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  1. This DAC also interests me, would be interesting to read more user experiences and comments.
  2. @kirkmc, not sure if you're aware of the ATC speakers, but the ATC factory can't be too far from where you live. I would strongly recommend a visit to see first hand how they design and manufacture everything in house including all the speaker drivers and electronics. I visited the factory twice; once in 1998 and the last time in 2016. Some amazing concerts! My most impressive concert has to be Pink Floyd at the Wembley Stadium in the later 80s.
  3. I wonder if T+A DAC 8 DSD will see an upgrade soon using the latest DSD 1024 capabilities of the top-end T+A DACs. Even their latest HA 200 headphone amp does DSD 1024.
  4. This could be a very good match. I have been using the Lindemann 20 DSD, a previous model, with very satisfactory results. Source is a streaming DAC with a very good preamp too.
  5. Thanks for sharing the link. I always enjoyed Joel's reviews and insights, I will check out the review with the help of Google translate. :) I am looking forward to reading a detailed review of the RS150 model.
  6. These things are also very subjective and matching components may give results more suited to one's own preference. In my experience (and many others I know) the active design always betters the passive regardless of the speaker brand. However, I will definitely try and give the Fractal DAC and UPL96 combo a listen to see how it compares with my existing DAC. Thanks for all your input and comments.
  7. Wow, 'better than any active loudspeakers' is a huge claim, to say the least. Obviously, you haven't heard any of the top range active ATCs. I have heard both the Kii Three and Dutch and Dutch 8C side by side and preferred the sound of 8Cs. Neither can get anywhere near my active ATCs and not surprising as my speakers cost around £65K. I am sure Fractal DAC is quite special as almost all the user experiences in this very topic indicate. And it seems PowerDAC will be very special too, but I would have to hear it myself. It will be very difficult to find a matching passive speaker to mate
  8. My bad. Thanks for the clarification Matt.
  9. I guess, I should have guessed from the name 'powerDAC' that it will also come with a power amp, my bad. :))) I have an active speaker system so I won't need the amp section at all. In that case, I can actually try their existing solution (U192 and DA96ETF) or possibly wait for their next upgrade to the existing DAC if there's such a plan. Thanks for the clarification. Let's not derail the topic any more. Stay safe.
  10. Do you imply that ECdesign DACs only work best with certain speakers or that my speakers wouldn't be a good match? I doubt I will ever consider changing my active speakers for a DAC. If anything my speakers would reveal all the capabilities of the Powerdac even more.
  11. Well, I am in no real rush and have been waiting in anticipation. Hopefully, we'll find out soon :)
  12. I am eagerly waiting for the PowerDAC, but becoming a bit frustrated as there's no news available on its eventual availability. :) I had shortlisted Mola Mola Tambaqui, dCS Bartok and Terminator Plus amongst others as my next DAC candidates until I came across ECdesings and this great topic. Thanks for generously sharing your experiences. Stay safe and enjoy listening.
  13. HIFI Rose: Just saw this brand and its products. I couldn't find much in the way of reviews, but AK4499EQ based streaming DAC/Player RS150 seems very good on paper and with a reasonable price tag of around 4,000 USD. I would like to know if anyone knows anything about this particular product. Perhaps we could see it reviewed here. Detailed info: https://eng.hifirose.com/rs150
  14. That goes for most device compatibility. I have used 4 different DACs with direct connection with very satisfying results. I can understand that some people prefer to have a preamp in between, which is fine if you like the resulting sound. It's all matter of taste and what sounds right to our ears. That's the beauty of this wonderful hobby. Stay safe and enjoy listening to music.
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