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  1. Happy New Year for all of us around the globe!
  2. Actually, that coax carrys balanced SPDIF signal because SPDIF transformers on the both end, build inside devices. Only very low quality devices are built that way where is no transformers used. So, in quality devices SPDIF coax is carrying balanced signal and that is also galvanically isolated. Ethernet is basically the same thing, only 4 channels/pairs is used at time, not one like on coax. Just the cable itself is more cheaper than same lenght of quality coax cable.
  3. Yes, RME is probably the best for the money, same price category as Tascam. https://archimago.blogspot.com/2018/09/measurements-rme-adi-2-pro-fs-adc.html
  4. That PCM4202 is also found on Tascam DA-3000. https://tascam.com/us/product/da-3000/top
  5. Yes, this is technically the best and secure method.
  6. I feel myself somewhat "responsible" for that, because I promoted DSD and that DSD-amplifier idea in one other forum to Estelo'ns co-worker, sadly that person no longer works for Alfred anymore, I don't know why.
  7. Hi, Bunbei. "Bunbei speculates the experiment by Professor Yamasaki is the first achievement of class-D audio amplifier with direct PDM input." If I remember correctly, in Japan some entusiast tries that concept in about 2011, with DSD64 input signal. Volume regulation was done via high quality regulated power supply, where increase or decrease of power voltages changes the volume level. THD level was in 0,1% class in whole audio band. Not the cleanest performance, but good enough for first try. This is very interesting idea, I must say. I have Tascam DA-3K too, and one more Amanero Combo384 for testing purposes, but sadly, I have not much spare time for that hobby. All the best, Maldur
  8. On 1/22/2018 at 9:15 AM, firedog said: "I have lots of pure PCM recordings that sound great." As barrows said before - "If SACD had replaced CD entirely when it was introduced we would be so much better off now... All music would be hi res!" And if DAW's/sound editors evolution is not stopped then, they can edit DSD by now and we can avoid PCM in entire process. Today we have that computational power to process/edit DSD in pure mode, even in real-time in some cases.
  9. Interesting... where You get these pure PCM recordings? Basically all these PCM recordigs are downconverted from DSM aka DSD signal in ADC stage. So, if someone stores ADC delta-sigma output directly to the file, these recordings sounds better than PCM downconverts.
  10. It depends, how high the flip-flop can go. In my version FF can go to ca 170MHz. Analog stage behind flip-flop is another story, just filter frequencies not optimised for that.
  11. So, it seems that nobody uses anymore a DSD2FLAC or ISO2DSD programs with Sierra. Ok, then I need go back to Mavericks? Weird...
  12. Some biasing is not problem. I ask about Estelon's - what trace in Your mind they left? How that "bridge" sounds? Someone mentioned that sound was not so bright, only serious HiFi, not HighEnd...
  13. What is result of "opening" .jar file? And what version of Java is installed? Picture tells everything...
  14. Hi, this thread is old but title is correct. I want to use dsd2flac on latest Sierra, and installed recommended Java as needed. If I click to .jar file, unarchiver creates another archive and that's all... GUI is not opening. I used Sonore apps when I was on Mavericks, they are great and works as intended. What problem I need to solve?
  15. Yes, we need to be specific there - this is CRT based television monitor. Some modern LCD do not generate such noise in that region (more often LCD generates something from switching power supply, ca 62kHz for example).
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