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  1. Received my Resonessence Lab Mirus Pro back today from Frank Szabo. After some trouble shooting he said the regulator and the ESS chips were fried( my words not his) probably from a power surge despite always having it plugged into a PS Audio Power Plant 12. He replaced both dac chips and the regulator. It cost $750 US including return shipping. He communicated each step of the way to keep me informed. He seems like a sensible straight shooter who I think does not personally indulge in the audiophile nonsense that some of us do. Although I hope I don't have to, I would use his services in the
  2. I talked with Frank Szabo and he indeed is available to repair Resonessence products. I believe this is something he does on the side. I sent off my Mirus and will report back on how it goes. He can be reached by email at [email protected]
  3. Appreciate the thoughts. I am in Northern California. I had bought it used and sent it for the pro upgrade while Mark Mallison was still there. Companies go out of business all the time, so buyer beware, I guess, but didn't see this coming.
  4. Drew Thanks for the information. I will definitely give him a call. Shame aboutResonessence Labs. The Dac was great while it worked.
  5. Any luck on locating where Resonessence Labs products can be repaired? I have a Mirus Pro. Lights up and will show bit rate of attached source etc but no output from either XLR or RCA outputs. Hope to revive or I have a very expensive paperweight
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