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  1. I've just finished listening to: Pergolesi - Septem verba a Christo - Jacobs (Harmonia Mundi 2013 24bit 96kHz) from Elite Classical WOW!!!
  2. If I have an ISO file, made by DVDFab do I need to mount it in a Virtual drive? Or there is another way I can rip the audio with DVD audio extractor from the iso file?
  3. Is it the same master offered at Qobuz or HDTracks?
  4. Now you can purchase these operas 9,99euros each (offer ends Saturday midnight, France time).
  5. Hi wgscott, West-Eastern Divan Orchestra doesn't play here. It is piano sonatas, so piano solo. Baenboim plays piano here, no orchestra involved. In HiRes we can find good versions by Brautigam (BIS) (complete), Kodama (Pentatone), Pizarro (Linn),...
  6. It shoud be identical. I only have the download version. Sound quality is glorious. I have hundreds of HiRes downloads, and this one is among the very best, if not the best one.
  7. Robert, I concur. I agree with every single word in your post.
  8. No libbretto. A 85 pages "release notes" pdf, poor quality scan.
  9. It seems I'n not the only one that uses SHIT as HiFi stuff, LOL Barry Diament probably uses the same shit: (A well reputed Sound engineer, I note it juts in case because of your ignorance DigiPete, you don't know him) http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f8-general-forum/aiff-vs-wav-7840/ Pls scroll to bottom of page 1 If someone really wants to know, is decompresion "on the fly" that causes diferences. Otherwise, already decompressed files are exactly the same. Maybe this is too complitate for you to understand DigiPete. BTW I won't write here anymore
  10. Wav sounds better than flac. That is, flac converted to wav "on the fly" losses slightly. If I convert my flacs to wav, previous to play. Wavs sound better. Question is: Is there a diference between these WAVs and the ones downloaded from HDTracks or from Qobuz? As far as I know the "time" problem arises in "on the fly" decompression, but once decompressed they shoud be equal.
  11. Qobuz is also releasing DG and Decca titles at 24/96, better priced at 17.49€ Digitalizations where originaly done late 90s and early 2000s at 24/96. The ones at Hiresaudio and at Qobuz are that original ones. I asked Qobuz, and assume the ones at Hiresaudio are the same. New recordings (digital ones) are also 24/96.
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