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  1. Am I correct in assuming that ECdesigns don't offer XLR output in their DACs?
  2. My recent discoveries. Good for listening and testing the system. Karen Souza Essentials: https://tidal.com/browse/album/75502310 The Crying Light: https://tidal.com/browse/album/2216292
  3. I have tried both HQ Player and Audirvana to upsample to DSD but I let the DAC do it internally (DSDx2x4), as its hardware upsampling seems to be very good.
  4. Only some active speakers have DSP or a DAC inside. I have been listening to my active ATC speakers for over two decades. I just connect my DAC (with analog volume control) directly to the ATC and enjoy fatigue free sound for hours every day.
  5. In my own experience, the biggest culprit that cause fatigue is generally the room, unless of course, there's something fundamentally wrong with the hifi system itself. Untreated rooms and badly positioned/placed speakers can create a lot of problems in this regard.
  6. I only have the CD version of the same album and I agree it's a very well recorded album with a fantastic performance. Jacques seemed to play the piano with such ease. Both the drummer and the bass player are excellent too. Brilliant to watch and listen to their live performances.
  7. Hi, Sorry if it's been shared before as I haven't read through the entire thread, but I listen to the late Jaques Loussier (Trio) quite a lot. His jazz interpretation of some classical work is wonderful. There are a number of albums on Tidal, here's one to get you going. Jacques Loussier Trio, Plays Bach No 1 https://tidal.com/browse/album/67534533
  8. Thanks foır the heads up. Sounds like a major improvement on an already great DAC. Can't wait to hear it myself. This could very well be my next DAC.
  9. Denafrips Terminator DAC Goes Plus. Some previews and news over on 6moon and Mono & Stereo. Still no volume control as far as I can tell, but the Plus version sounds even more tempting than the original with a price tag of around 6,000 USD. I will certainly be following this one closely. Hope to see/read a review here soon.
  10. Thanks for the update Jud. From what I remember, the initial info suggested that Leedh was lossless. And the Lumin X1 reviewer seems to be very impressed with it. Clearly, it is a much better implementation. Although from your comment I take it that it is not lossless. In that case, I do hope that Damien can make his software volume implementation just as good, if not better. That would be brilliant since I prefer to use DACs directly connected to my active system. A much improved software volume would provide more options as it will allow us to also consider DACs with no analog volume control.
  11. Hello @damien78, As you know Lumin successfully implemented the Leedh digital volume in their Lumin X1 DAC. I have been waiting for the Leedh implementation in Audirvana +. Are you still considering? I would be grateful for some info. If Leedh is as good as the 6moons Lumix X1 review suggest then it would be great to have it with Audirvana +, if possible. Stay safe everyone. Best. Mev
  12. Hi Barrows, Of course, that goes without saying, my assumption is that it is truly lossless, that's the claim and the reviewer seems to swear by the results. I guess the best way to find out is to compare it with the software volume control implemented by Audirvana, HQ Player, Roon and others. And, of course, digital volume control is also implemented in some DACs too. Again the reviewer states that Lumin/Leedh combination is better than the Mola Mola Tambaqui's implementation. This seems to be an interesting subject to examine further and see more results and opinions. Hopefully Chris can make it happen soon, so we can all ready here.
  13. Leedh digital volume is supposed to be lossless that's why the reviewer seems to be very impressed by what he heard. As he says even the best preamp does something to the sound and alters it in someway. Whereas the lossless digital volume inside the DAC seems to provide the best result. Hopefully Chris can review the new Lumin X1 and share his findings. And, also hopefully @damien78 can shed some light on the Leedh situation as far as Audirvana implementation is concerned. Having Leedh in software player such a Audirvana would be another great option to have. This option would work with any DAC.
  14. At one point it was said that Audirvana would be one of the early adapters. But, still no news.
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