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  1. The truth is.... With the generation 5? Those add ons did nothing for improving the sound in my system. Though they did effect the sound with other DAC's I had. The Unison does something to improve the analog tone over the Gen 5. Its richer sounding.
  2. Some here are talking about SPDIF, I see.... I came here to talk about the new Schiit USB card for its YGGY. I see now that the title of the thread covers more than just the Unison USB. All I can say, all I have been saying pertains to the YGGY with the new Unison USB card... I am hearing the closest thing I ever heard to analogue, but with much better detail than analogue. Moffatt at Schiit is now saying he prefers the Unison over SPDIF. Having never heard SPDIF other than optical? I must say what I hear now is most excellent.
  3. Well that's good to know. For my 16/44.1 listening has been clean, transparent, and relaxing on most files... It was not always that way though. Some good-reputation chip DACs I had were fatiguing to listen to. They would sound more exciting than life, but fatiguing. It did not matter which format I set it at. So, it may not be the file. It may be the DAC itself.
  4. If the file calls for 24/192? I can set it that way, and it sounds clean. It the upsampling that causes the problem. My PC is very quiet. Someone I know who made and modded DACs told me he experimented and found good old 144100 to sound the best with files calling for it. I tried it and found it to be true with two different PC's and several DACs. Maybe its just me.
  5. I suppose It will depend upon one's system. But, whenever I match the format that the audio was made in to the format setting in the software feeding the DAC, it always sounds the most relaxed and natural. When ever I upsample in the software feeding the DAC, it begins to sound more digital. Like I said... it depends on one's system and ears.
  6. I don't understand something. All my files in their native format are either 16 bit 44100, or- 16 bit 48000. So when you use that setting something is going to have to upsample the files to play at what you set it. Its usually the PC that does that. Is that correct? You are upsampling by choice? Unless the file you are playing was recorded in 24/96 it will not be playing as recorded.
  7. I do not believe the Unison needs nor would benefit from an ASIO driver. The default Sound Properties settings for format with the Unison would be 32 bits 48000. I reset it to 16 bit 44100, because that always sounds best in my system with most files. When it sounds good you do not want to fiddle with all those alternative drivers. With other DACs I have had I used to fiddle when available.
  8. I installed a Unison card in my Yggy several months ago. What I hear now sounds very natural and accurate within the limits of my system. It came with an odd default format setting. I needed to set my Windows 10 Sound @ 16 bit - 44100
  9. I can still recall when I ordered my NuWave Dac from a reputable hi-end online dealer. When I told him I wanted to order the NuWave DAC? He said in effect... "Great choice. Its the best sounding DAC under $1000.00" He had other DACs to sell when he told me.
  10. My mistake.. For some reason I thought I was responding to another poster who was listing the pros and cons of features with other DAC's when deciding about the NuWave. Something got lost in the shuffle when I posted you. Sorry about that.
  11. You mention these features as if otherwise all DACs sound the same. That only the features differ. The NuWave DAC sounds good and better than all the rest I heard under $2000.00. I am only speaking of the original NuWave. The one made before the DSD model was introduced. Simple and pure sound. The DSD moved to a different chip. I have no idea how it sounds.
  12. FWIW.... Not all D class are chip amps. Not all sound like the typical Class D either! Mine almost sounds like tubes. With the right equipment its very transparent. I have a NuPrime ST-10. Haven't heard anything as accurate and transparent since I owned tubed McIntosh MC275 many years ago. That says a lot! “…over the years I’ve reviewed and used plenty of digital power amplifiers from Bel Canto, Wyred4Sound, April Music, and others, and I appreciate what a well-designed model can bring to a system. And it happens that the ST-10 is the best digital power amplifier I’ve heard to date… …Within their product categories the DAC-10H DAC/preamp and ST-10 basic power amplifier are priced at the lower mid-level, yet they both deliver a level of performance that could be considered exemplary regardless of their cost… “, – Steven Stone (The Absolute Sound) http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/nuprime-dac-10h-dacpre-and-st-10-power-amplifier/?page=4
  13. PS Audio NuWave DAC... https://www.psaudio.com/products/nuwave-dac/#tab-features Find one used if you can. Most people hold onto theirs. Plays in native mode if you wish.
  14. In other words? If there were no Yggy? I would want the NuWave DAC back. The PS Audio NuWave DAC would be my best choice for the price range this thread is about. I sold mine a couple of years ago for about $550.00. Of all the DACs I have owned (that would sell used for under $1000.00) the NuWave DAC was definitely the best sounding. It was a great DAC for the price. Built like a tank, too.
  15. I now have a Schiit Yiggy... If I ever wanted back one of the DAC's I owned in the past? If you can find one used.. The PS Audio NuWave DAC. The Yiggy is in a class of its own. But, of all the DAC's I owned? The PSA is on top of my list in its class.
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