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  1. But when I asked about the public beta status they said it was only still there because of planned software upgrades. Catelog status not tied to beta status.
  2. I was going to ask about catelog again too. I see a lot of people choosing to stick with Tidal because not willing to wait for catelog to complete. We were also told conflicting information that once beta was done full catelog would be there. Then catelog had nothing to do with beta status. I’m going to stick with it just because sound quality is a jump up and I do have hope Qobuz catelog will fill in. Only real improvement I’ve noticed with Beggar’s group of labels showing up. This was a big one for me but still finding artists like Elliott Smith mostly missing and my playlists missing over 25% of their tracks compared to Tidal. Also find some MQA are either not in hires or that MQA has it as 192k and Qobuz only at 96k. Not that big of deal because thing 96k hires still better than 192k MQA. The other factor not getting catelog loaded in time is Tidal now has MQA on iPhones and android phones. So people might stick with that as well. Hoping we can get a clear timeline of when the full catelog will be available otherwise some will just think Qobuz sticks with only mainstream artists.
  3. So you can do a search by record label within Qobuz app. In roon it does a focus and only shows the albums you’ve already added. So I do have an issue with all the new additions, all the one that say hi-res, are only cd quality for streaming. Not sure if this is a mistake or these labels only allow hi-res downloads. If it’s the latter, heard this will be fixed in roon in the future. Kind of sucks to have so many hi-res albums the can’t be streamed.
  4. I posted in other thread but thought I’d post here. The indie labels are being added. See 4AD, Rough Trade, Beggers Banquet. Probably a few others. Not sure if you can do direct search on a label. I find one album and then info to find label and then shows me all the others. These 3 labels filled a big whole in my library. I did a Soundliz batch this morning and saw lots of new adds so I checked the labels to see if I could find more good stuff.
  5. Looks like they are making good on bringing in indie labels. Saw 4AD, Rough Trade, Beggers Banquet show up today. Love that you can view the label of an album and then it shows their full catalog. Found a lot of albums I never favorited on Tidal. I’ve been running Soundliz each Friday and then doing deeper diver look at the labels in the Qobuz. It’s kind hard of figuring out what the duplicate albums are about but can sort that out in roon and make the right one the primary album.
  6. Somehow I was expecting it to be like a switched turned on and all these new albums showed up. Not a slow trickle. I’ll end up keeping Qobuz in the end because in my system, Qobuz hi-res easily beats Tidal MQA. Is there is a way export my Tidal list and cancel but then use that list to try and batch Qobuz in the future using Soundliz. I don’t want to hang on to Tidal for months just to sync up the two services.
  7. Well there was a Qobuz employee saying that once out of beta, all the catalog would be available. Also when signed up for beta it warned the catalog not completed. I notice there is no Howard Jones available at all. Latest Bob Mould not there. Cat Power doesn’t have much back catalog. When ran Soundliz this morning there were still tons of albums not found. I was assuming this would improve once service officially launch. See many MQA titles that are not in hi-res in Qobuz. I love the sound quality and really don’t want to drop service but just disappointed in catalog. I was planning of keep Tidal for one month overlap. Hopefully I see some improvement by end of next month.
  8. So even though Qobuz is now open to the Public in the US, it's still in beta. I believe that also means the catalog is still incomplete? When do you expect it to be out of beta? My beta trial is set to expire in 2 days and I don't feel great about pay $25 for an incomplete service. It also means I need to keep my Tidal account going until Qobuz is out of beta so I can transfer the remaining albums over. I was kind of hoping today would be the official launch. It's more like a soft opening.
  9. I’ve been testing Qobuz beta in roon last night. Love that it shows the file quality. I was easily able to compare Qobuz 24/96 vs Tidal MQA 24/96 unfolded by roon and sent to HQPlayer upsampled to 128dsd. Qobuz easily won. Heard finer details, soundstage bigger, and more air. MQA sounds like has a filter applied to it smoothing it over. Think sound is meant to get the last conversion from MQA dac to sound right. I do have an ifi micro that can do that, so might test fully converted MQA file vs 24/96 file with no upsampling. But so far based on how a normally listen at home, I’d have to stick with Qobuz. Only issue is their beta library is missing a lot of stuff I have on Tidal. Hoping that changes on official launch. I can then just rebatch Tidal to Qobuz in Soundliz and pull over all the additional added catalog. Too bad roon did add this kind of feature.
  10. iamoneagain

    HQ Player

    I’ll give DSD another try with the standard setting. Can only max out at DSD256 since using a Mac.
  11. iamoneagain

    HQ Player

    Haven’t tried R-2R dac yet but saw there’s good option for only $350. I was was thinking of just saving up for the Schitt yiggy one day since I’m a fan of the closed-form filter. Went back and tried DSD 256 closed-form ASMD 7 and different ifi filter switch settings and none sounded as good as PCM. With DSD you get smoother vocals, blacker background, and little more air but lose out on the rhythm and impact. I find myself tapping my foot and enjoying the music more in PCM. DSD still sounds great but doesn’t draw me in as much. But this could just be on the ifi and my headphone setup. Using AT L3000 headphones, which were known for being one of the best bass headphones at the time.
  12. iamoneagain

    HQ Player

    I also found I prefer PCM to DSD on my ifi idsd. I use closed-form N5 768. Bass has more body and impact and closed-form still pulls in all the detail. Not sure if was the analog filters of the ifi that were affecting dsd for me but with PCM you completely bypass all ifi filters.
  13. Turn off the upsampling and see what it outputs on that track? I don't think you'll see anything higher than 24/96. I still don't understand this restriction though. I'm sure Audirvana would have no problem unfolding the whole thing if allowed. You just couldn't do the last step of matching to the DAC. And even then, if MQA provided the DAC profiles, the software could do that on the matched DACs. Really thinks it's to get you to buy a new DAC. See how good this sounds at 24/96, it would sound even better at 24/192. But unfolding to 24/96 and then further upsampling to DSD makes the need for a MQA DAC less needed. And still looking at a very small percent of albums even encoded in MQA at the moment.
  14. I have a question about how MQA works without a MQA dac. I know if I shut of upsampling, it does the first unfold to 88/96 even if the MQA in the right shows 192 or higher. But it also outputs to 88 even if the MQA file is only 22/44. Why would it output higher than the file? Next question is if I do turn on upsampling, does the first unfold still happen? So does it convert to MQA 24/96 and then apply the additional upsampler? This is what I'm planing for the Roon/HQPlayer combo when they update to MQA. Do the software unfold first and then send that to HQPlayer for dsd output.
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