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  1. Can't anyone see it is the owner's head on the dog's body?🤣
  2. At least she has nothing to hide, not like the MQA
  3. I don't care as long as it looks nice to me. BTW, I never questioned why Superman wears leggings and on top of that a red brief even though it looks disgusting, he should engage a better fashion designer.
  4. I think I can appreciate the work of Banksy as an ordinary person with an ordinary mind but I am afraid that I do not have such an extraordinary mind to tell myself how to appreciate the work of Picasso. 😁
  5. Me too. This may be the critical advantage for me to rate it over other expensive DAC😆
  6. One of the expensive DACs that does not support MQA. 😄😄
  7. Do u mean AES, SPDIF cannot carry clock data together with the music data?
  8. Yes, I received it but I deleted it at once when I saw the word "lottery" which is actually an alarming keyword to a lot of scam mail.
  9. yes, misrepresentation as 24 bits. I was not worrying of the use of less one bit but the hidden use of the one bit.
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