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  1. Wow, this is interesting Jud. I was not previously aware of Shairport. Am I understanding correctly, that can use Shairport to stream any online content (YouTube, web radio, etc.) through your MicroRendu? What mode are you using for this on your MicroRendu? EDIT: sorry, this is off topic, Jud, ignore or send me a pm.
  2. So... as I was typing this, we just experienced yet another earthquake aftershock here in Salt Lake City. The house shook pretty good! I think we are at something like 350+ aftershocks now. Ok, worldwide pandemics (check), earthquakes (check).... What next?! 🤕 Of course, others in more earthquake prone areas of the world would laugh at a 5.7 quake!
  3. Agreed, 100%. Unfortunately, there are lots of people in our community that put themselves in a "camp" and we have recently seen the results of extremist "camp" views here on AS. To be very clear, in case it was implied from my post, I was definitely not referring to you as being one of the hard-line objectivists. I should have clarified that earlier. I have never considered you to be in any camp. I enjoy reading your posts and have learned much from you over the years. You are one of the good people on this forum. I am always very interested in the views and experience of those, like yourself, who work in the industry as you have insight that most others do not have. And, of course, I have benefited greatly from my Sonore products!
  4. IMO (I'm not claiming my thoughts are absolute truths by any stretch) given my experiments over the years and general observations: 1. The "loss in transparency" from inserting a preamp in the chain in some (but certainly not all) cases is grossly overstated. For example, I am hard-pressed to detect any loss in detail, transparency and musical information when inserting my preamp, as compared to going DAC direct. With other preamps I've owned, I have notice some loss in transparency (ranging from very small to very noticeable losses). 2. I think that generalized statements about tubes simply adding distortion/warmth, while always detracting from transparency is also misguided. In well implemented circumstances, the tubes can make the music subjectively much more like real musicians in your room- it can sound much more like real music, with very little or even no perceived loss in detail/transparency. I won't call out any specific component examples as I don't want to offend, but we have all heard systems/components that while seemingly transparent and detailed, sound sterile, flat and un-inspiring. Not like the real thing. The word "transparent" can be misleading and incomplete in this context. We want music that sounds "real". If the tubes don't result in any perceived loss in detail, while also adding to the body and sound stage, then how are tubes detracting from audiophile goals of being true to the source material? 3. I understand the theoretical reasoning behind the "simplest path" approach, but then what about all the findings in the "novel" thread, with long strings of audio spaghetti resulting in perceived improvements and enhanced transparency? 4. While we know lots about audio, there is so much more than objectivists are willing to admit that we don't know. Thus, audio is science and art. For example, what makes tubes of the same family type sound different from manufacturer to manufacturer (and I mean exactly what changes to the tube result in what sonic differences), why do different usb cables sound different from each other? Until we are able to reliably measure every single aspect of sound, as perceived by humans, we will necessarily need to rely to some degree on the "art" part of the equation.
  5. From a sound quality perspective, I am preferring Linn Kazoo to Roon (using "Roon Ready" mode).
  6. I must use a wireless router (Apple AirPort Express) to physically connect to my system. How terrible is the AirPort Express? If the Airport Express is bad, what are better alternatives that won't cost more than a couple hundred bucks (exclusive of a separate linear power supply)? P.S. my Airport Express connects to my etherRegen via copper. P.S.S. I also have this Trendnet Switch, still in the shrink wrap, that I could implement somewhere if beneficial: https://www.trendnet.com/products/PoE/5-Port-Gigabit-PoEplus-Switch-TPE-TG50g-v2
  7. Oh, no you didn't!!!! Chris, take it back............... 🤕😃
  8. I don't know that all preamp designers are intentionally coloring the sound, in fact I am sure that is not the case with some preamps, but of course, there are probably plenty of designs out there with intentional colorations. But again, you are speaking from a relative point of view here, right? Your current system for example is not 100% transparent, you are just attempting to get as close as possible to a theoretical ideal of transparency.
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