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  1. I was happy to have a confirmation that with my gear everything is fine, and that I probably never bottomed my voice coils, but you are 100% right. It's freaking crazy to discover that for such a premium product there is zero QC!, and you cannot claim it and request the refund!
  2. Thanks, I'll try to find the way to play the YouTube version, and I have to learn to use Friture, seems I have a talent for finding anomalies in songs
  3. Strange for the Fragile track, now I did the test, in my home office room I have a NuForce Icon2 amp driving SA Saxo 1 bookshelf speakers, and at amp full volume I don't hear nothing, and AVG SPL for the duration of the song is 78.3 dB. I will later check the volume at my HiFi rig when playing that track, but something really strange is happening, I'm very happy with my system, and I have problems only with small number of tracks, and always repeatable by 100% and with other track I can shake the walls without any problem or smallest hint that I'm overloading the speakers. The problem is that speakers were purchased in Italy 500 km from my home, because at the time there was no representative in Croatia.
  4. I'm not using any EQ or processing, just pure bit perfect. I will now send you the files...
  5. If you give me your e-mail I can send you my CD or Hires Darkness?
  6. Just now did the test, same thing with both CD and the HiRes (24-44), the CD is recorded slightly louder so the pop is also louder, the pop is at the 4:20 (21) at 55 amp level everything fine, at 56 (avg 81 dB) starts the pop, as you increase the volume the pop is louder.
  7. I will try to change the cables, and send again the mail to Wilson Benesch, but the problem is that is linked to the song at defined timestamp of the song, it's not that is some times yes, and some times not. for example L. Cohen's Darkness it is always, but always at the same position, and it is not a CD RIP it's official Qoubuz HiRes download, so I have hard time beliving that cables could be the problem. On the other hand with rest of material I can rock the house withou even small hint of distortion.
  8. I know the limits, I didn't sent you the loudness levels that I listen to all the time, I have sent you the extremes so that you get the picture that with my system is nothing wrong. I'm mechanical engineer and I know what is harmfull, my normal listening levels are form 70 to 80 dB, max 85 dB, but sometimes I'm in a mood to go crazy, than last 10 min. of listening session I crank up. But what I want to explain is following, yesterday I did the test, for example Leonard Cohen - Album: Old Ideas - track: Darness, listening at amp. level 55 sonud level is 79 dB, when I increase to 57 around 80 dB the speaker is popping at the end of the song where there is some crazy bass. And 57 level at the amp is for the 99,9% of may colllection far from extreme, and If I start listening that song at 60 without knowig that, I could damage my speakers.
  9. How to measure the DC offset? 90% is exception, it is more about dynamic range and how loud the album is recorded, as you know differences from album to album are considerable. I don't think that there is attenuation somewhere, because to speak about measurable values and not arbitrary numbers, yesterday I did some measuring, previously mentioned track from Wailin' Jennys, amplifiers setting 65 sound level AVG 95.9 dB (max 100.3 dB) AC/DC - Thunderstruck amp. level 71 - sound level AVG 92.4 dB (MAX 98.3) I don't fell that I'm limiting the material, as with everything there is a limit, I really think that is just the drawback of design choice to mechanically roll of the woofer, but I want to be sure, this is why I would like to know with which software I can get the values how low the song goes, and at which timestamp.
  10. Sorry, I wrote the post in a hurry, it is not SPL it's the volume level on the amplifier (0-100), limited number of albums or tracks with high dynamic range I can listen at 86-88, highest was 90 on a track from Yello. Let's say that for most of the material that I have 67 is not extreme level, one track that I know right now is from The Wailin' Jennys - Bright Morning Stars [620638054321] track no. 5 - Storm Comin' at around 67 pops at one point, when I back off to 65 no problem. If it was for a bad rip I would hear something even at 65 , at first I was also thinking that cause is bad rip, but than I re-ripped and same thing, it is not interconnect because it is always on same track in same position. It is not a big problem, because for familiar material I know how loud I can go, the problem is for the new material, I have to be always with the finger on remote minus button it happens in average once per month. For the record, the speakers are sublime and I would change them only for the bigger Wilson Benesch
  11. Yes, I spoke directly with Mr. Craig Milnes at Ljubljana HiFi show, the founder of Wilson Benesch, I have described to him the problem and this popping sound, he told me that is voice coil bottoms out. My amplifier is ModWright KWI200, and that is a lot of power to be connected directly to the woofer, and this woofer is fantastic and a beast, for example I can listed H. Masakela's STIMELA (Live) at 86 without any sign of problem, but than listening L. Cohen (right now don't have time to find what album was) at 67 for a few tracks without problem than on third track POP, and this track I cannot listen more than 63. For me it is a problem with tracks that have content below 40 Hz with high amplitude, as there is no filter and there is a lot of power to drive the coil. Is somebody here with the same speakers and the same experience?
  12. Hi, My speakers are Wilson Benesch Vertex, and midwoofer does not have a low pass filter, it's directly connected to the amplifier. As I have a powerful amplifier, sometimes when listening to a new albums which have very low frequencies the speaker bottoms out, even on not so extreme sound levels. Does not happen often, but I don't wont to risk damaging the speakers. I would like to know how to analyze FLAC file and to find what is the lowest frequency in that audio track?
  13. It's not working, it is not posible to have two AlbumArtist fields, I do my tagging in dBPoweramp, I can create two albumartist field, but when I save the tags only one is left.
  14. No problem, I just want to be sure that I do it for both JRiver and Roon, because in the future I will probably also use Roon, so I don't want to do it twice.
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