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  1. The speed of the drumming....... are you kidding me?? How is this possible?
  2. Absolutely, I have no problem with your post. The claims of any company selling anything should be taken with a grain of salt, unless scientifically validated using sufficient testing.
  3. From Amir's review: "So I started with my generic switch connection and started to stream some of my reference quality content. While the music was playing, I switched Ethernet cables, this time having Port B of EtherRegen feeding the Matrix i. There was absolutely no audible difference. I then switched back to generic switch feed. No difference. I switched back to EtherRegen. No difference. None. Nothing." If I am following correctly, Amir's subjective listening evaluation was sighted. If we can agree there is a theoretical possibility that not all sonic aspects we can perceive with our hearing can be measured with Amir's equipment, then in such case, wouldn't Amir's review be more complete and valid if he sent the ER to an unbiased group to perform unsighted, controlled listening tests, then add those results to his review? If Amir is telling his readers the ER does nothing, it seems to me, without doing the controlled listening test with independent, unbiased listeners, then his conclusion should, at a minimum, be taken with a grain of salt. Caveat: I don't read/follow ASR, so apologies if I am mistaken on Amir's testing methodologies.
  4. It depends on whether your goal is ultimate sound quality, or a desire for minimum component count.
  5. Absolutely, Mike has been incredibly helpful in this endeavor. Mike, if you are out in Salt Lake City, your ski pass is on me!** **Blackout dates and other restrictions apply, this offer is non-transferable, you understand and agree that skiing and snowboarding are hazardous activities and involve the risk of physical injury or death. You understand and agree that these risks may include by way of example, but without limitation, high elevation, falling trees, unmarked obstacles, deep snow conditions, slides and avalanches, rugged mountain terrain, acts of others, and collisions with snow-grooming and snowmaking equipment.
  6. I am going to download the trial version of Euphony to my MacBook, which I use to stream Tidal. I have an EtherRegen on order for January delivery. Once the ER arrives my setup will be: MacBook Pro (Euphony + Roon) > wireless > Apple Airport Extreme > ethernet cable > EtherRegen > ethernet cable > Sonore UltraRendu. I am curious if any member here that owns the ER and is using Euphony (installed on a device that is upstream of the ER), would mind experimenting to see if Euphony still improves sound quality, and if so, is it to the same degree as before inserting their EtherRegen?
  7. Not to be a pest, and I am being hypocritical as I frequently go OT, but if we could follow Alex' instructions to keep this thread focused more on listening impressions, and put technical questions in the other thread, that would be peachy. TIA from those of us living vicariously through those who have the ER and post listening impressions. ☮️
  8. Yes, please bring on the reviews. And you think it is tough being a second-batcher? Try being a lowly third-batcher!
  9. Thanks for the clarification, yes, there is a Tubelover here, different person and I thought he was the one referenced. But I am also very familiar with Rob (rb2013) and his contributions. In fact I have a quad of the '75 Reflektor SWGP "Holy Grail" tubes as a result of his reports. Sorry to hear of this.
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