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  1. Hi again, Solved, I realized that I had imported my iTunes library from an external drive where the previous drop folder was located. As soon as the files were added to the local drop folder (now named Music instead of iTunes) everything worked. Sorry for the inconvenience 🤨 Lars
  2. Sorry for my ignorance, but I have just updated from El Capitan to Catalina (new Mac), and by that from iTunes to Music. I used to drop new music into a folder called "Add automatically to iTunes", in the "iTunes Media" folder. Next time I launched iTunes, it would import those files automatically. Import of existing iTunes library went smooth, but Music do longer automatically add new files to the library, they just stay in the folder "Add automatically to iTunes". Is this functionality still available, and can someone shed a light on how this is obtained in Music ?? All the
  3. I can confirm that I ran into the exact same problem yesterday, while enjoying this eminent new version of Mahler´s 7. in gorgeous 24/192 through A+ Track 4 : no music after ca. 9 min. and the rest of the track. Track 5 : no music after ca. 6 min. and the rest of the track. The rest of the album went well. Tried A+, Qobuz MacOS app on 2 different computers, IOS on iPhone Xs (16/44.1) all with the same outcome 😫 Wondering why both 24/192 and 16/44.1 seems to have the same problem. Hope Qobuz can require at new set of files from Channel Classic so we can enjoy this
  4. OK thanks, I'll continue to stream to the AppleTV via Airplay, but a tvOS sure would be convenient ?
  5. @David Craff Any chance that we might get a tvOS app for Qobuz ? I'm used to TIDAL and they have an excellent app for AppleTV 4K
  6. @damien78 I've too have had this issue for a while (also prior to 3.x) on my home office Mac; never on the main system. I have managed to update eventually, usually immediately after a restart of the Mac + sometimes, after a repair of permissions. Same OS on the two Mac's, but my main system is the latest iMac as opposed to the 2008 model in my office. Apart from this issue A+ works properly
  7. Thanks, found it, but the tracks appears dimmed in A+, that is : not playable. So far I have only purchased albums, never had a Qobuz subscription. Maybe I have to use the free Qobuz HIFI trial for one month offered by Audirvana ?
  8. Really exiting news I use Audirvana+ and have access to all (well, nearly all) my purchased albums from Qobuz, through A+. I see Qobuz has made a Sublime+ test playlist available. How could one get access to this palylist through Audirvana + ??
  9. Update : I'm happy to report that 2.6.2 has solved my issue. Turned out that these FLAC files didn't completely comply with the new, stricter validation of the metadata in the FLAC's, that's been introduced by A+ 2.6. In 2.6.2 Damien has loosened this validation a bit and my troubled files has obtained their original metadata again. Based on last night´s listening I must say that 2.6.2 sound at least as good as 2.5.4, but it syncs a lot faster. Great player with fantastic support Odelay : thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated !
  10. Sure, I'll send you one tonight as Private Message, when I get home. I have a playlist for DSD files (filter : bitdepth less than 2) and the FLAC files that's showing up here in 2.6.1 are all FLAC files (24/48) downloaded from Society of Sound (Bowers & Wilkins). Here's a screendump showing 0bit / 0khz - the files plays just fine !
  11. Yesterday I updated from 2.5.4 to 2.6.1. I just migrated the library and everything appeared to have been a success. I have 3 folders being synced by Audirvana. Two on the internal HD and one from a Timecapsule. A closer look revealed that some of the files tagging were not read by 2.6.1 : all I had for these were the album artist = parent folder and album title = folder containing the audio files, weird. Even the bitrate were not available to 2.6.1. The ones I checked were stored on the internal HD. Next problem : I was not allowed to edit the metadata in 2.6.1 - see the dialog !? I
  12. For what it’s worth : After fruitless experimenting with different settings of my routers, I discovered that I could delete all linked devices from the A+ program on my Mac and then reconnect the iPad with a fresh 6-digit code. Before deletion, I noticed there were no less than 6 linked devices on the list, even though I only own 2 separate devices !!? After that, the remote app on the iPad, so far, finds and connects to my computer immediately. I also noticed an improved response when browsing my music and TIDAL.
  13. I have extended my WiFi network with an old TimeCapsule. I haven't measured the speed, but my Music Server (MacMini) seems very fast, when browsing and listening to TIDAL streaming works excellent, but when the remoteapp on my iPad has been sent to the background, or the iPad has been sleeping, A+Remote will fail to connect. Usually, closing the app once or twice, will reconnect. I've seen this issue sporadically in the past, but after installing the new version of A+ Remote, it's driving me nuts. The MacMini is definitely hooked up on the extender, while the iPad sits approximately halfway b
  14. I have a 3 month trial TIDAL HIFI subscription thanks to Audirvana. I've noticed that not all TIDAL tracks are 16/44.1 some are AAC96 - older stuff like Dave Swarbrick and Stealers Wheel as examples. Does anyone know if it's only a temporary thing that TIDAL is fixing eventually, or does the HIFI subscription just give you access to all content, whether it's Redbook quality or not ?? All the best...
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