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  1. I have downloaded the DSD 256 but it seems that the volume is comparatively lower than the other groovenote albums on nativedsd which is already lower than other labels.
  2. Agreed. I prefer this and the Gomez. The previous one about solo piano is not my cup so I did not download it.
  3. I believe so, the I2S or HDMI would be more sensitive than the LAN and a not too expensive but well shielded ethernet cable will also make a difference. I would suggest Supra Cat 8.
  4. Have you checked the XLR? Do you know which pin is hot, either pin 2 or pin 3? It must match with the component you are connecting to, otherwise anything may happen.
  5. Have you considered Audioquest Diamond? The difference between the upper models of Audioquest HDMI are the quantity of silver in the cable and not thickness.
  6. The purpose of trade or initially barter is for the buyer to buy/get what they lack and the seller to sell/get rid of their surplus. With this trading mechanism, it minimize people or countries to use the barbarian method of obtaining what they lack. The factory are now built or expanded to meet with the demand and all or a sudden they have to store the surplus or to produce less. It is not only a waste to build such huge establishment for the manufacturing but also a waste of the products already manufactured. Digital products have a very short life cycle and those surplus products which were ordered by China will be kept in store and later become obsolete. To share the technology with others will efficiently direct the resources for developing other technologies and mankind will benefit. It is again a waste of resources for different people and different countries competing to research and develop the same technology. We should use the duplicate resources to save the planet and the mankind. Recent National Geography programs already reviewed the critical situation of climate change in various continents and it will get worse and faster and if the countries/people do not act now to slow down or revert the situation, there may not be a place on earth suitable for living anymore.
  7. Politicians may think differently. So if a country is to make an ally, which country will it choose? A weak one or a strong one, not necessary in the sense of military but will also consider its economy. Which country is willing to lend money with better and favourable terms and will not intefere with the borrowing country's affairs?
  8. Why there is a trade deficit? At least one of the many reasons is self-made: US forbid or try to forbid exporting high tech products to China which should be more valuable than the agricultural products. US has only 1/3 of the population of China but they buy from China more than China buying from US. Are the US more wealthy then or they get into the culture of over spending? How much average savings a US citizen has compared to the citizen of China? If US has over spent then where does the money come from? One of the sources is the US government bond sold to China and China holds a substantial percentage of the total US government bond. This may mean that China is actually at least in part funding US for the import and trade deficit with other countries including China. The trade war is mostly not for the welfare/benefit of the ordinary US citizen who will somehow suffer from the increased price of the imported products. The trade war has one very important goal which is to suppress other country or countries to become economic strong enough that the politicians consider a threat and what else could be better than justifying it as national security which affords almost unquestionable power to the authorities. What are the threats? How many of you will consider it likely that China will send its army to US and engage warfare and how many of you will consider it the other way round? Or the threat is the fear that US will lose its international supremacy. If so, what means should US to maintain its supremacy? It seems that the earlier generation had and did improve itself in many ways to maintain its supremacy but now it seems that it does not try to improve itself and adopt the strategy of suppressing other countries from developing. I did not in anyway comment who or what is right or wrong. It is not for me to comment on what the politician should or should not do. I just plainly laid down those facts for you to consider. Below is a local gag translated for you: In the meeting between the high ranking government representatives between US and China: US : "Before we proceed with the agenda of the meeting, I would like to ask whether your government will buy more our government bond and we are running out of money to spend" China: "Yes, of course, we have been holding a lot of your government bond and will continue to do so" US: "Good" China: "We really want to narrow the trade deficit with you and we want to buy from you high technologies and save money on developing them and we can buy more your government bond then, we have policies to encourage joint ventures in manufacturing products which involved those high technologies, we provide the land for the establishment, invest the capital needed and you can have cheap labours and tax advantage and have equal share of the profits of such joint ventures" US: "It is very tempting, it suit us if we do not have to pay you a cent and a bigger share of the profits but we will not allow to share with you the technology" China: "Then forget about the joint ventures, how about selling directly to us those high technology products cos' the import of those to us will surely narrow the trade deficit" US: "No, No. That is not on the table" China: "Then what else can we buy from you, those you offer to sell are what we can produce at a much lower price, and some of those you offer is in fact made in the factory in our country" US: "Peace, your submission to our demand will release you from our imminent threat temporarily".
  9. Hey, don't you all realize his initial is B.S. which should tell you something, he is exactly like his name. IMO, he does not have any credibility at all. He is trying to overthrow the concept of measuring quality of recordings not by any scientific specification or measurement but with experience which is current not quantifiable or measurable and most important of all is based on his own experience of what is good or bad without regard to the general public of what is good or bad. BS uses his own experience and arbitrary try to make it as standard for the industry. No comparison can be made if there is no specification/measurement then how it can be said "15 TIMES MORE RESOLUTION". If this works, it will be nothing but chaos to the industry.
  10. If MQA vinyl is coming, it is interesting that there are going to be a lot of MQA cartridges claiming to have the capability of decoding the and unfolding MQA. LOL.
  11. I suspect it may be caused by the persistent monitoring of the songs you played and tried to recommend to you similar songs to play and the checking of update to the artists information, album information etc. Anyway I do not like Roon at all, it messed up my tag and I cannot find the album or songs in my library as I used to and I need to edit the tags of genre, artists etc. to revert it to the usual.
  12. Just downloaded it and will listen to it tonite
  13. I am indifferent to the name, be it Computer Audiophile or Audiophile Style. It is just a name. If the owner of the forum cannot choose the name for his forum, then why should the members are allowed to choose his/her own user name. Is it a double standard again?
  14. Yes, you are right. I was and may be still am such person who bought some gear and kept it briefly say a few months to a year then sell them though I keep some other gear for years. 🤣
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