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  1. Congratulations, my sons birthday is the ninth also.

  2. Not yet. Although in the meantime you can follow progress here: sacd-ripper.blogspot.com
  3. That's not going to happen, unless.. unless you are able to write the SACD "lead-in". I'm not an expert on this topic but I believe the firmwares are patched to ignore the lead-in. I have no idea if "normal" writers are capable of writing the lead-in. The second is disk encryption, but I believe this is not as important as there are disks out there that have no encryption at all and only have the "lead-in". I will be on a two week holiday and we are currently at 90, which is awesome already.. When I get back I hope we will be at 100+, let's see what happens..
  4. Thank you for your support guys, we're on 31 early adapters already! btw. I can confirm that both the software & hardware (no drivers needed) will be working on a MAC as well.
  5. I understand, and no I will not start a Kickstarter project. I might not have made myself clear.. I will not be asking anyone for money in advance. You'll be paying once I'm ready to send you a box. The only thing I'm currently asking you for is shear commitment. How's that for a risk? When we've reached that magic 150 unit mark I will start the work, fund it myself, but before that I won't do anything. So I'm putting my trust in you guys, how's that for a change? I also didn't mention it could take a while before you get your unit as there is significant work involved, which simply takes development time.
  6. I don't want to end up in a yes/no discussion going nowhere. But I claim you are wrong as I know drives/drive parts are widely available.
  7. Good question and confirmed, the drive will remain original as there are no modifications necessary for it to operate outside the PS3.
  8. The PS3 SACD drive is the only drive that is capable of reading SACDs natively on a computer (be that PS3 or a PC). And yes, it happens to be a BR drive.
  9. Howdy, As some of you know I've made SACD ripping available through a PS3. The process of finding a PS3 with the correct software is cumbersome to say the least. Bare with me, there is another option.. The internal PS3 Blu-Ray player can actually be connected to a standard IDE port. With the proper software to go along the Blu-Ray drive can be authenticated to your PC and you'll be able to rip SACD's from your desktop computer directly. Yes, it really could be as simple as connecting the drive to a USB port and start the ripping process. Sounds great, so what's the catch? There is significant work involved.. 1. First we need a stable connection from the blu-ray drive to a USB port. There is actually a device (3K3Y Ripp3r | Rip your games) which in theory is really all we need.. In reality it's too unstable and to low of build quality to be useful (I know as I've ordered several). My personal preferred option is to develop a PCB myself which has the proper connector to convert the PS3 blu-ray drive connector to IDE and put all of that in a box that does IDE <-> USB. Something like: 2. The software that does the ripping process needs to authenticate the drive using the SACD authentication mechanism. I've already build/modified the emulator and I've tested the emulator with the Sony SACD authentication module, it works! Great so what's left? I still need to integrate all of that into SACD-Extract and make the process user-friendly. Still interested? You can help me out by ordering (crowd funding?) a drive from me! I will supply you with an enclosure that contains a refurbished PS3 blu-ray player and a USB connection. I did some calculations and I need sell at least 150 drives to make this project viable. The price for a single drive will be 220 euro / dollar (excluding shipping costs). If you're interested you can sign-up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-BJkmS1TRVT1h3f0mIAqKRbRFqW-oNg0x3FBXKGoGaQ/edit And watch registrations here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bJ6zSurHE069vWRk2OUTYjR_uTB2Yt_6KAUJDJ0dJjc/edit?usp=sharing Details (payment, the look of the thing, specific parts, etc..) will follow, I first need to know if there is interest from the community.. fyi. It's not illegal for me/you to buy/sell a PS3 drive that's connected to a PC. It's also not illegal to distribute a modified SACD-Extract as it will not contain the Sony code that does the authentication. The Sony code is a separate module that you'll need to download yourself. I'll make the whole process easy, I promise! Please spread the link to this CA post as I will not crosspost to other forums.. Cheers!
  10. Indeed. With Blu-Ray functionality they are talking about the Blu-Ray movie discs that can be played back on the PS3. If you don't care either, you can keep the unit.. [edit]this method is probably 'easiest' for restoring: http://www.ps3hax.net/2011/03/how-to-remarry-bd-drives-to-other-consoles/[/edit]
  11. I've lost blu-ray playback as well during the development of SACD Ripper (when the problem wasn't known..). Personally I don't care, it still reads all other discs except blu-ray, and I only use it for SACD Ripping and nothing else. There is a way to retain your blu-ray functionality but you'll have to google for it..
  12. Ok, that's too bad, but there are still a couple of options left.. If you haven't done this yet, first try to full format the current hard disk and retry the upgrade (there is also a possibility your hard disk is corrupt or not working properly). Also read these: http://community.us.playstation.com/thread/3400992?start=0&tstart=0 http://www.ps3iso.com/ps3-help/55813-play-station-3-3-55-a-3.html In both forums they talk about the same error and downgrading to 3.15 and afterwards upgrade to a higher firmware.. last time I checked one needed a special usb key to downgrade the firmware, but maybe that has changed since the ps3 keys are out in the open..
  13. Not 100% sure, but I think someone fiddled with your console (downgraded with a hardware flasher) so your PS3 could have been a > 3.56 firmware before. This means another part of your system (called syscon) is still > 3.56. You 'could' try a firmware that bypasses these syscon compatibility check. This one seems to be a good one: http://www.logic-sunrise.com/telecharger-359251-rogero-cfw-v2-kmeaw-lv1-patched372-spoofprivacy-patch.html If the upgrade to this firmware is successful my findings are indeed true, and your future firmware will need to have this syscon compatibility check built-in. The positive thing is that this rogero firmware is one that will work with SACD Ripper, so no need to find another if it indeed does work for you. This is all based on guesswork and reading some posts of others who have the same error. So please don't sue me when it doesn't work.. Let me know what the result is.. [edit]information about my suggested firmware can be found here: http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=27507[/edit]
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