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  1. I think you are too kind not to say misrepresentation.🤣
  2. A LD player? Only for those who still have a lot of LDs and still playable can make use of it. LOL! But sorry to hear that you have got the wrong shipment.
  3. If someone like you has the extra-ordinary way of associating things, linking everything can be possible but I am afraid that not many can understand what you are trying to convey.
  4. Despite I like and play golf, am I entering the wrong website?
  5. I don't think anyone in Japan can, I think only those who live in houses and willing to pay for the extra can install their own power poles and those who live in apartments cannot have its own power poles.
  6. I don't know the recommended power requirement of 803 and if you think 50 watts is sufficient, then you may consider the new Accuphase E-800 which is a class A integrated amplifier with 50 watts output at 8ohms. The listed price in Hong Kong is about USD11,500.
  7. I would say dbpoweramp or similar ripping software should be the Value Digital Product of the decade. Without which, I could not begin my journey of playing files instead of CD/SACDs etc.
  8. Craziest idea? I have one from someone in another forum years ago. Instead of using any other isolation or damping accessories, he was thinking of hanging all his gears to avoid the vibrations. Don't know whether it works or not.
  9. Again, I want to buy this from NativeDSD but I cannot find it so I have to buy it somewhere. Just can't help supporting NativeDSD if it is so selective in providing DSD files.
  10. Don't worry, I am using a 12 year old iMac and it is still running strong.
  11. The "best" sounding speakers I have owned are: 1. Focal 1008Be 2. Magico S1 MK2 3. Audio Physic Midex. The "best" sounding speakers I have not owned is Crystal Cable Arabesque Glass Speakers. However, I believe my best speakers are yet to be discovered.
  12. I would rather trust my subjective instinct of listening than the objective valuation of the specification of the manufacturer.
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