  9. Update, so I re-installed the Eitr in the chain, and switched to the Qutest's BNC input. I do prefer the sound with the Eitr in the chain, input to the Qutest BNC, as opposed to straight in to the Qutest's usb input.
  10. I had my plane tickets and lodging but had a bit of a mishap so I had to cancel at the last minute. Will attend next year. Any my thoughts on the Raidho room? Any thoughts on Vivid speakers in addition to those those mentioned for the Sonore room?
  11. Please go back and read this thread again more carefully. The OP is asking for a "significantly better" DAC. Nobody in this thread suggested it would be "difficult to improve on the performance of the Yggy". Of course "significantly" means different things to different listeners. I know you are in the industry so perhaps you have tried dozens of TOTL DACs in your system (and if you didn't audition the DAC's in your system, then any opinion should have a huge grain of salt attached to it). Most of us don't have that luxury. However, some other very experienced and knowledgeable people have bought and sold many dozens of DAC's (many at much, much higher prices, using their own personal funds), auditioning in their own system and have found the Yggy to be highly competitive and even better than some of these much more expensive DAC's. That is not to say everyone would hear the DAC's the same way, or even that the majority would agree, but it is a data point to consider. No one DAC will please everyone, same as any other component. IMHO, at this level it really just becomes a matter of personal taste and system/room matching and that is why I question how many DAC's would be "significantly better" such that I would be willing to pay 3x, 4x, 5x or more. I am quite certain there are a number of DAC's out there I would prefer to my Yggy and probably even some that I would determine to be significantly better, but I'm just not that motivated to try or spend a bunch more to try since I'm happy with my Yggy and it gets bonus points for being relatively cheap.
  12. I could be wrong, but I don't see where Schiit will be releasing any CD transport in that thread. I think the CD transport references are to purr1n's very old Theta Data III CD Transport. Again, I could be wrong and if so, perhaps someone can correct me. Some people use the term "transport" to mean a usb/spdif/AES converter. There is no plan to release an Unison usb version of the Eitr, because, among other things, the Eitr did not sell well, which is crazy. It is a terrific device and costs only $179. Perhaps if they put it in a fancier case and charged triple it would have sold in larger numbers.
  13. Correct, the IsoRegen/LPS-1 will feed the Eitr.
  14. IsoRegen stays, it definitely improves sound quality in this system (based on my work PC as the source so it needs all the help it can get).
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