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  1. Listening to this now on Qobuz. Very, very nice.
  2. Very, very nice. And I must say, a man’s room if ever I’ve seen one! ✴️😀
  3. Anyone else using a SU-1 between a Sonore ultraRendu (or microRendu) and a Schiit Yggdrasil DAC? I got the SU-1 a couple of weeks ago and presumed I could just insert it between the ultraRendu and the Yggdrasil, but I have not been able to get the combination to work. For what it's worth, I powered on both the Yggdrasil and the SU-1 before powering on the ultraRendu, because the ultraRendu needs to have the downstream components already powered on in order to recognize them when it is powered on. I also tried other power on sequences (Yggy then SU-1 then Yggy, SU-1 then Yggy then uR, Yggy then uR then SU-1, etc.), but none of them worked. Sonicorbiter diagnostics indicate the uR recognizes the SU-1, but somehow an audio signal does not get to the Yggy DAC. The SU-1 does power on, but the "play" light does not come on. And the display on the Yggy does not show that it is getting a signal. So I think the problem is with the SU-1, but before I go down that road I thought I'd ask here whether anyone who has this combination has any advice or suggestions. Thanks.
  4. Well, I enjoyed it. Listened to it last evening, and may just do it again this evening. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation. Listened to some samples and immediately ordered a copy. Can't wait!
  6. . . . and he has a lit cigarette in a holder! I'm listening to it on Tidal and I agree, a very nice performance and recording.
  7. Yes, but it's a really, really good concerto!
  8. Excellent! Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. VERY nice! Listening to it now on Tidal.
  10. Some quick suggestions: Bartok, at least his string quartets. Nikolai Miaskovsky and Bohuslav Martinu, and, if you like Reich and Glass, John Adams. Jean Sibelius.
  11. Thanks for the additional pic and explanation. I already ordered one of those cradles. Dave
  12. Thanks much! Yeah, those cables aren't cheap, but you could spend more -- I've seen 7 inch USB cables going for twice what yours cost. Maybe it's a trick of the photography, but the cradle for your speaker system looks different from the one for your office system. It looks like it holds the mR on its side rather than on an angle. Thanks again. Dave
  13. Clean and uncluttered -- very nice! What USB cables are you using here and in your office? And what are you using to cradle the microRendu in each system? Thanks. Dave
  14. TubeLover, Perhaps you need to update the operating system on your iPad? That's what I had to do to get the adapter mentioned in post #4 above to work with my iPad Air. Check the fine print on the adapter you've been trying to use to see if it has an operating system requirement.
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