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  1. Thank you so much Paul, for the reply. I will contact you if I have a need for the voltage switching Regards Mitch
  2. Thank you so much for the reply. Is The SR4T Power Supply with the switch too ?
  3. by the way, is the input of voltage 100-240v ?
  4. I bought Mutec Ref 10 before I purchased ER, with or without Ref 10 does a major impact in my system. Have been listening for few months and ordered a Mutec Ref 10 SE120 for my listening room, it arrived this morning and have a listen for few hours so far, the improvement over Ref 10 is quite significant (subjectively 20-25% better) My setup - Mac Pro > Cisco 2960 > SPF > ER (with SE 120) > UltraRendu > Esoteric K05x (with SE 120)
  5. thank you for your kind explanation, it is very clear to me now .. really appreciated
  6. One more question, so I use A or B from WCLK OUT 1?
  7. My current set up as follow : Mac mini (Lan) > Switch (Lan) > dCS NB (SPDIF) > Mutec MC3+ USB (+Ref 10) SPDIF > Dac Will be grateful if anyone can answer the following questions : Will it benefits by connecting an extra w clock connection between MC3+ (W Clock out) and dCS NB (W Clock in) ? If so, how do I need to set the mode of MC3+, External + Re-CLK ?, anything else ? Should I use a pair of BNC cables or just one, if I set the Roon’s sampling conversion to 48 ? Thank you
  8. Thank you, the current signal flow is from Mac mini > Switch > dCS NB > SPDIF > Mutec MC3+ > SPDIF > Dac ... should I still need to 2 MC3+ ?
  9. Recently I have bought a dCS Network Bridge, it has a word clock in, will the system benefit by connecting my Mutec MC3+USB (with Ref 10) ? if so, how will be the connection and the setting on MC3+ ? Thanks
  10. I have 2013 13" MBP, 2012 15" MBP, 2013 Mac Pro and 2018 Mac mini, all of them have been upgraded to Big Sur, no issue at all .. except, Drobo thunderbolt drive
  11. I have two Mac minis : 1) 2012 i7 - DSD 256 is fine .. but not 512 2) 2018 i7 (3.2GHz 6 cores and 16G RAM)- DSD 512 no problem
  12. this is how I done .. created a new library and re import all the songs again
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