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  1. Well, I chose the easy way out and synced to Apple Music. All of My own music synced to anywhere I have access to the internet (sort of lossless)
  2. Luckily nothing was found
  3. From 9to5Google: With Apple Music 3.6.0 Beta, rolling out now via the Google Play Store, we’ve found similar signs of high-quality audio streaming and downloading options coming to Apple Music for Android. As you’d expect, Apple includes a prominent warning of how much data and storage high-quality audio uses. Lossless audio files preserve every detail of the original file. Turning this on will consume significantly more data. Lossless audio files will use significantly more space on your device. 10 GB of space could store approximately: – 3000 songs at high qualit
  4. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/why-do-manufacturers-support-mqa/155965/135
  5. Isn't it a bit harsh to reference Qanon ?😁
  6. The same fraudulent claim that they keep on repeating on their website
  7. It's called working on commission
  8. According to this post by one of the moderators https://en.deezercommunity.com/other-devices-49/high-quality-and-mqa-293?postid=180728#post180728 Deezer is not implementing MQA any time soon (even though they partnered with MQA back in 2017) It seems however that they are looking into doing something with ROON
  9. Peter, You forgot one thing...... All of the above is pure marketing regurgitation. 1. We have never seen evidence of this being the correct output 2. Please show that any "decoding is going on - i.e. that it's not just an upsampling 3.Well this does depend heavily on what's in the "embedded" flags - no All in all none of this has been shown beyond MQA marketing - which You are a part of.
  10. It seems that the world has caught on to all the ills of MQA so they have to hide them under the moniker "Master"
  11. Exactly what do You mean when saying "decompress", what software is used?
  12. You saved it on the last line. What they actually lie to us about is that they keep the frequencies up to 44k/48k, samples them at 88/96k (another lie)
  13. Well You have to remember that MQA has MAGIC they took a Madonna Album recorded in 14 bit, mixed it on an analog mixer digitized it in 24 bit. Hey presto we have a 24 bit master🤮
  14. Funny how they always want to do things on the phone. Have been in touch with them several times. As soon as they have to write ANYTHING that is beyond marketing script they either go silent or want to do it on the phone. Funnily they do not want You to record the conversation.
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