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  1. I let someone who knows how, to build one for me. Experts who have been doing it since 1999. Look here. https://silentpc.com/
  2. You will hear a difference. Just changing a USB cord will produce that. Is it needed though? Can of worms.... I never tried the IsoRegen... but I had other USB clean-up devices that made my system sound better with a PS Audio NuWave DAC, that only dulled (to my ears) the sound with my Yggy. And, sounder better than the NuWave when it used those USB devices.
  3. If you have the latest update Yiggy, I believe the Regen should not be needed. I see that others already made that point as well. I removed all USB noise devices and have not looked back since.
  4. Update... Made all the parts that rest against cables 100% wood. Found out that metal in racks can cause problems with unshielded cabling. The nice bar stool found at Walmart, comes in various heights. Keep all wiring away from close contact with metal shelving, tubing, etc. When in close proximity the metal can add a distortion to the sound and you might never know where its coming from.
  5. Audio Advisor carries them.... https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=PRBXPOW1
  6. Just last night I got a newsletter from Stereophile. There was a link for 2019 recommended components ..... https://www.stereophile.com/content/recommended-components-2019-edition I could not believe what I saw while reading through their Class A DAC list. There with some very expensive DACs listed. Then this name and price came up.. Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital: $399... Listed right before the Schiit Yggdrasil.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U77pH_nJtvM
  8. When I had my Furman Elite 15 DMI I never liked the sound of my PC when plugged into its digital outlets. But, the rest of my equipment liked it fine. Much to my surprise, using this for the PC and monitor really improved the sound up a notch. Not that expensive either. APC LE1200 Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator https://www.amazon.com/APC-LE1200-Automatic-Voltage-Regulator/dp/B00009RA60
  9. But, what if it really makes the system sound better without being perfect? Show me one thing in this life that is absolutely perfect?
  10. At least you admit that noise is there to be attenuated. But, they can attenuate only so much. Its amazing what an excellent AC conditioner can bring about in conjunction with those transformers. They, along with quality power cords, act as an extension to the power supply.
  11. Since we have no clue as to whom you are addressing? I will try to answer: It depends on what you mean by that. Some digital devices have linear power supplies with transformers. Some switching with much smaller transformers. Why the question?
  12. Eliminating that cross talk is what makes a system at its best. Matter of fact? Without it, it could be seen as counterproductive. Might as well plug back into a plain AC outlet strip For, all it takes is one noisy digital component kicking back into the line its noise, and they all become the same. Its not saving money. Its buying a placebo effect. I have experimented with my "Noise Sniffer." It was plugged into an outlet. Noise was measured. Then, plugged in a digital component or PC, and the noise went right up. Unless a device isolates each component from another its not really worth doing much. Its the digital components that seem to be the greatest offenders. Its probably the wrench in the gears of what is referred to as the "digital sound" that some complain about. Digital power needs to be isolated. All components need to be. Then I believe the advantages of digital accuracy can be appreciated. I find digital the most true to real sound of music. Now, if we could only live in a perfect world.
  13. EVO3 Sirius... Interesting perspective. http://www.tonepublications.com/review/isotek-evo-3-sirius/
  14. Not really.... Recharge From the Wall, Car, or Sun: Easily recharge from an AC outlet in about 18 hours with included charging cable, from a 12V outlet* in about 44 hours, or from a solar panel in up to 6 hours depending on solar conditions and the size of the solar panel*. Works with third-party solar panels, adapters sold separately. Not very practical solution unless I am running a mini amp.
  15. The one you linked looks just like what is usually used in a isolated room, as for a business network system. Had one at a hotel telephone room. That fan gets very loud. I would not recommend it for an audio room. Have ever had direct use with one?
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