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  1. You still envy my avatar, huh? So before I die, I will let you have my avatar. Anyway what happens to your previous avatar which has a lot of brain?🤣
  2. There would be an endless list of things to do to keep yourself clean from virus. Some will be obvious like washing your hands frequently but some may not be that obvious and some may not aware that they should do as well. Do you wash (1) your glasses (for those who wear glasses), (2) your keys (for those who drive and/or unlock your door to your house)?
  3. I wished but we all know that pricing of the HIFI gears are not based on their performance.
  4. Wow, if that counts, then I am a quantum expert cos' I have been using the phase "quantum meruit" so frequently and much more than "hello".😀
  5. The product in question is yet to appear in their website. The video was made by its agent/dealer in HK as an introduction. I know very little about science not to mention quantum which I do believe not so many scientists are familiar with, so I am doubtful to products using quantum as part of its label.
  6. Me too. We have to be skeptical on remasters, some of them are just a mean to resurrect/extend the copyright and the remaster may not be an improvement at all to the SQ.
  7. I ripped my newly bought CDs into files and from then on I do not spin those CDs anymore. They are left in boxes to oxidize.🤣
  8. This is true. The same CDs I have bought 30 years ago sound differently nowadays because of the improvement of players and DACs.
  9. I believe it is a question to be answered by the younger generation whether they will continue buying on their own or just share without any limit of their music libraries. I have bought my own and I am still buying and I uphold the copyrights in the CDs and files.
  10. MetalNuts

    AXPONA 2020

    I think it is good to reschedule it to some later dates since it is not yet clear to what extent the coronavirus will spread amongst the general public.
  11. The brand is quite hot here but I am not a user and I have doubt on their claim. As I stated I am not a technical guy so I can't objectively comment on it.
  12. Telos is a Taiwan manufacturer and has a variety products claiming to use quantum technology. I am not a technical guy and I doubt whether they are just gimmick or snake oil. The video is in Cantonese introducing this quantum active cable and the photo is a capture screen from the video showing the flow of electricity and the quantum box is not placed on the path of the electricity to the equipment but by another wire that linked from the end of the live wire and from the box linked back to the neutral wire. Does it work that way to have any clearing or filtering effect on the power to the equipment?
  13. May be u have not read all or used the wrong key word for the search. I have seen here and there about the power improvement to digital device and the most common is the use of Linear Power Supply.
  14. Including pets, like dogs, cats, we have a case of the dog of a confirmed coronavirus owner being tested positive.
  15. I would not bother to worry like a living person would at the end of my day. 😀
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