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  1. This was an enjoyable three part video series on ATC speakers, passive, active and finally a nice comparison between the two. Active version wins the day which doesn't surprise me. I have been using ATC actives with great satisfaction since 1998. Feeding the system with a quality source is all one needs. I am currently considering upgrading my DAC.
  2. Diminishing returns kick in at some point :) Mytek is bringing out cost no object Empire DAC/Preamp/.. for around $20,000.
  3. I agree, exaSound's new multichannel and stereo DACs look very promisng. I am also waiting for reviews. They offer everything and the previous versions were very well received. I think the implementation is more important than the DAC chip used. Not all AKM based DACs sound the same and I am sure the same must be true for the ESS based DACs.
  4. Uni-Core technology from KEF sounds very interesting... https://eu.kef.com/pages/uni-core
  5. I did consider this DAC but it is way too expensive to be honest, I cannot justify paying that much.
  6. exaSound S88 deos 8 channels and up to DSD 256 I think with XLR connections too.
  7. It would have been nice if you could also tell us why you ended up with the Lampizator Golden Atlantic DAC if you liked the Terminator Plus that much. Is the Lampizator that much better?
  8. I'm in the 'less is more' camp when it comes to adding pre between DACs and power amps, especially since I only listen to digital. A long time ago I did use software volume with both Audirvana and JPlay and results were satisfactory. Digital volume has improved even more recently. But I am looking for an all-in-one DAC solution with a good analog volume, built-in streamer and preferably just one analog input (for home cinema use). There are some decent all-in-one solutions from COS and others including Lindemann Source (which is an upgrade to my existing DAC).
  9. Thank you everyone for the input. My DAC has a very good analog volume control and it's certainly better than the software one, although I use the excellent Audirvane player. My next DAC has to have a very good volume control for starters.
  10. Software digital volume control has improved quite a lot recently. But I'm surprised the internal volume control isn't as good. Does DAC 8DSD also use a digital volume control? I can't tell what active speakers you use but I always obtained best results going direct from DAC to my actives, thus doing away with a sperate pre altogether. I am still waiting an updated version of this great DAC, hopefully with an analog volume and a built-in streamer. :)
  11. Latest smart TVs should output multichannel via digital out.
  12. My guess would be that music labels did more than make a promise, probably invested quite a bit of their money too. I would very much doubt that Mr. Stuart and co. lost all their own money. Obviously, they have strong support from major labels, (and probably from Tidal too), to keep it going all this time.
  13. It's not available on Qobuz, but luckily I had purchased the 192kHZ version a long time ago.
  14. Wow. Good job I am now a very happy Qobuz user. Neil Young is one of my favourite musicians and I listen to his music a lot. I am glad his music, as he intended, is available on Qobuz. Well done to Neil for his stance.
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