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  1. Me 2!🤣 I can't find any filter so I am unable to select them (if any).
  2. I was once a regular reader of print version of a number of Hi-Fi magazines but in these few years, I no longer buy any since most of those reviews are not trustworthy at all.
  3. Agreed. One need to specialize at something that he is interested in and not just go after everything that may appeal to someone.
  4. The same or similar question will be asked again, again and again in a forum. Repeating similar topic posts are common and what is wrong with that? New comers do not want to dig into the forum and they ask or post something they believe other may interest to see or to participate in discussion as if this is the 1st discovery. I am afraid most of them are not new. If one has to go through all the posts in a forum to ensure it is new before posting his, by the time he finished with the reading all the posts, someone has already posted his intended posts or even sadly, his time is up and numbered. 🤣
  5. What I meant to hide your own IP via VPN is not to be identified for whatever purpose either in or out. This is not unique. Overseas websites also have restrictions of not selling or providing services to certain countries by the IP. Qobuz does not provide service to my place and the only way to do so is to have a VPN with IP of those countries they provide services.
  6. I am not sure but unlikely without setting up VPN hiding their mainland IP address. As far as I know, people in mainland have no access to hotmail and facebook. Check this out https://www.saporedicina.com/english/list-of-blocked-websites-in-china
  7. First of all, my understanding is that only mainland Chinese IP address can assess those service, so even a Chinese myself not residing mainland cannot assess those service, further, many service requires registration with real identity. Secondly, my previous experience using those services such as QQ Music (before restriction of access outside mainland) is that the music and songs are mostly Chinese, non-Chinese may not be interested in those music and songs.
  8. I was wondering whether I have something wrong with my eyes, it seems that the planks on the shelf are warped, the lower shelf is more severe. Does it affect the tracking of the cartridge of your turntable. You must be a genius to manage to adjust the cartridge in such circumstances to make it work properly.
  9. Agreed, it happened before and it is happening again.🤣
  10. I am sorry that I don't think I have said P15 brought roughness to my system. I said it altered the sound of my system. Some may like the "warmth" it causes to the system but I would prefer the power carrying no color on its own and let me alter it if and when I prefer in the gear, IC, PC after the power supply.
  11. I love Shunyata when it was called Power Snake and the PCs were named with the name of the snakes and with the material inside which flows and sound whenever you hang it the other way. Yes, it changes its products frequently and IMHO more than necessary and conflicted with itself. A few versions before, it divide the PC into HC, Digital, Analogue then in the next generation it said its PCs are good for all purposes.
  12. I have a P15 and I found it alters the sound of the system and the data (voltage and THD) it shows are significantly different from the Isotek Sigmas. I do not know which one shows the correct figure. Of course P15 has more functions and features than Sigmas but it makes my system sounds different from what I prefer so it is going to be sold.
  13. May be I am not a technical guide who sees any technique there in MQA about making the file smaller and claiming no compression. What I see is that MQA is always playing with words like using folding instead of compressing. Why folding the file will enable it to tackle the alleged problem of streaming. Does folding a piece of paper make it smaller in volume? If not, only compression or shrinking a file will make it smaller. Whether the so called technique makes it sound better, I believe no one can provide a definite answer since it is a subjective feeling, better specs do not necessarily make a gear or music file sound better.
  14. Sorry, my misunderstanding then. I use Roon and occasionally Roon lost connection with my renderer and I have to close Roon wait for a while and re-start Roon before I can resume control. Sometimes, it takes too long and I will use Lumin instead.
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