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  1. I'm also looking to upgrade my DAC soon and looking for alternatives. Linnenberg Satie looks good on paper, hope to read a few reviews before considering more seriously. It has analog input and also built-in preamp, which I like in DACs.
  2. Here's a great album by the great French artist, Jacques Higelin. A CD version was given to me as a present in 1994, by one of the partners of Ubisoft, Gerard Guillemot. This was when they published my game Street Racer on Nintendo SNES. OMG, 25 years ago! Hope you enjoy it too.
  3. Opportunity missed, what a shame! You should've waited outside the room and presented yourself once the MQA presentation had started.
  4. This is the first time I clearly understood the meaning and significance of technical measurements. Well done @mansr ! I wish it were possible for @mansr do the technical measurements of AudiophileStyle DAC reviews or some other popular DACs most of us are interested in, wouldn't that be great?
  5. My experience with the MQA vs nonMQA of the same album/track is that I always find the MQA version being louder and the highs a bit more pronounced (exaggerated? - probably the result of MQA being generally louder across the spectrum as Mansr noted above.) Some people seem to equate this extra loudness of the MQA version to a more dynamic/impressive/better sound, but I personally find it to be fatiguing.
  6. ATC Limited Edition 150 Active speaker system. Amplifier is ATC P6 with 6 channels of class A/B amplifiers for each driver. The 2nd pic shows the upgraded ATC tweeter. The system signed by Bill Woodman with a lifetime guarantee.
  7. I bet most albums sound good on your new Wilsons! Thanks for sharing this, it sounds really good on my old ATCs too.
  8. 24/96 should sound even better, especially through your new toys!
  9. I have been listening to this wonderful album for over 20 years. It has to be one of the best live recordings around. Brilliant performances by the band and Belafonte. The singing of Belafonte is absolutely fantastic.
  10. Discovered this recently, it's full of great effects, perfect for testing your system. Especially the first track. Bob and Ray Throw a Spectacular Stereo
  11. I'm currently on the look out for a new DAC with DSD 512, Streaming etc. I had never heard of this DAC before but there's a very impressive review here: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2019/06/14/cocktail-audio-x45-pro-music-player-dac-review/ I had my eyes set on the latest Denafrips Terminator DSD 1024 but the reviewer thinks Coctail is better! And the price is the same as Terminator with loads of extras like CD Play/Ripping and phono stage too (not that I need it). This looks like another great DAC alternative. Anyone with any thoughts/experiences with Coctail DACs especially with the latest 45Pro? Thanks.
  12. I really wanted to listen to this amazing track by Muddy Waters to experience the same depth on my system but couldn't find it on Tidal or even on Google. Anyone with any info, please? Otherwise, I'm going to assume the sound emanated from a black hole!
  13. Can anyone give me info on the possible customs duty on the Terminator DAC shipped to an address in the UK or EU? Many thanks.
  14. 1024 DSD capable Terminator looks the business and might be all needed for digital playback for a long time! Does anyone know what sort of customs duty/sales tax added to the direct orders from Singapore? I can have it delivered to an address in England, Holland or Turkey. Thanks.
  15. Make a copy of the 2.6 and just rename it A2.6 or whatever first. Then you can either upgrade or install the trial version directly. This way you can have both versions.
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