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  1. Good question. I voted and said I would donate to the Symphony. We need to continue to keep the arts alive and donating to your local symphony orchestra is one way. We have been Dallas Symphony subscribers for many years. As Chris C. points out, the $100K system helps you enjoy music every day of the year. Tough choice.
  2. Hi Ted. I don't see airplay anywhere. Roon recognizes Sonicstream as a zone that you can select. YOU ARE RIGHT though: I never attempt to play anything above 44.1 sample rate because the down sampling does not sound good to me. So my ripped rebook files and Tidal selections are integrated and I stay away from listening to DSD and high rez files. As such, I tend to play Roon direct to my DAC without SQ+ these days since I can get a bit perfect stream that way for every file. DSD files sound great this way!
  3. I will try to be as exact as I can. Here are the steps: 1. Connect your computer that runs Roon and SQ+ to your DAC via USB. Mine is a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.11.3. All music files are connected to my computer via a USB connected WD 2TB drive 2. Start "Audio Midi Setup". Select your DAC as the output device 3. Start SQ+. Check your settings (the gear icon in lower left). Make sure input device is SonicStream and output device is your DAC 4. Start Roon. Go to "Settings", "Audio" in Roon. I have a zone named "Amarra SQ+" for SonicStream. The settings for this zone are important. Click the gear icon to the right of the zone name. Make sure Exclusive mode is UNCHECKED. It won't work with Exclusive mode. Close this so you are back to the Overview page of Roon 5. In Roon on bottom right, select your output zone as Amarra SQ+ or whatever you named SonicStream 6. Put your "focus" on Amarra SQ+ by clicking it. I do this so you can see the meters when you play a song 7. Play something from Roon. You will see meter activity on Amarra SQ+ and hear the music. 8. I don't play DSD files this way because they don't sound good to me when ASQ+ down samples them. Everything else works with my iRC room filter enabled too 9. From time to time I start getting pops clicks during playback. Probably some process I did not kill on the computer. I simply quit the apps and restart them to clear this up. Annoying but likely my issue. Quit all apps and remember to disable things like time machine etc.
  4. Agree with "craighartley". "One and a half", you probably have the radio function enabled. If you look at your playback queue screen, on the right hand side is a dialogue box that says something like, "Start Radio after playback?"; directly below that are the slider buttons for "yes" or "no". Select "no" and I'll bet the behavior you saw with songs playing after your selection is solved.
  5. JP11801, I've been an Amarra Symphony user for several years and purchased Amarra SQ+ last year. I purchased a lifetime Roon membership after my evaluation period a year ago. A few considerations: I often run Amarra SQ+ and feed Roon through it to get the benefit of the room correction filter for files in my library and Tidal. One caveat, I have a number of DSF files that get down-sampled through Amarra SQ+ and don't sound great. So if I run Amarra SQ+ and Roon and stay away from DSF files, things are good. Roon feeds the DSF files to my DAC using DoP and it sounds good.
  6. I was on the road all week and when I got home tonight I decided I would try the following: 1. Download Amarra Symphony and get the latest iRC Measure app (I may have had it all ready) 2. Start iRC Measure (mine is v1.0.4 Build 3805) 3. Load the project that has your current filter (in my case it's a project file from 10-12-14) 4. Navigate to the "Filter Design" tab 5. Without making any changes to the filter design, save the filter by pressing "save filter" button. Give it a new name. 6. Save the project and exit iRC Measure. 7. Start ASQ+ and load this new filter 8. IT WORKED! FIXED THE PROBLEM OF THE IMAGE SHIFTING TO ONE SIDE 9. Go figure. I just decided to try it and it solved for me. Try it if your having similar problem of soundstage/image shifting to one side when you use iRC with ASQ+ or Amarra for Tidal. I've been playing Roon through ASQ+ with the filter enabled. Everything working well.
  7. Has anyone experienced the soundstage shifting to one side when enabling iRC in ASQ+? I created a filter with iRC measure. It plays perfectly in Amarra Symphony. Sounds great. When I apply the same filter to ASQ+, the image shifts to one side. Sounds bad. Not usable. This was also reported as an issue with Amarra for Tidal. Any help appreciated as I can't use ASQ+ with the iRC filter which is the whole reason I bought it.
  8. Richard, there is nothing silly or nilly about what I reported. IN THIS THREAD post #20, post #23 report an issue that I have experienced that I have not seen reported elsewhere. If anyone has information about how to correct it for Amarra for Tidal or ASQ+ it would be very helpful since the issue seems to exist in both.
  9. Make it three who have experienced the same problem: iRC filter used in Symphony works fine. When I try to enable it in SQ+ the soundstage shifts left and the sound quality is not good. I'm using the same filter, latest software versions. Little help!
  10. Richard, YOU ARE THE MAN!! Thanks so much for working with Sonic Studio to sort this out for all of us. I am playing Roon through Amarra SQ+ 2.2 applying my iRC filter. NICE! Yesterday, after purchasing ASQ+ 2.2 upgrade, I could not get any sound when trying to pipe Roon through ASQ+ 2.2. I contacted Richard privately to make sure I wasn't doing anything "dumb". But then I saw that others had the same problems. I am running with the eqaulizer "off" since I'm using my iRC filter. I'm also running with Audio Conditioner "off". One thing at a time, right? Are you running with these settings? BIG THANK YOU RICHARD!
  11. I have been a long time Amarra w/iRC user and purchased Amarra SQ+ 2.2 yesterday. I've also purchased a Roon license, I'm a Tidal subscriber, and hoped to get Roon playing through SQ+ 2.2 with my iRC created room filter. As Jim reports, no go. Can't get it working. One point worth mentioning: Roon supports .dsf file playback over DoP and SQ+ 2.2 does not so remember to keep this in mind when trying to get Roon to play through SQ+. I was able to get Tidal from Google Chrome to play through SQ+ 2.2 with my iRC filter. No remote feature, no Roon integration of library, etc. Not the configuration I was hoping to have. Hoping Roon through Amarra SQ+ 2.2 gets resolved quickly.
  12. Just over a year ago I purchased a reconditioned PS/3 for this purpose from Jason Masters, NORTHEASTOHIOPCS as recommended on this forum. $300 and the transaction went well. I used the system for a year being careful to not overdue it on any one session. In January I started having trouble with the system (garbled video) and I reached out to Jason for help through email. He asked me to send him the system and said he would diagnose and fix. He contacted me a few weeks after sending him the system claiming $100 for a new motherboard. I told him to go ahead with the repair. After COUNTLESS emails and even an attempt to call him over the past FIVE MONTHS, NOTHING; NO RESPONSE. I GOT BEAT by Jason -NORTHEASTOHIOPCS for the $300 and the system. BEWARE! I'm over it. I would like to obtain another system. Any reliable sources for configured turnkey systems? This thread is now quite large to search. Thanks.
  13. I can recommend a few that I have visited in the past when in NYC: Innovative Audio - they have been in business for a long time and Elliot Fishkin and staff are very helpful. Rhapsody Music & Cinema - contact Bob Visintainer, the owner, for a session. One of the truly nice guys you will meet.
  14. Richard, as always, very helpful and many thanks.
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