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  1. this is how I done .. created a new library and re import all the songs again
  2. Mine has arrived in Sydney on 16/4, but still have not received it (28/4) ....
  3. I have Mac mini 2012 i7 and also 2018, never have an issue with drop outs ..
  4. I use Roon, A+ and even HQ player On Roon make the Parallelize Sigma-Dela Modulator click YES
  5. I have bought a 2018 i7 Mac mini and it works perfectly even I upsampling to DSD 512, it is very quiet. These days I only connecting with UltraRendu via Lan cable and USB to my DAC, sound outperforming using USB only. I do believe 2013 Mac Pro second hand is a very good value too
  6. Got it, thank you so much
  7. Is there a way to compute albums ReplayGain for group albums as what we do on A+3.2 ?
  8. Thank you once again, Emmm and Tommd for your help. I have tried the following which no luck : Have done few resets Replaced with few different USB cable Direct connect to 12V wallwart power Switch on Nuc The only way to turn in on was to unplug the USB audio cable from the Ultra Neo back, switch in on and plug the USB cable when its LED turn solid green. I brought the Ultra Neo to my study room and connected with wallwart power (with no any cable connection on the back), IT TURN ON, so I connect an USB cable with it but no DAC on the other end, it TURN ON. I got excited and brought it back to my listening room, connected all cables back with the wallwart power, it refused to Turn On. Then I unplug the USB cable, it TURN ON. Out of a sudden, I have a feeling whether it has something related to my Vinnie Rossini LIO DAC, therefore I connected all the cable back to Ultra Neo, turn the LIO DAC first before turning the SoTM combo on, it TURN ON. The conclusion is I need to press the on Botton of my DAC (does not need to wait the dac to complete the boot process), then turn on the SMS500 , within 30 seconds the Ultra Neo will automatically switch on. I have tried couple of times, so far so good.
  9. Hi, thank you, sorry i was wrongly stated the sps 500 as LPS. I have double checked the Ultra Neo needs 12v and sps 500 is being selected as 12v output. I have tried to connect it with a wallwart power (12v), same issue. now, I must first unplug USB cable before turning on the Neo.
  10. Thank you for the suggestions, firstly my LPS in fact is SoTM SPS 500 and I have tried both 9 and 12 v with the same result. Now I must need to turn the Neo one before I connect the USB cable, once it on it can run overnight without any issue. I do not have the wall wart that was supplied with the SMS 200 and there is no external USB drive connect to NEO
  11. Yes I always do even for few minutes no USB audio cable connection MOSTLY no issue.
  12. Just bought SMS 200 Ultra Neo with the LPS, the LPS can easily turn on but not the Neo which needs couple of on/off on/off to get it turn on. I do realize without connecting the USB audio cable into Neo, the chance of on is much higher, I have replaced the USB cable but does not help, any idea ? Thanks
  13. mitch751

    HQ Player

    Thank you so much, unchecked Auto rate family solved the issue ...
  14. mitch751

    HQ Player

    I can upsampling from PCM to DSD 128 with my Esoteric K05x for 44.1 or 88.2, but no sound with 96 or 192 file, can someone help, please.
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