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  1. So, what I figured out was that the unregistered problem started after I disabled the NUC ethernet. When I first tried wireless I still had the ethernet port enabled. Once I enabled it the unregistered went away and wireless worked but now it will not update my Roon library. Roon sees my NAS but newly added music doesn't get added even with a forced rescan. Right now I have it hooked up via ethernet and the library is updating slowly but Qobuz keeps saying I have no network connection. Everytime I turn on or restart Euphony I have to wait 5 min. for Roon to connect. I never had these problems just running Roon on my I7 6700k desktop. I feel like throwing it all out the window and going for a bike ride. Still no idea from Euphony as to why my library got written with lInux partitions or why Roon wireless will not update my Roon library. Unfortunately I don’t think this is going to work for me. The program sounds good but I don’t need any more grey hairs and have only that and about 6000 missing albums to show for it. I’ve been at computer audio since early on and never experienced this situation. I’m deleting the program and asking for refund. The trial worked OK but everything went downhill after the purchase....
  2. Hi Guys, I've been following this thread and decided to try out Euphony. I downloaded the trial and installed it on a spare PC. It sounded really good so I decided to get a 7i7DNFE and I purchased a Euphony license. So, on my first install attempt for the new NUC I downloaded Euphony trial and the write to USB failed at around 80%. I tried again on the same stick and it failed again. The installer actually killed my Sandisk USB stick(now it's read only) so I had to use another stick - same thing - another dead stick. Finally it worked on the 3rd stick. What I didn't realize is that when the Euphony install program failed and I tried again it was actually writing to my internal drives!!! While I was trying to download Euphony I decided to turn on my NAS and 20TB ESata box(attached to Win10 machine used to download Euphony) to copy some music to the NAS. I then realized my 1TB internal got repartitioned with 4 Linux partitions - I guess on the 2nd or 3rd download/write attempt failure the install program grabbed my ESATA storage and killed it. Unfortunately I was using Win10 software RAID0 -drive #3 of a total of four drives got Linux partitioned rendering the array useless. The Euphony install program only showed my Sandisk USB stick during the write - it NEVER showed the other mentioned drives but it sure did a number on them. Fortunately I had the majority of 35000 albums backed up but lost about 5000... and dozens of hours of recovery. Euphony support wasn't much help with this and said it was impossible that it happened using their installer... So today as my library was slowly restoring I decided to try the NUC wired vs wireless. I had it set to wireless for about a day and it worked great. Today I tried wired and then tried going back to wireless. Well when I went wireless Euphony all of the sudden showed that it was unregistered/over trial and showed someone else's info that lives in China. What??? I was super frustrated at this point. I write to Euphony about the issue and am told I need to choose what I want for my already paid for license - wired or wireless. I was totally unaware I would have to make a choice. Has this come up for anyone else?? Why would I need to chose an unsupported option when I paid $300. Makes no sense to me. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks Tony
  3. Thanks. I figured it out. I didn't realize the top part of the board needed to be connected to the bottom part - its electrically connected via the 4 pins.. I removed it because it was difficult to get to the 3 pins on the bottom board. I was able to upgrade the firmware and am able to play native DSD 512 via an Sotm sms200. I bought the dac used so can't say what difference the mods made sonically. I just got a Singrex SU1 yesterday and am using the hdmi output. I like the dac but also have a Musical Paradise MP-D2 with some nice tubes and Jupiter copper foil caps. Not sure which dac I like better yet LOL
  4. Hello, I just got one of these and I was trying to upgrade the Amanero Comb0384 firmware but it seems I've killed the USB card. The DA004 has the upgraded USB card and has the level 1 mod by Ric Schultz. It was working fine before I tried to erase it. According to the Amanero instructions about erasing the flash I would short the square pin to the round at position P3 - unplug/replug the USB cable - all this when powered on. Well my card doesn't have P3 - it has J1 and next to it J3 - see attached pic. I assumed J1 on my card would correspond. I have the Win10 drivers installed from LKS. So the DAC isn't recognized by Win10 (drivers uninstalled/installed several times). When I use the Amenaro config tool it shows "Looking for Device" "Please erase the device". I can't get any further than this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony
  5. I did try it both ways - with leveling off I get no sound. So no DSD sound is the problem. I'm hoping Roon can figure this out using my logs. thanks
  6. when I toggle it from off it goes blue says yes and single path shows leveling.
  7. Hi, thanks but it is set to off - see pic 4. Tony
  8. Hi, tried all that and no difference. I attached some screen shots. If I click hide volume control in Roon then it plays but converts DSD to PCM 176 - otherwise it plays with no sound(hiss if volume on the amp turned up loud.) Thanks
  9. With JRiver DSD 64 and 128 play fine using the USB B driver. With Roon using the USB B driver DSD works fine too. If I try Roon with the MR (Roonready set to native) I get no sound from DSD although it plays - if I set it to DOP it get converted to PCM 176. I will send Hegel an email. Thank you! Tony
  10. I will try this when I get home from work but what am I looking for? Thanks Tony
  11. I should have mentioned that I'm using Windows 10. Thanks
  12. Does the MR work with the Hegel H360 internal DAC via USB? I'm using Roon and it plays but without sound. The H360 is supposed to support native DSD and I have the MR set to that. Thanks Tony
  13. Jesus, will June delivery buyers of the mRendu get a tracking # and if so when do you anticipate shipping? Thanks Tony
  14. sorry Mike, I had the NA8005 not SA. I didn't read what you asked carefully.
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