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  1. After your question I listened to it again and, indeed, the line is completely straight. I believe the depth is just the overall strength/effect of my system which is constant in different rooms I've been using it in. That's why I used the word 'envelop', I'm very close the my speakers and it does feel like I'm listening to music with a massive headphone system. I feel quite spoilt.
  2. It extends well beyond the left and right speakers in perfect line (curve), the sound is very well defined and so easy to follow from left to right. Not sure about the degrees but it sounds more surround than stereo, amazing really. I get that with a lot of similar effects. ATCs are well known for tremendous sound stage and depth.
  3. After reading all the comments above, I listened to Too Much Rope again just out of curiosity. I like the whole album and most tracks contain great effects that on good systems always manage to surprise and startle the listener. Listening to this track with a little more intent I was shocked to discover that the sound of sleigh starts way out to my left and it completely envelops me as it moves across all the way to the right of me with amazing depth. I'm sitting quite close to my big ATCs and with no effects applied, just straight forward stereo. I'm listening to the whole album now, thanks.
  4. Just rename the existing one to 3.2 and then install 3.5.
  5. I believe the integer mode is indicated with bold white on Dark them and bold black on Light theme. So, what you have is correct i.e. integer mode is operating.
  6. I have also just installed the final version of 3.5 and must say I like the new app icon. However, it's so difficult to see in the Applications folder that I ended up installing it several times thinking I failed to install it! Perhaps the dark blue could be made a bit lighter. It's been a long time coming but you did such a great job with it and A 3.5 sounds better than ever. Well worth the wait, well done indeed, Damien!
  7. @DancingSea, I had problems with Audio Units with earlier versions of 3.5 Beta but it all works fine for me after updating my macOS to the latest Mojave 10.14.4, hope this helps.
  8. Quick report: Beta 20 worked flawlessly for me. Beta 21 seems fine so far too. 3.5 SQ is spot on, nice one Damien, well done!
  9. Hi Damien, Well done for the public Beta release of 3.5. I had a sudden crash with 3.5.17, emailed you the report. Great sound as ever and UI looks pretty too! Best. Mev
  10. Nothing to explain really. As I said it was a claim by Lindemann for their new DSD DACs. I think the exact phrase was "DSD is the new analog". Edit: After posting my reply I noticed Matt had already corrected me with the Lindemann slogan, but DSD is digital too. The Lindemann DSD DACs can upsample everything up to DSD 256 and the result is supposed to sound analog-like and this point is made in many of the reviews. I have no way of comparing or confirming this but I use the DSD 256 upsampling and am very happy with the sound.
  11. Thanks for that. I was more referring to the similarity in the digital is the new analog claim rather than comparing the two, the APL is 10 times more expensive for that reason alone it should sound so much better. I'm looking forward to hearing the upcoming Lindemann update before I start considering a new DAC.
  12. I don't see why DACs with different components, methods and approaches cannot be comparable. Comparison I was making was the analog like sound which Lindemann also aims to achieve and succeeds IMHO. The APL DAC seems to sound fantastic, and I sure would like to hear it myself for a direct comparison.
  13. Chris, Thanks for such a great review, I really enjoyed reading it. Well done. I wish you'd stated the price at the beginning though, so the shock would have been less perhaps. It maybe well be worth the asking price but one thing I find unacceptable is the lack of a volume control. I personally refuse to buy a DAC without a volume control and at this price level I would certainly expect one. Most of your description of the APL DAC sounds very similar to my Lindemann Musicbook DSD 20, which is also claimed to sound very analog like. It also upsamples everything to DSD 128 or DSD 256 with a preamp and a builtin streamer. Apparently there's an upgrade coming soon too in the form of both hardware and software. I was wondering you had heard the Lindemann DAC and or might be interested in checking out the upcoming version as a comparison. Again thanks for the great write up. Best. Mev
  14. I have said this many times before and it's worth repeating after reading the last paragraph above. I definitely find the MQA version of the same music to be almost always louder and the highs more pronounced. My initial impression of MQA was positive thinking that it was more dynamic and alive. But I eventually found the MQA sound tiring/fatiguing, and stop listening to it altogether, I now always prefer the non-MQA versions of the same albums.
  15. Here's a small comparison piece on MQA vs DSD from the Lumin X1 review that might be of interest. https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/lumin7/5/
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