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  1. ??? Sorry, I may be a John Doe but I am not Dave.
  2. Anyway, your previous answer is not correct unless you regard DXD as not PCM format. Further there are a lot of 2XHD albums converted from analog recordings are not available in NativeDSD. So I can only conclude that either NativeDSD is selective or 2XHD is selective.
  3. It appears that your answer to it is not correct. There are a lot of albums NativeDSD is selling are recorded in DXD format. So I guess either NativeDSD is selective or 2XHD is selective, and the result is NativeDSD does not have some of the 2XHD DSD format albums.
  4. Does it matter whether it is called computer audio or any other name? It is the nature and substance in it that matters.
  5. I had Esoteric N-05, N-01, DCS Rossini and now I am using MSB Premier DAC but I have not used their equipped Pre-amp function. I had tried with my previous DACs but I do not find them as good as a proper pre-amp or the integrated amp. However, you should try yours to see whether you prefer the DAC's pre-amp or not.
  6. Are Google using Huawei's equipment or 5G?🤔
  7. Judging the sound quality by the appearance of gear and/or component? We all know that different DACs using the same chip have different sound quality, so I guess the appearance is not a critical factor though it will make some one lose confidence in the sound quality of the gear.
  8. From all photos on the web, the two were stacked with the Dac on top of the powerbase and which makes me believe that they can be so stacked up without sound quality issue. You are the one who has separated them and find there a difference and I may follow suit to see the difference. Further, I have custom made the power cables that connect the powerbase to the DAC and I find there improvement as well, unfortunately, I cannot find better quality din plugs for the cable, the kind of plug used by MSB are for computer use and certainly not those commonly used by the audio industry for such priced items.
  9. A deaf cannot hear does not mean that sound does not exist. To us, sound means those wave that we can hear and despite I doubt I can still hear sound below 30Hz but I can sure feel it blowing out from my sub-woofer.
  10. I believe the results will be inconclusive even allowing a sufficient no. of participants taking part. I can only see that every participant is using different gear and the only constant factor is not there to test the variables unless we believe that different gear should sound the same.
  11. Despite the MSB Premier DAC and Powerbase, each has its own spikes and pad, I have tried using different isolators. I have the Dac stacked on the Powerbase using the MSB supplied spikes and pads whereas under the Powerbase, I have used Stillpoints Ultra SS and recently Hifistay Hardpoint Trinia. I like the Hardpoint Trinia more and it enhance the natural flow and analogue feel of the Dac.
  12. Me 2!🤣 I can't find any filter so I am unable to select them (if any).
  13. I was once a regular reader of print version of a number of Hi-Fi magazines but in these few years, I no longer buy any since most of those reviews are not trustworthy at all.
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