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  1. Thanks for reporting. I understand your eRs are connected through copper cable now. Have you tried using fiber between them? I also decided for a second eR instead of an OM, and interested in how material the link between both might be (fiber vs ethernet).
  2. Thanks for reporting this. My recollection is you were running 2 eR in series both with the supplied SMPS, and that you have tested the 2 eRs vs 1 eR with LPS 1.2. Have you tested the LPS on 2nd eR vs the 3 eRs?
  3. I was thinking along the same lines: maybe upstream network optimization are key difference amongst users and affects the ressuts? I remember MartinT mentioned his upstream network was optimized (LPS for router, etc), and my recollection from Rsbrsvp is that he didn't. Could it be that DX is filtering out high frequency components injected by mediocre SMPS upstream (like from the router), so if you don't have such SMPS to start with then you are better off? If that were the case the DX would be a much cheaper way to chean that noise than an LPS for the router, provided there is at
  4. yes, I've read the paper and followed the comments about minicircuits. Unfortunately some weeks before John published the paper I had purchased the BG7BTL with square waves only . My recollection is DarqueKnight measured the BG7BTL square waves with different 75ohm cables and one that came with a unit (a DCS?) measured well despite being cheap. Some have reported good results with BG7BTL square waves, so I'm checking in Ghent makes suitable cables as I will be ordering a couple other cables from them.
  5. Does anybody know/measured if the Ghent E07 Belden 1694A BNC 75Ω Coax Cable is a genuine 75 Ohm, good cable for BG7BTL?
  6. Thank you John! By "fast" you mean DSD 512 or 256, etc, right? Would DSD 256 be 12Mbps, so 4 would be about 48Mbps and maybe enough for B-side?
  7. Since we have touched on the 1Gb vs 100Mb topic, I wanted to ask for opinions of a setup I've been chewing on: I do 4-way active stereo, so 8 channels, digital crossovers. I have my eye on Merging Hapi, that is well known for sound, especially over DSD, and uses Ravenna. I found one person using Hapi and eR, who confirmed Hapi wouldn't run out of eR B-side - no surprise. He used two ports on the A-side, which obviously isn't best. 1) Does anybody have an educated guess if this would work: have eR1 receive on A-side, output through B-side connecting to eR2 A-side where Hapi will als
  8. For those who tried/preferred Ghent, what's the recommended criteria to choose between ET11 (CAT6a) and ET12 (CAT8)? Other than stiffness of ET12. To use on B-side of eR. Current is generic CAT7, so either should be a significant improvement (at least that is my expectation!).
  9. Interesting! So the DX also has a positive impact in a system like your upstream from fiber and two eRs in series. I was wondering about DX+eR vs 2 es, but I guess that has been addressed!
  10. @mitchco Very glad to see this coming up! Can't say enough good things about you. Your Computer Audiophile Acourate articles inspired me to go digitally active an into Acourate, which I still use. That opened the door into DIY speakers, and your ebook was essential to getting a better grasp on measurements and use of Acourate. And you have always been very helpful on email exchanges. Outstanding member of this community! Where does HLC fit into my system? I have Roon Core in a PC convolving filters to send 4-way stereo to a headless AudioPC with Roon Bridge at the living room, and
  11. I for one will be looking forward for those who get to try these DX filters upstream from eR vs two eRs in tandem. 🙂
  12. Hello Martin. Was wondering if/how your view might change if the DAC had ethernet connection? I have an "audio PC" (no motors, etc, LPS and so on) feeding a USB DAC. I'm considering turning the PC into the server that connects to an eR A>B to ethernet DAC. Regards
  13. Interesting. How are using them? On the ethernet cable feeding the eR, so in series with it? Sounds along the lines to those using two eR in series.
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