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  1. Anyone know how to view your Qobuz cart and arrange payment from a window that is in English. The French payment windows always refuse a credit card payment or a Paypal payment.
  2. This post is to close the loop on posts 2027-2064. I returned my Eitr to Schiit for evaluation. They ended up replacing a defective circuit board. Upon return and reinsertion of the Eitr into the playback chain all worked right off the bat. So...Eitr at fault Ultrarendu working to spec all along.
  3. Can anyone recommend a usb DAC as an alternative to a Audio Research DAC 8? One that will equal or surpass in sound quality for 4K or less. mark
  4. I am interested in knowing if there is majority opinion, one way or the other, regarding the sound quality of mid nineties reference electronics compared to today’s reference electronics. It would be nice if examples could be used to support your opinions. mark
  5. Jud, I have been following many of your posts for years and have always enjoyed your comments. Thank you for offering information regarding potential solutions to my issue. At the moment i am beginning to feel that the best solution might be to replace my non usb Audio Research Dac 8 with a different bus Dac. I would move in this direction if I could be certain that the new usb dac would provide superior sound quality compared to the AR DAC 8. Any suggestions? Was considering the PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell as a starting point. Thanks Mark
  6. I thank you for the kind offer however I do not have the money to take you up on your replacement offer. I need a more affordable solution. Perhaps a usb DAC /pre. This would require the sale of my existing DAC and separate preamp.
  7. Whatever. I still have no music.
  8. Prior to the problems I purchased a new usb cable which was working well until the gremlins came.
  9. Ericuco, I sympathize with your problem as I too suffer from the same issue. I recently discussed this with Sonore who went so far as to gain control of my computer via TeamViewer. All of this and days of frustration ending in no solution. So here I sit, dollars invested, no music and frustration galore. There are better ways to go.
  10. ???? I purchased the Ur on line from Sonore.
  11. Followed the above steps. USB device does NOT show up in Apps/DAC Diagnostics.
  12. Swapped out usb cable without change. All led’s on Ur functioning. Eitr appears to be function within normal limits.????
  13. I have a recurrence of the previous problem I had with my UR, see post #1890 going forward. After having to shut down power to my entire system for a period of 6 weeks i am no longer able to find my eitr/Dac under Dac diagnostics. I have gone through all of my previous hoops in order to "find" it with no Luck. At a loss for what to do.
  14. I misspoke. I meant to say that the firmware was updated.
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