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  1. Agree, just like the bible, the true meaning may have lost through translation from the original language to the languages we know. Not to mention the subsequent revisions to modern language of the time.
  2. Is the wrong word "infectious" used? Infectious seems to me that one gets infected involuntarily whereas one must voluntarily allow (at least not resist) music to enter into your life, you may become addicted to it, listen or play it everyday, addicted to music does not make it infectious.
  3. Apart from surveillance camera installed and household insurance, the extra security I can think of is to buy equipment bulky and heavy which surely create difficulty and time for the intruder if he wishes to take your equipment.
  4. My dear friend, I was born and raised in a British colony and I was no less than you a supporter of the British National football team. It is a pity and shame that the England football fans only have 1966 World Cup to talk about. What went wrong? Why England is still being beaten by other countries which were late comers to the sport? These are serious questions that deserved answers. The last solution I can think of is to stop blaming other countries which improved and developed over the good old days British Empire.😅
  5. It was said that Victorias secret has released a new Bra, it is called "ENGLAND" , lots of support, but no cup....
  6. Just the local dealer in our place (Hong Kong).
  7. I believe so, some will be tricked into buying HDR re-issue expecting them to be better because of the label said High Dynamic Range just like MQA which communicated to people as Master Quality Audio. I think it will work to the best interest of the record companies who can start planning a series of reissue, HDR 5, then HDR 10, and then HDR 15... May be the equipment manufacturers will come up with the idea of their machines will have different colors of LED showing and verifying the HDR grading.😅
  8. I myself have used several BNC word clock cables, they really have impact on the sound (strange but true). My best buy is an Oyaide DB-510 which performs as good as a Nordost Vahalla (if not better than).
  9. Can't anyone see it is the owner's head on the dog's body?🤣
  10. At least she has nothing to hide, not like the MQA
  11. I don't care as long as it looks nice to me. BTW, I never questioned why Superman wears leggings and on top of that a red brief even though it looks disgusting, he should engage a better fashion designer.
  12. I think I can appreciate the work of Banksy as an ordinary person with an ordinary mind but I am afraid that I do not have such an extraordinary mind to tell myself how to appreciate the work of Picasso. 😁
  13. Me too. This may be the critical advantage for me to rate it over other expensive DAC😆
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