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  1. a) Good Measure / Good sounding (audiophile) b) Poor Measure / Good sounding (audiophile) c) Poor Measure / poor sounding (audiophile) d) Good Measure / poor sounding (audiophile) Which one to pick ?
  2. Relex !! Music listening is for the purpose of RELAXING ... Why not leave your precious time more on listening music ....
  3. Just tried to connect the iPad Pro to Mutec MC3+ UBS before the dac, it works and the sound is great.
  4. The way that I listen to Apple Music. Since macOS is not bit perfect, I decide to go for iPad Pro with the following : First add an USB C hub with ethernet port, then connect it to a switch (using Uptone ER), turn off WiFi Do not use the same hub for power charging, instead get an Apple Keyboard for iPad Pro, there is an extra USB port for charging Instead of using Apple charger, I use 5v Battery or a LPS
  5. Hi Adrain, Please let us know once they are available, thank you
  6. very interested ... however, I hate to send for modification. Andrew, is that easy to do by myself with instruction , thinking to order two 6.3v FARAD from you. Or, can we swap the Mutec i.e. I pay the combo and send mine to you once I received ?
  7. I just went to the create account page ... created and got a verification code ... entered .. then Bingo .... Sound is very good
  8. I totally agree with the above. I bought a Ref 10 and attached with ER / MC3+ also SOtM, to me even with not sensitive hearing can hear the difference. Finally I changed my upgrade plain , instead of purchase ARC Ref 6E pre amp, I go for Ref 10 SE-120 for another listening room. If I can't hear any benefit from Ref 10 to ER, why should I changed the original plain ?
  9. there are nothing wrong on your Mac mini nor Sbooster, I have a Mac mini had the same issue ... unless the LPS 12v is greater than "5A", otherwise, Mac mini can't power up ... or shut down after a minute.
  10. Thank you for the replies .. my current setup as follows : Router > RJ45 Copper > ER 1 (A side) > SFP > ER 2 (SFP) > B Side > RJ45 Copper > dCS Network Bridge May be going to change to : Router > SFP converter > ER 1 (SFP) > B side > RJ45 Copper > ER 2 (A side) > B side > RJ45 Copper > dCS Network Bridge
  11. I am going to order another ER to pair with the existing one, how should I connect these two ERs, via SFP or RJ45 (B>A sides)?
  12. I have been using SOtM Ultra Neo + SPS 500 psu for two years, I must said it was not as good as UltraRendu + LPS1.2 (I own one too). I have been told that the weaknesses the SPS 500, therefore as suggested I bought a Paul Hynes SR4T to replace SPS500, the result is very satisfactory and the improvement is quite significant, and now SOtM Ultra Neo is as good as or even slightly better than UltraRendu.
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