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  1. I owned the XS 2.1 system for many years. It isn't the current model but in no way is it outdated. The only thing outdated would be the phone cradle that comes with it, but you don't have to use the phone cradle. $100 used would be an incredible buy. $100 new is crazy good. If you don't buy it, shoot me a pm. I'll buy it and give it to someone as a present.
  2. I am a member of the cult, but the tubes are all hidden inside the component chassis. So unfortunately I don't have any glass porn pics [sad face emoji]. But there are some fine pics in this thread.
  3. Blake

    Farewell ML

    Bummer, I liked his twittering machines website.
  4. Way to go Miguelito! Super cool guy as well. Extremely nice audio system, but I am even more impressed by his condo.
  5. I've been away for a bit because of my work schedule but I see you all have been posting lots of songs. Now I must somehow find some time to go back and check out all of the stuff I have missed over the last several months! Keep up the good work.
  6. Blake

    usb cables?

    Hi musicguy. I am 100% in the camp that different usb cables can impact sound quality based on my own buying, trying, selling experiences. Having said that, I have no issue with any of my fellow AS members who are not "believers". My favorite is the Sablon Reserva. This is the best (and longest running) usb cable comparison thread here on AS, imho, so take a look:
  7. It looks to me that the Gamut Lobster designer was inspired by the Cassina Auckland lounge chair and foot stool (which was designed by Jean Marie Massaud).
  8. I was going to purchase the GIK Tri Traps, but the GIK consultant told me to go with the GIK Soffit Bass Traps instead. He said they were much more effective than the Tri Traps. The Soffit Traps work very nicely for me.
  9. Say what you want but one thing I can say about GUTB, he didn't give a @##* about what anyone else thought. He spoke his mind. And he was right... Class D does suck.
  10. Those old M&K subs are absolutely bomb proof! I have a M&K VX-100 in my home theatre set up that has been powered on and running almost continuously (I bet it has only been turned on and off less than 5 times?) for about 20 years. What a great investment. Nice, tight bass as well. Back to desktop speakers, I just picked up these Scansonic MK-5's. Seemed like a great price. We shall see how they perform. https://www.underwoodhifi.com/products/scansonic
  11. You are right. I was searching the status of Larry's entities this morning in connection with our case and apparently didn't consume enough coffee and/or was reading too quickly. I can't edit now.
  12. Oh, what awesome news! The new case even has Light Harmonic branding, because, well, LH Labs no longer exists. But wait...... Light Harmonic, Inc. no longer exists, as all the shareholders voted to dissolve that entity in January of 2018. But don't worry Larry, we still have you squarely in our sights. LH Dissolution.pdf
  13. Question: Which band is the greatest band of all time? So what prize do I win? P.S. The best band in the world at the moment is Drab Majesty, in case anyone was wondering.
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