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  1. Hello, not it trying to derail, but what would make more improvement: adding Mdx to my M1se with network or adding etherregen to my system? thanks, Jeff
  2. yes, my question was very broad so that more folks could/would respond. And yet only one response. Yes Esoteric has many levels and is using at least three different dac chips and yet again only one response.
  3. Hello all, I don't see many comments or reviews of Esoteric dacs or sacd player/dacs. Anyone compare them to other top names and if so what sonic differences might you have heard? I now have ps audio direct stream and have been very happy with firmware upgrades. Almost like getting a new unit every year or so. The Esoteric gear is expensive, so how does it stack up against the dcs, berkeley, msb, chord, emm? thanks, jeff
  4. Best article ever to appear on this site! Growing up in that era is still as crystal clear as my mind will allow. But as they say, too much of a good thing...
  5. Forgot to change my signature: Aurender N100H, Kimber USB, PS Audio Directstream DAC, Siltech 550I ICs, Oasis S200 Mono Blocks, AQ Red Wood Speaker Cables, Magico S5 speakers
  6. I just read this entire 6 pages. It is somewhat distressing. Here's why: I am a 67 year old guy with some diminished hearing from all those concerts I attended back in the 60s-70s and have a bit of tinnitus too. That aside, have always loved listening to music in one form or the other. It is only since I retired in 2005 that I began to rebuild my system to the point I love what I am hearing and more importantly what I am feeling from the music. Moving from Long Island to Hilton Head, South Carolina was not only a culture change, but there are no high end brick and mortar stores closer than a 4.5 hour drive. So how does one do upgrades to ones system without traveling all over the place? I did travel to audition my S5s due to the amount of spend, but still was not in my room. The DS dac and the Oasis monos were purchased from folks I trust after reading many sites like this and reviews, but placing more importance on users experience than the reviews. Cables, same thing. First power cables and I heard an improvement. ICs and I heard a huge improvement coupled with SE to balanced change. Speaker wire, another very synergistic addition. What is important here is what I hear. Not what others think I should hear. Yes, their comments are important. I am lucky enough to be able to spend a fair amount on my system, but I may be done at this stage. And I am thrilled with the connection to the music! If others don't hear a difference between cables or components, by all means, don't spend! That being said, let's all get along as we are all writing about something we feel very passionate about. Let's just enjoy the music.
  7. Looking forward to it Chris! Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  8. Not sure if this belongs here. I am demoing a DS with mac mini and pure music (2.0.4). I am trying to understand and work with the gain/volume settings in both PM and the DS. Pure music has a dim setting which when on reduces volume by 12 db. DS has filter that is plus or minus 20 db. I like the sound of the plus 20 on the DS, but sometimes I cannot turn it down low enough. When I reduce the volume in PM, the sound is a bit muffled. I am using DS direct to my Genesis M60 tube monos. I am beginning to really enjoy the DS, but not broken in by far. Can somebody offer a little advice on settings please. With the DS filter down 20 db the volume needs to go way up and sound also is a bit veiled.
  9. Alfe, what would a good pre do in my system
  10. Sorry to be soooo impatient! I gave it four "days" on another site and got nothing back either. I guess I was feeling neglected. LOL Esoteric, I like that word. Perhaps a good synopsis of the situation. Thanks.
  11. Nobody has an opinion. On this forum that's shocking!
  12. Here is what I am looking at: My system is Synology NAS-Mac mini/Pure Music-Antelope Zodiac Gold w Voltikus-Genesis M60 mono blocks-Genesis wires-Genesis 5.2 speakers. I have been exploring the following options, but now retired in South Carolina, there are no listening venues anywhere, so feedback from folks like yourself becomes the best place to inquire: 1. Replace Mac mini and Zodiac Gold with Lumin S1. Need pre amp. Have Meridian G91a that would work-how well??? 2. Replace Zodiac Gold with Lampi L7 with DSD and volume control. 3. Replace Gold and amps with Devialet 200. 4. Replace Gold and Mac mini with Directstream DAC and Sonore Signature Rendu. What am I trying to accomplish? -Better sound -Perhaps streaming -Get computer out of room -Get DSD Capability BTW, coincidently cost of all these options is similar. I am also aware that Dev. does not do DSD (yet?). Not really UPnP either??? What don't I like about my system? Dunno until I hear something I like better. Would the Lampi have great synergy with the M60s-I think so. Would it be too warm? I don't care for cold/analytical though. Heard great things about the Lumin, but with dac technology changing so rapidly, would I be stuck and same thing with Dev? Your input would be greatly appreciated, Jeff
  13. So, are we saying, Ted B, Ted S or anybody, that to get really good results from the DS we need to have a Signature Rendu too? Otherwise, Ted B you would seem to be stuck on writing this review at all? (from a positive point of view!)
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