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  1. Firstly Chris, thanks for publishing these 4 articles and based on what appeared I am looking forward to the next 3. It was interesting to read his thoughts on measurements and listening, given that he produces one of the best measuring R2R DACs. I am sure we can forgive the minor problems of language and I can confirm that my Chinese is non-existent. 😁 Just a picky point, Alvin Chee is the owner of Vinshine Audio, the worldwide distributor (and a great guy for service) and not Zhao, who is the designer at Denafrips.
  2. I was at Bristol as well. One of the major companies did not have Tidal. When I questioned him he said that Tidal uses adaptive bit rates and as we were in a hotel he could start streaming at 16/44.1 but as more and more companies started streaming the bit rate would reduce as Tidal do not want delays in streaming. Is this true or just an excuse?
  3. Guys, Clarification please. If I use the Aries and go to Masters and stream a MQA file does the Aries deliver a 24/48 stream to the DAC or is it 16/44.1?
  4. Downloaded Sonic Visualiser and loaded the FLAC version of BOTR. And there is data above 22kHz. So I agree with firedog. Thanks for the tip on Sonic V.
  5. I got mine from HDTracks and it is very obvious which is the uncompressed and the compressed version. It does sound better but not by much.
  6. Just downloaded the Macca album and in Audacity it has nothing over 18 kHz and looks a lot like the CD. HDTracks said: Thank you for contacting HDtracks. I'm sorry you're not satisfied with the quality of your download, but I can assure you that the files are absolutely at the quality at which they are advertised. Sir Paul McCartney himself is selling the identical tracks on his personal website. I'm not sure what other assurances I can give you, but perhaps you can inquire with Mr. McCartney or with his label, Hear Music. I do not deny they are 24/96 but wonder they bothered with 2
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