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  1. Thanks for the insight Ryan regarding Macs. Some complexities with Native DSD it seems... I appreciate the good folks at Ayre for working toward a solution for Native-capable players. Also, thank you for working with Antipodes! Companies collaborating like that says a lot about their dedication to customers. Kudos!
  2. Hi Ryan! Kindest thanks for your response. I am excited for the Native DSD 256 functionality, so if there is anything I can do to assist please let me know. Also, this may not be specific to Linux... My dealer mentioned that the issue is also occurring in a Mac OS scenario. They have a customer using Roon via Mac OS who is having the same issues as myself with Native DSD and files above DSD128 (ie no DSD265 when using DoP, and no Native DSD whatsoever). Again, sincerest thanks!
  3. Sincere thanks for sharing the pics Norman. I can’t say I know exactly what I’m looking at, but I certainly appreciate the clean layout and design. 🙂
  4. Hi Norman - while the cover is off, is it convenient for you to snap a few photos and share? I’m curious what the insides look like vs origins.
  5. My understanding is that the firmware was downloaded, placed on a USB stick, inserted into a slot in the DAC (cover off) then powered on. I believe the intent is that users can complete this. Don’t quote me on this as I didn’t do the install, my dealer did. With that understanding I presume Ayre would make this easy for us, vs shipping back and forth.
  6. Your scenario certainly appears to be the same issue I had. I also had the same appear / disappear of my QB-9 in Roon. When the QB-9 display showed three bars I could see the QB-9 in Roon, and as the ERR and standby light appeared, the QB-9 was not visible/available in Roon. If that is the case, you should be able to do the firmware upgrade yourself when it is available for download from Ayre. My dealer indicated it was very straight forward. I guess the self install aspect remains up to the folks at Ayre. It was worth the wait. I’m hopeful for the Native DSD capability soon.
  7. Hi Jan, I completed forgot about the “ERR” aspect, I had that as part of the cycle as well... “- - -“ then “ERR” then the standby light, with all three repeating perpetually. It is fixable, with the firmware update. Which you or your dealer will be able to install once it is available. :) You may wish to contact Ayre. Perhaps @Ryan Berry can chime in?
  8. Jan - I suggest you contact your dealer or Ayre. I worked with my dealer and the good folks at Ayre for this, and Ayre was able to provide a firmware update that my dealer installed. This has resolved the cycling fully thus far. The eventual QB-9 USB cycling issue I refer to is apparent by 3 blue bars on the display, then the standby light, then back to the 3 blue bars. This repeats perpetually. No audio playback whatsoever. For context, I also tested mine with my MacBook Pro instead of my Antipodes EX. Although I initially had playback with the Mac, my QB-9 Twenty eventually defaulted to the aforementioned cycling. I’m not sure how long this took as I had started testing in the morning before leaving for work, and came home to the cycling issue. Regardless, since the firmware update I have had zero issue with my EX (which initially had no playback with the QB-9 whatsoever prior to the firmware update). It seems the update may be in beta as it is apparently not yet up on Ayre’s site for download. Native DSD is not functional yet with my QB-9 either, so I am hopeful the delay in the firmware being posted may just be in that aspect still being worked on by Ayre.
  9. Yes indeed, the cycling seems resolved. No occurrences since the firmware update. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my new DAC, and am looking forward to a Native DSD fix to follow soon. Hopefully it’s an easy one for Ayre to resolve.
  10. I worked with my dealer to troubleshoot, and he installed the update for me last week. I believe the good folks at Ayre were intending to put the update on the site as you noted. Might still be beta...(?)
  11. I've upgraded mine, and after a rocky start I am loving it! Mine initially had USB cycling (3 blue bars on display, then standby light and so on... perpetual loop). Apparently there was an issue where the USB receiver in my DAC thought there wasn’t enough voltage. I worked with my dealer & Ayre and they provided a firmware update that resolved the issue. Even before being broken in it clearly bettered mine with the QB-9 DSD upgrade. Only issue now is that mine is NOT (yet) Native DSD compatible. I have worked with Antipodes (my renderer is an EX) and been able to conclude that it is not my EX, so Antipodes has reached out to Ayre. Note: I am able to use DoP but it only goes to half the advertised DSD rate due to the larger bandwidth used with DoP. So only 128 for me right now. Antipodes has reached out to Ayre and I am hopeful that another firmware update from Ayre will get Native DSD enabled, as this was a major selling feature for me.
  12. Hi Monge - I’m using a Hitron CGNM-2250, supplied by my internet provider. This is a combination unit but I disabled the Wifi as I prefer the newer Apple Airport Express. I’ve never really had much consideration for the modems I use, and go with whatever is provided. This model certainly performs well.
  13. Thanks! I contacted my ISP to see if the cable modem has any port prioritization. They were unable to confirm. So with that, I've connected the Netgear switch ethernet cable to one of the end ports on the ISP modem (they're not labelled, but there are 4 in total). The wifi ethernet cable is connected to one of the middle ports on the ISP modem. If QoS is supported by the ISP modem, the switch should have priority... provided that the end ports are given priority. I'll also give port 6 on the switch a try, (over 4). Good suggestion. Next step - deciding if I want to spring for the AQ-SWITCH-8!
  14. Thanks! I just got off the phone with my internet service provider and have the wiring re-configured, all with the same IP address (ignore prior comment about a 2nd one being in the mix, the first person I spoke with was incorrect). I now have 2 ethernet cables connected directly to my ISP modem. One to the Wifi router, the other to my Netgear switch (thus removing the WiFi router from the switch ). Wiring on the switch is now as follows... Port 1 = input from ISP modem Port 8 = output to streaming audio device (Aurender) Port 4 = 'non audio' device (TV) All other ports = no devices connected I'll have to do some listening to see if I can notice any differences. Another consideration is whether there is any port priority on my ISP modem (similar to the switch scenario)... I may have to call them back and ask. I'm not sure if that would matter from an audio perspective? Interested in any thoughts you may have. Again, much appreciated!
  15. Thanks again for the tips Cornan. Very helpful. Sounds like I've got some experimenting to do... As for audio-only use of the switch... My switch presently has 2 ethernet ports in use for non-audio purposes. I can definitely disconnect one of them, which currently attaches my wifi router to the switch. The router can then be connected directly to my ISP modem, and will use a 2nd separate IP address. (I'm not sure if there's any benefit to be had with the 2nd IP address from an audio perspective, but I presume having the wifi off the switch would be a good thing.) After that, I'd only have one "non-audio" device connected to the switch. This being a TV that is not powered on during 2 channel listening. (The lights on the port that the TV is connected to do not light up at all when the TV is turned off, so there doesn't appear to be any 'live' connection at those times.) That said, the TV is used for Netflix streaming and I've noticed Video / Audio benefit from being connected to the switch. (The TV is integrated into my 2 channel gear.) I presume getting my wifi off the switch would provide the most benefit from an audio-only isolation perspective... and hopefully the TV remaining would not be detrimental, given that it does not appear to be connected when not in use.
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