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  1. @The Computer Audiophile After reading your review I gave the Seger Greatest Hits album a listen. My system is considerably more modest than your's but my experience was absolutely WOW as well. In my case I was feeding my opticalRendu with files on one of the Sonore 400GB microSD cards. In my system the microSD card takes the opticalRendu to the next level. This is especially true for a good many of my Redbook rips, I sit and listen in amazement at the improvement this upgrade has made to my system. A highly recommended upgrade.
  2. I have been using this switch for several months and really like it. For a time I had a 1 Gbe SFP in one of first 4 ports. Got an output to drive a Ethernet device but the LED status indicators on the port never worked.
  3. Today I had an episode of ROON Ready rapidly skipping though files without playing them. In the oR DAC Diagnostics the DAC information was shown in the top of the display but in the mixer section was an error message that the mixer can not be opened. I rebooted the oR and the mixer info was displayed and ROON Ready played files normally.
  4. I have had the same experience with ROON skipping rapidly through tracks with my opticalRendu. Hope someone can tell us what is going on.
  5. For me the fix for my HQPlayer NAA dropouts was replacing my current design opticalRendu with the original design before a redesign to reduce current consumption. Much thanks to @vortecjr, @Miska, @JohnSwenson, and Andrew at Small Green Computers for all their efforts to resolve my problem. This is first rate customer support, this team is most highly recommended!
  6. Same thing going on here. Over the last few days @vortecjr and I have been discussing and troubleshooting my system. In the end vortecjr suggested I contact Jussi the author of HQPlayer to get his input. When Jussi answers my email I will let you know.
  7. 2 of the switches were unmanaged, the third was managed with flow control enabled. Roon has no dropouts and JRMC has much fewer dropouts than HQPlayer.
  8. 1. From my router I go to a switch, a QNAP QSW-1208-8C, where all my network audio components are connected. From the switch to my oR I have used 2 different paths. First, optical out of the switch using 2 different SFPs, one SystemsOptique certified, and 2 different SystemsOptique certified orange fiber cables. The other was copper out from the switch to a tp-link MC220L using 2 different SFPs, one SystemsOptique certified, and the same optical cables. In trouble shooting I tried 2 different switches and a different tp-link FMC. 2. All my music files are on a QNAP NAS that is connected to the switch in paragraph 1 above. 3. I am using V3.25-4 of HQPlayer, the current version. Before that V3.25-3. All my copper cable are well made CAT6 or 6A from Blue Jeans Cable and each has been switched out at least once. During all my trouble shooting and switch out of components I have noticed no significant change in the dropouts.
  9. @vortecjr & @Miska Some background on what is going on here: Before hooking up my oR, HQPlayer played back without dropouts. After hooking up my oR, HQPlayer now has dropouts playing both PCM and DSD files. I made no changes to settings in HQPlayer. If I change the PCM filter to none the PCM dropouts stop. Likewise, if I cheek Direct SDM in HQPlayer the DSD dropouts stop. Doing this I lose most of the benefits of HQPlayer. Two computers behave the same. It has been a couple months since I had a ultraRendu in my system but HQPlayer had no dropouts then. Since then I have not knowingly made any changes to HQPlayer or my system that could cause dropouts now. Roon plays back without dropouts with and without my oR in my system.
  10. Still have dropouts with it unchecked.
  11. If this is what you mean it is already checked.
  12. Good to know I am not alone. Wonder what is going on.
  13. Anyone else have problems with dropouts when using the HQPlayer NAA to drive the oR?
  14. I do not think Jesus is overreacting. I too have found my oR and my LPS-1,2 to be a poor match for me. Never got a permanent red light on the oR and never had the oR unexpectedly rebooting. My problem was the LPS-1.2 would get "super hot", so hot I could not touch it for more than an instant. I measured a case temperature of 61C at times. Yes, my IR thermometer is an inexpensive on but over many years has always given believable, if not perfect readings. Maybe my LPS-1.2 is operating within it's design parameters but for me this is way too hot for a consumer product. From my point of view there is excellent reasons the the LPS-1.2 is no longer a recommended PS for use with the oR. Uptone Audio is one of the absolute finest companies I have ever dealt with so it does cause my pain to say the above but I feel folks considering using the LPS-1,2 and oR deserve to know there is more one person disappointed in the combination and willing to say so in open forum. The LPS-1.2 is a wonderful PS and I will definitely be keeping mine, it has already been put to another use.
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