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  1. And here is my amp on its final resting place. Doug
  2. Hi Foggie, Here's a picture of my front end with the Mytek Brooklyn DAC on top, then the Sonore Signature Rendu SE and opticalModule, and my power couple on the bottom, a Torus Power PB5 and UpTone Audio JS-2 LPS. That's a Sennheiser HD-650 hanging on the left. This sits on the north wall. Over on the east wall, I have Revel PerformaBe M126Be speakers and Audio Research D200 amplifier, and most of 28 feet of Iconoclast cales. You can also see the impact of the strong NM sun this morning and the makeshift amp stand I am using. My amp stand is due by early next week, so I w
  3. I live in southern New Mexico, which drastically limits my local shopping for audio equipment. I recently had an online buying experience that was just a lot of fun. I thought I would share and maybe remind you of an experience in your past. I read Chris Connaker’s review of the Sonore optical streamers early this year. I was already a microRendu user and it sounded like an opticalRendu would be a nice addition to my stereo. I contacted Adrian Lebena of Sonore about purchasing the unit. After an informative email exchange, a couple of weeks later, I was the proud owner of a Sonore
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