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Audio System

Speakers: Zu Audio Omen Dirty Weekend; Audio Note AN-K/SPe; Harbeth Monitor 30.1; Harbeth P3ESR

Amplifiers: PS Audio BHK Signature 250; Pass Labs XA30.8; Prima Luna ProLogue Five; DIY Hypex Ncore 400

Integrated Amplifier: Audio Note Oto SE Phono Signature

Pre-Amplifiers: Music First Audio Baby Reference; Doge 8; PS Audio BHK Signature; Lightspeed Attenuator

Digital Source: Mac Mini running Roon Core -> Ethernet to PS Audio Direct Stream DAC w/ Bridge II or to Uptone Audio MicroRendu to Schiit Yggdrasil

Analog Source: Pear Audio Robin Hood TT with Cornet2 tonearm and Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge into K&K custom Maxxed phono stage or Ortofon SUT into Audio Note One integrated's phono section