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  1. Hi, You say that SDA-6 has a better preamp; does it actually have a preamp/analog volume control? Or did you mean that it has a better analog conversion/output stage?
  2. Thanks. I am so lucky to have the special EL 150As. If you can stretch your budget a little more then please go for the 50As, the higher spec drivers do make a difference. Good luck.
  3. I have been using ATC actives as my speakers since 1998. My reference has always been going DAC direct to my actives. Less is more, cut out the middle man and all that. :) There are plenty of great DACs at reasonably prices out there with built-in volume control and/or preamp.
  4. If you are happy with the sound quality and performance you could wait for the firmware update, surely they will do an update soon since they know about the problem. Are you happy with the DAC? Asking because it's in my list of next DACs to consider. :)
  5. This is exactly the effect of the MQA treatment; adding 3-4 db to the loudness, which makes the music sound bigger and more detailed. And this is the reason why some people prefer it initially, but some people like me find it fatiguing after a short while.
  6. I for one don't care much for the technical talk since mainly because it goes right over my head. I am a software person and I'd be happy to read other people's experiences and professional reviews/findings. If it all sounds interesting enough then I will listen to it myself and then decide if I like it enough or not. There are some clever people out there, trying to do things differently to create better sounding products at reasonable price points. This is what interests me about EC. We'll see what they come up with, shouldn't be that long now, hopefully. :) I am in no rush, as I have a
  7. No problem, as long as it's worth the wait. :)))
  8. Personally, I always prefer DAC direct to my active speakers, of course, as long as the DAC provides a good enough volume control. I thought Tambaqui provided a decent volume control.
  9. Any (insider) news on the PowerDAC? :)
  10. Are there more SDA-6 DAC users willing to share their impressions and comments on the actual sonic performance of the DAC? Thanks.
  11. The first possibility that comes to mind is that HDMI connection between your Macmini to TV. Especially if you have RCA connections you will definitely experience ground looping problem. I did experience this myself with my active speakers. Even though my DAC and actives were connected using XLR cables I still experienced grounding problems because my DAC was also connected to my cinema processor with RCA. So, when I removed the RCA interconnects between the DAC and the processor the humming would disappear. After a lot of experimenting and searching the net for possible s
  12. That's a shame. I have used software volume control before and it's got even better recently, but not sure if it's as good as analog volume. I was hoping Leedh processing would be the ultimate digital volume solution but it doesn't seem to have taken off. I guess I could give software volume control another try but it's scary to send 100% volume to my active speakers accidentally.
  13. Sorry if this has been already covered but I would like to know if Singxer SDA -6 has a built-in volume control and can be used directly with an active speaker such as mine? And is it good enough to be used in this way or would I need a preamp, as I don't like to have an extra component in my system. I prefer to go DAC direct to amp. Thanks.
  14. I have been using ATC active monitors at home since 1998. I do find that both the Pro and domestic versions sound very similar, especially the models using their SL drivers (SCM 20 Pro and SCM 50 and up). I listen to music everyday for hours on and with no fatiguing at all. Having an active speaker system that I am very happy with has made it very easy for me to just upgrade/improve my source.
  15. Software players receive/process the same bits just like all DACs, but surely they all sound a little bit different from one another.
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