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  1. Has the DCS Network Bridge changed from the original? Or is it the same unit that is being manufactured. Mine is from mid-2018. When I pull up the manual on DCS web-site I see "V02" in the header. Is that referring to the software update which is v1.02? Thanks
  2. Hi, can someone please tell me whether I need a slow-blow or fast-blow 1 amp small (5 x 20 mm) fuse for the DCS NB? The manual says: 20 x 5mm T 1 amp L fuse. Is there a brand that people have liked particularly? I need to get a spare. Thanks
  3. A question please. Maybe it has been addressed earlier in this or another thread or even another site altogether, in which case please point me to where. I haven't been active on it for a while. Has anyone been able to bridge ethernet on the Roon Nucleus, i.e., connect internet router directly to Nucleus and from Nucleus directly to the DCS Network Bridge? I have been doing this up to now with my MacMini and DCS NB, but I just got a Roon Nucleus (smaller one not the Nucleus+). I am looking for tips to get it going. My initial difficulties with bridging are: - Do I need a
  4. I’m thinking about replacing my aging MacMini with a Roon Nucleus. It appears that most people find the SQ of Nucleus to be better than from the NUC i3 or i5, correct? And does anyone know if Roon is any closer to an upgraded model as Danny Dulai of Roon has mentioned on a Roon blog somewhere? I can perhaps postpone for a few months or even a year so long as my MacMini holds up which it should hopefully do. Another question. If implementing a copper case for the Nucleus is too expensive as Danny Dulai has said in the same blog, do you think that my using 3M
  5. The configuration of computers and clocks you mention is intriguing. I will have to try and check them out. Thanks. I should say too that they are a bit above my present technical networking know-how, so any links etc that you recommend I look at would be helpful. I had in the past thought of interposing a clock between the DCS NB and my DAC. However, my DAC is not a DCS DAC, and in fact doesn't have a clock input, so I am not sure I can really benefit from or even properly use an external clock. My DAC is a non-oversampling Concert Fidelity DAC-040 with a vintage Philips 16/44
  6. I too now have implemented the bridged ethernet tweak suggested by @romaz out of one of my 2010 MacMini's USB ports using a $30 USB-ethernet adapter from the Apple Store. It certainly was well worth my time and the small outlay of funds! May I ask which other upstream tweaks you meant that might be applicable to my DCS NB/MacMini set up? Thank you.
  7. Has anyone tried to use a Naim unitiserv with the DCS NB and Roon? I am thinking of replacing my MacMini which I use as my Roon Core with a used Naim unitiserv. The attraction of the Naim unitiserv seems to be that it is fanless, has a good quality power supply, and also has a good quality ripper. Naim construction is also very solid. I currently control my Mac mini via my laptop using Apple Remote and would instead control the unitiserv via my Mac laptop with its own app. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Yes, it is Roon app to FIOS to Airport Extreme and then Roon Core. OK I will watch for network delays as you say. So far so good, but I only tried this new setup for a bit. Let's see.
  9. Steve, not sure if it is interesting for you too given your setup, but just in case. I was able to turn off wifi in the Airport Extreme for a small gain in SQ.
  10. Thanks a lot for the detailed insights Steve. They have helped illuminate the types of things going on here. The FIOS network is the one that my MacBook Air goes to, not to the Airport Extreme. Only the Mac mini and the DCS NB are wired to the Airport Extreme. I thought I'd keep wifi traffic away from the Airport Extreme as I understand that is not a good thing for audio. So I still suspect the FIOS. Or now I am thinking it is possibly the fact that I had mistakenly designated sound output for the MacBook Air to go to the DCS NB. Since I just disabled this last, I haven't had
  11. Thanks a lot for the thoughts again Steve. I will look at the WiFi connection. That makes sense. I am wondering if it could be my Verizon FIOS modem which is a bit old. Now that I think about it we often have very short-lived breaks in WiFi. Very likely that is doing what you say to the Roon-DCS connection. Maybe I need to replace the Verizon modem. I will reach out to Verizon to see what is possible there. Unfortunately I am limited to only a few modems that work for Verizon FIOS. On a positive note the sound I am now getting is really wonderful. I put the Ma
  12. Yes, as Steve said earlier, I too have found that Roon has much better playback sound quality than BubbleServer UPNP/MinimServer on my MacMini server. And it is really great for its own meta data and smooth user interface. Very worth while. However, I am experiencing some persistent connection issues that seem specfic to my Roon, Mac and DCS NB set-up for which I would much appreciate any tips from anyone who knows anything about this. I have set up my MacMini as Roon Core with an external HD holding all my music. I control Roon via a MacBook Air. Roon keeps dropping the conne
  13. cjf, I don't believe you can use an android with the DCS Network App. In fact you can't use a MacBook either at least yet. However, as Steve said above, Roon is probably a much better way to drive the DCS NB. I might switch to that in the weeks ahead as the DCS app is a bit buggy anyway and Roon is a very attractive sounding option. Though Roon does cost some additional money of course. In the meantime I am just getting used to the NB myself. It is a very nice step up from my previous USB based set up.
  14. Skyline, I stuck a bunch of Stillpoints ERS paper around my modem/router/switch and connectors to address RFI/EMI, and physically isolated it as best I could with various Herbie's materials plus some Walker discs and a lot of caulking material. I wrapped some ERS paper around the various SMPS boxes of the DC power cables for these units. I also send power to my modem + router + switch from my balanced power isolator which also helps. One issue for me is that I discovered that I am limited to using only Verizon supplied Fiberoptic modems and these need as much as 3 amps at 12 volts. So my be
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