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  1. Great point of clarification Ryan. What I’m most curious about pertains to the doubling of max speed aspect you noted. In my case, being able to go from DSD128 via DoP as the max, to “Native” DSD256.
  2. I’m looking forward to Native DSD 265 with my QB-9 Twenty. Was there an appreciable difference with Native compared to using DoP? I’m awaiting the Software update from Antipodes to enable this for my EX, (which utilizes the SonicOrbiter software).
  3. Thanks for the update! It’s great to hear about all parties collaborating and that the code is developed for the QB-9 Twenty, and in the queue for testing. I understand a timeline is not available yet with regard to timing for Antipodes, that said... can you comment if it would be a matter of weeks / months / etc...? I’m very much looking forward to Native DSD. ☺️
  4. Hi vortecjr, I am using an Antipodes server which I understand uses the same sonicorbiter package you have for Sonore. I’ve been trying to get Native DSD up and running on my Ayre QB—9 Twenty which is capable of Native DSD 256, and have been in dialogue with both Ayre and Antipodes to accomplish this. Is the sample format you noted on this post “DSD_U32_BE” still the appropriate one I would want to ask Ayre for my DAC to support, in order for the automatic Native DSD detection to work? Thanks! Des
  5. Thanks for confirming Native 256 CG! I upsample everything to DSD using Roon but am not yet able to play Native DSD, only up to DSD 128 via DoP. I find a balance is achieved in the final 500 hour stretch. The QB-9 certainly hits high in terms of transparency and lack of crud before then. It just seems that the final stretch is where the icing on the cake becomes most apparent, with the presence and emotion solidifying. Thanks for your reply!
  6. Hi CG, I’ve always found 500 hrs to be the point where everything Seems to be truly settled in, and at home. Certainly with my Ayre gear, but with almost everything component-wise in my experience. It’ll get more coherent in the last stretch to 500.... AND that’s where the presence and emotion seem to come in to their fullest. Question - you’re playing in Native DSD 256? Jealous... 🙂
  7. Thanks for your reply Ryan. I look forward to an update and will wait to hear further from you upon Ariel’s return. Much appreciated! Des
  8. That’s great news! Thanks again Ryan. As an update: when I last checked with Antipodes they had connected Ariel with an individual who is familiar with the automatic Native DSD detection in the Linux software used by Small Green Computer and Sonore, (as well as Antipodes). I understand the problem is not in using the QB-9 with Linux kernels, but the QB-9 Twenty firmware’s ability to be detected as Native DSD capable in the aforementioned Linux application. Thanks again for the cross-company collaboration. Cheers!
  9. Hi Ryan, I'll be off on a ski weekend starting today but wanted to acknowledge your response. I'll review the details later but wanted to share my setup details in Roon. I only use Sample Rate Conversion, with settings as per the pics attached. I experimented with Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator but found it best turned off... It killed the life in the music and made it more forward sounding, almost loud/shouty... completely lost its sense of ease, and killed the subtleties within the soundstage. I also wanted to clarify - my enquiry was regarding Native DSD 265. You and I have been in email dialogue regarding it not working (yet) with my Antipodes EX. We had not yet conversed regarding potential resolution. Cheers, Des
  10. I’ll chime in... In my setup, sample rate conversion to DSD 128 via Roon is the clear winner. DSD seemed to take some added time to burn in, but I’ve not looked back ever since. More presence and emotion... as well as better pace, rhythm, and timing. It’s more akin to live music via DSD, whereas the more apparent aspect with PCM is the precision and detail. This is not to say that precision and detail is lacking with DSD; not in the least compared to PCM. Hence my hope for Native DSD 256. :) Thanks for being active in the forum Ryan!
  11. Thanks for the insight Ryan regarding Macs. Some complexities with Native DSD it seems... I appreciate the good folks at Ayre for working toward a solution for Native-capable players. Also, thank you for working with Antipodes! Companies collaborating like that says a lot about their dedication to customers. Kudos!
  12. Hi Ryan! Kindest thanks for your response. I am excited for the Native DSD 256 functionality, so if there is anything I can do to assist please let me know. Also, this may not be specific to Linux... My dealer mentioned that the issue is also occurring in a Mac OS scenario. They have a customer using Roon via Mac OS who is having the same issues as myself with Native DSD and files above DSD128 (ie no DSD265 when using DoP, and no Native DSD whatsoever). Again, sincerest thanks!
  13. Sincere thanks for sharing the pics Norman. I can’t say I know exactly what I’m looking at, but I certainly appreciate the clean layout and design. 🙂
  14. Hi Norman - while the cover is off, is it convenient for you to snap a few photos and share? I’m curious what the insides look like vs origins.
  15. My understanding is that the firmware was downloaded, placed on a USB stick, inserted into a slot in the DAC (cover off) then powered on. I believe the intent is that users can complete this. Don’t quote me on this as I didn’t do the install, my dealer did. With that understanding I presume Ayre would make this easy for us, vs shipping back and forth.
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