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  1. Here is one take comparing the two sets: https://medium.com/@CRMusicWriter/the-world-doesnt-need-any-more-john-coltrane-reissues-there-i-said-it-here-s-why-415422ec1b60
  2. Any thoughts on the comparison between the new "Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings" and the "Fearless Leader"? I already have the latter.
  3. Sorry for being MIA these last few weeks and thanks for the replies. To answer some of the questions in this thread- I have around 800 LPs, most of which I bought decades ago. I gave my collection of LPs to my brother (who, along with my sister's limited collection, now includes three copies of Abbey Road...) many years ago and plan to borrow them in batches for this ripping project. Since the time I gave my brother the LPs, my musical interests have evolved into more electronic, jazz, and rock. There is some duplication with my current music library, but a lot of the LPs are no longer in print and it would great to hear that music again. As some of the posters have done, my plan is to rip the LPs and then sell the turntable when I'm done (and return the LPs back to my brother), so I'd like to find a turntable that could sustain its value so I could sell it when I'm done. I have seen some recent reviews of the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon RecordMaster HiRes Turntable and it is in my target price range. Just don't know if having the all-in ADC is a good thing or not. There are also a few other Pro-Ject models (leaning in that direction) that I'm evaluating. I'll also follow up on the recommendations others have made here in the sub $1000 price range. Thanks to all so far.
  4. I've been a big fan of Steve Reich for many years. Downloading this somewhat recent album from Nonesuch Records as a 96kHz/24 bit file. But the real news for Reich and all Nonesuch fans is that all Nonesuch Records are fifty percent off until 1:00 PM ET Wednesday.
  5. After many years of ripping CDs and adding music downloads to populate my music library, I've been thinking about the prospect of ripping my old LP collection (donated to my brother many years ago). That collection has some great stuff- 1970s era folk music, rock, and electronic, that I would love to add to my library. When I gave up the LP collection, I somehow gave up on a Thornes turntable (wish that was not the case) and am now looking for a moderate price LP ripping solution (~$500 - $700). I was referred to a Pro-Ject Xpression Carbon Classic and Music Hall PA1.2 phono amp or a Pro-ject Phono Box S as a possible solution. Thoughts on those components or others, as well as software for ripping LPs? What I really need is a two-year lease, as I will not have a need for those components once the ripping sessions are complete. Since that is not likely, I would like to get a solution that has a good resale value as I will be looking to sell the components once I am done.
  6. This is my first exposure to the music of Imelda May. I really like her sound. Just went over to Imelda May's website to learn more about her and her music. I'll be downloading the album momentarily. One of the best things I like about this thread is the exposure of new artists. Thanks to all!
  7. Just bought it tonight. This album was on my list since its initial MP3 release, but it slipped my mind once released as a CD and as a hi-res download.
  8. I've been out of the scene for a while, but I found this thread interesting. I too tried, and then rejected JRiver over the years. Last year, after trying different solutions, I opted into JRiver big time and purchased Media Center on the JRiver Id. That allowed me to stream my music from a dedicated device (the Id) connected to my NAS through the JRiver to JRemote on my iPhone all following this guidance (thank you @The Computer Audiophile). I tell folks that when investing in any new technology, one should count on twenty hours of pain and suffering and JRiver MC held me to the task, but the JRiver forum other support got me through most of the tough period. Now it is a really cool system and one that I use all the time (although I still have some unresolved issues). I would like to try Roon for the UI and the content, but I do plan to stick with JRiver regardless. Maybe there is a place for both.
  9. I just finished the set. It's really good. I always enjoyed the original release, but this one just great for all the reasons that Al and others have said. Thinking now about seeing Van Morrison at Forest Hills in New York City this fall (I'm in the DC area, so it is doable). Now if I could only get the liner notes to the CD set...
  10. Downloading now. Thanks. On Volume I, this is from Sony: "Also Coming: ..IT'S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW...VOLUME I, Remastered High Resolution Edition of Morrison's Groundbreaking Live Concert Masterpiece Album, Available in 2CD and 2LP Configurations"
  11. Hi everyone, I read great reviews of this new box set (and have loved original since it was released). However, I haven't seen any comparisons between the CD box set and hi res download from HD Tracks (minus the liner notes). I'm on the fence with HD Tracks, but really eager to pull the trigger on the CD. Anyone else have the set in either format? I also understand the original will be remastered and re-released as hi res, but that is another conversation.
  12. My very first rock concert-- CSNY at the Atlantic City Race Track. Blu-ray arriving tomorrow.
  13. I’ve been ripping BD files following the prescribed methodology of using MakeMKV (copy, not rip) and then running the saved files through DVD AE with success. It worked well for me until I tried to do the same with the new BD version of Neil Young’s Journeys. In that case, I converted the BD files with MakeMKV (sample rate @ 92K) but after running it through DVD AE, it down converted the files to a sample rate of 48K. I ran the process a second time to see if I inadvertently did something to down covert, but came back with the same results. See the attached images that show each step. Any ideas what may be happening? -David
  14. Computer Application Studio, the developer of Bluray Audio Extractor, requested that I not post the download link as they want to keep the beta group small. I suggest writing to them directly (they’re very helpful and responsive) if you’d like a copy and are a registered user of their DVD Audio Extractor.
  15. It's in beta now. I'm sure they will release it when they get the bugs out (which are very few). Computer Application Studio advised that they want to keep the beta limited for now. I suspect that they would honor requests by current owners of DVDAE who request the beta.
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