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  1. The problem is the drivers the 64 bit version of audiolinux doesn´t have the drivers installed, i just install de 32 bit 06 version and it's working
  2. I don´t have the allo boss but the allo katana doesn´t work with dtoverlay=allo-katana-dac-audio Sorry, i hope piero see this
  3. Latest 0.6 Version of Audiolinux 64 bits for the raspberry is the BOMB, great work!!!!!
  4. Great!!! where is the image to download and test, Thanks
  5. Just discover this, look promising, what is the root password?? Thanks
  6. I'm testing audiolinux version 0.5 for Raspberry using MPD with UpnP for MPD, and i can't get sound at 44.1 khz, the only way to hear my 44.1 files is to upsample to 88.1 or more, 96 khz and up even DSD have no problems, i'm using Audirvana+, everything works with dietpi, but Audiolinux has better sound to my ears, any suggestions??? Thanks
  7. Hello ALLOAudio What is the optimum voltage for the Opamp Section?? i know the board say +-15 volts
  8. The katana comes with a cable to connect 1 power supply, just 2 wires, one red positive one black negative to a 5 volt 3 amp power supply.
  9. My speakers are http://www.aletheia-av.com/Aletheia-AV_productos_A-25II.html I'm planning on using 3 LPS, One for raspberry, One for microcontroller and one 15-0-15 for opamps
  10. !!!!!!!!It's working!!!!!!!!! Sound it's really great even with just one LPS
  11. GMRender sends sound to default audio interface in Dietpi, so you need to set Soundcard to usb-dac in dietpi
  12. Network performance is a problem on the sparky
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