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  1. I have several USB cables I’d like to find new homes for. Locus Design Polestar USB cable, 4 feet. Originally $199, asking $75. Anti-Cables Level 3.1 Reference Series USB Digital Interconnect, 3 feet. This is the version with the 5v USB leg included, for DACs that need USB power, which most do. Originally $240, asking $130. Light Harmonic LightSpeed USB Cable, 0.8m. New: $999. I’d like to trade this cable for something else, though not another USB cable. Let’s talk. Thanks for looking. Dan
  2. Me too. He says, or implies, that he's managed to get the Aries to equal the performance of the Antipodes. Seems hard to believe.
  3. Cycleman, have you tried USB directly into your Luxman DAC vs. the SPDIF conversion path you list? Curious to know how you compare the sound quality between the two. Dan
  4. You need to specify a time frame. I can't tell you the number of times over the years when I've read someone on Audiogon or wherever declare that they've finally finished their search, they are done, couldn't be happier ... only to have it all up for sale two months later.
  5. How did you decide on the N10 vs other Aurender models?
  6. A great many albums that had album cover art in iTunes have lost it in the Audirvana library. Is there an easy fix?
  7. Slightly off topic: the wall-wart PS for my Chord QuteHD has disappeared. What would be a good replacement? Note that I have a Teddy Pardo PS I use with the Chord, but I want a replacement for the basic wall-wart PS. Thanks. Dan
  8. Selling my DAC2 HGC in the black finish. I am the original owner of this unit, which I purchased directly from Benchmark. Includes remote, all original packaging and Benchmark's excellent (truly) owner's manual. Price paid: $1995. Asking $1300 with shipping and PayPal fees negotiable. I am in Redwood City 94061. Thanks for looking. Dan
  9. I certainly wouldn't place myself in that esteemed company, but I've been on The WELL since 1986.
  10. I'm a little annoyed about the whole streaming/PPV thing. Santa Clara I want to watch on demand but I plan to watch Chicago in real time (a big element of the GD show experience was the surprise factor of the setlists, so I want that on my couch tour). I'd ideally like to get the feeds via my TiVo box. Which is what I thought I'd get when I paid for all 5 shows when originally offered via the MLB platform, but now I'm not so sure it will work as hoped.
  11. I'm out of town or I would probably have gone to at least one day in Santa Clara. Although I have very mixed feelings about the stadium venue and, well, putting my good memories at risk. Prediction: the setlists will be great.
  12. Richard, Were you using the Regen before installing the MMK and JS-2? I'm curious to know how much incremental improvement the MMK delivers in the Regen Amber era.
  13. I took my Regen Amber to a small gathering of audiophiles last night. We inserted it between a C.A.P.S. v2 server and an Oppo HA-1 headphone amp/DAC/pre-amp, which fed a First Watt J2 driving Zu speakers. The improvement made by the Regen was obvious, not subtle and unambiguously positive. I think 3-4 new sales were made last night. Has anyone not heard an improvement with the Regen in any system configuration? Must be out there somewhere, but still…I’ve been in the hobby a long time and can’t recall any product that was universally a home run to the extent the Regen appears to be. Which
  14. I've seen him in person twice. The first time he was in Phil Woods' band and really knocked my socks off. The second time was at Stanford Jazz a few years back in a duet with his wife Renee Rosnes. She's been a favorite of mine for a long time also, but the two pianos thing didn't do much for me.
  15. I'm a fan but have limited familiarity with his catalog. The one I listen to most is Somewhere: Songs of Leonard Bernstein
  16. My Regen arrived in today's mail. Terrific packaging, by the way. Alex, you are really doing everything right. I can't believe how tiny the little bugger is. Perfect plug-and-play, now letting it run in a bit before listening critically. Dan
  17. In the SF Audiophile Society, 60% of members have turntables. Our demographic does skew a bit older. Fremer breaks out the attack dog persona in print with some regularity. Generally he brings a lot to the table, but I wonder if this behavior wins him any friends...or arguments.
  18. The Bricasti room, featuring their DAC and monoblocks with the excellent and unusual Pietra loudspeakers, was one of my absolute favorites. Similar to what I heard from those same electronics with Tidal Piano Cera speakers at AXPONA in 2014: tons of detail, terrific imaging and layered depth, dynamic, and very natural, with not a bit of edge or glare. Great sound. The Bricasti DAC was also being used on the 14th floor with the Antipodes server, Merrill Audio Thor monoblocks and Alta Audio standmounts. The Alta speakers were overpowering the room with a bit too much bass, but the sound was
  19. After using 1.5.1 in iTunes Integrated mode for the longest time, I finally downloaded 2.1 and have synched my iTunes library to the AV library. First, I have to say, why did I wait so long? The SQ improvement is practically staggering. But I am having a problem. Often, but not always, a track will start playing fine; then, about 2 minutes in, I get a few dropouts followed by complete silence. The AV player shows the track still playing but there is no sound. If I stop and then start the track (or another track), it plays fine unless and until the problem recurs. So it's not a crash. Any ideas
  20. Very interesting. Makes me wonder wherein the fault lies. Have others found an improvement with the Aries using a REGEN?
  21. When I get mine in the June batch, I'll be trying it with a Luxman DA-06 and a Chord QuteHD.
  22. So sorry I couldn't make it. I was in a fair bit of pain on Saturday, but have been okay since. Hope to hear reports from attendees and also hope there will be more of these in the future. Dan
  23. Yeah. They recently changed their US distribution model and the prices went up considerably.
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