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  1. I like your hat. She looks nice too...
  2. And now they are here. Probably OEM'd from somewhere in the wilds of Shenzhen. I hope they are a better effort than their last in-ear model.
  3. A nice way to playback internet radio, for those of us who have unlimited data caps. Cheaper than a Tivoli Internet Streaming radio and maybe the speakers aren't too bad considering. Not audiophile quality, but then again for background music or talk radio, should be fine.
  4. http://jbl.com/home/products/product_detail.aspx?prod=CONTROL%202.4G&Language=ENG&Country=US&Region=USA&cat=WIR&ser=COS Hi Darren JBL do a powered monitor from their famous control series. It even does wireless source, so perfect for say an iPod dock with a remote. Seems strange to be back on topic ;-)
  5. Ashley heh, you're probably a victim for no good reason other than you are the harbinger of disruptive technologies. Science often isn't the basis of commonly held beliefs in hi-fi and I'm fairly realistic about that. Everyone has an opinion on what "good" sound is, just as everyone knows about art. Like all matters of human life, they're politically loaded subjects, of which, everyone has the right to hold views, erroneous or not. I have imaginings of William Golding's Lord of the Flies, and you know what happened to the owner of the only useful piece of technology on the island... Well, I'm not suggesting that such a fate awaits you, but Golding cast some interesting insights into the plight of the human condition. I've well and truly strayed off-topic now...
  6. Ashley the fact remains valves are still in use and have in fact experienced a resurgence in popularity and usage. I can't argue with your credentials, and I agree that ADM9.1s are the logical conclusion for a lot of people, but sometimes a bit (or a lot) of Industrial Design BLING has it's place for people who want it. I should probably take the rest of my contribution off-line, for reasons best explained privately... and to keep the forum atmosphere upbeat. I apologise for this, and previous posts if you feel you have had to defend some jibes at AVIHIFI. That wasn't my intention at all. Some interesting views and pieces of information have made my attention, so I'm grateful... cheers Tony
  7. Hi Ashley I understand your enthusiasm and also the interests vested that you have as a manufacturer. I can also understand that you have qualified yourself by relating this thread ever so obliquely back to the ADM9.1s. Of course, few valve setups of the kind of value of the ADM9.1s, have a chance of coming close to their performance. I'm taking a leap into the unknown here, and making this assumption on the reviews and reputation of your company and products. And I guess the further out from the original value and spec we go, the further we have to get into some vigorous discussion. I suspect you are talking about the low end stuff coming out of China. Now that's really colored sound! However I was talking about valves in general, and the addition of them somewhere in the signal path and NOT necessarily in amplification. They could be in the preamp, CDP or even line buffer. My original comment didn't mention this and I guess you can't take much for granted around here. But the inclusion of valves somewhere can usually sweeten a system, and is usually a good thing -- synergy withstanding. That said, there's probably fodder for a dozen more threads on topics that have been touched on, but are tangential to this thread. Ironically, the further up the chain you go, the more SS and valves sound alike, but for most ordinary folk, that kind of money is prohibative. I'm talking Halcos vs VTL Siegfreid etc. Scary money. I appreciate your candour, I'm not sure I agree with all your comments, but certainly value your views, with all the years of experience in hi-fi. best regards Tony
  8. "To me Tubes (I'm in America here!) sound harsh and unacceptable and Transistors sweet and effortless and this experience would be supported by the measurements. There is a huge difference." That's a fairly outrageous claim Ashley. It doesn't offend me, but this kind of statement doesn't do you or your company any favors. I'm sure even non-valve people would find your claim a little incredulous. I won't argue the toss over this one because it's right out there. (Shakes his head with disbelief).
  9. The best of both worlds... Solid state and valve and... digital and analogue. Just adding to the discussion around coloured sound... I do have to admit there's qualities I like about solid state and valve gear. If I can add another analogy, adding valves to a setup is like adding honey to ones tea. It just makes it sweeter. Generally. Which is probably the second most desired adjustment to sound that we want to make after the beloved grail of sounding live. Although a lot of people don't have live music as a reference point to start with, so the start point for a lot of people is, well... do I have to say more. There doesn't seem to be a common reference point, but there should if we are all audiophools...
  10. "Everything we hear is analogue! ;)" Exactly the point I'm trying to make.
  11. Hi Darren the tubes placed at output stage and modifications made to power supply and rectifier of the Modwright Transporter create the closest sound to analogue I've ever heard... which I know sounds like a contradiction, but hey, you should have a listen.
  12. I'd say Modwright Transporter and Adam S3A Studio monitors. The end. Oh and you can plug an Adam sub into the mix too. Would give ADM9.1 a run for their money. May blow the budget a little.
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