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  1. Are you so... distracted... that you can't see the difference between liking/disliking a person, and calling out their rude and malicious behavior ? And there is a shitload of that around here, recent past and just now, to call out ! And after all, that kind of behavior is what this thread of yours is about.
  2. Hey, I was attacked, and had to defend my reputation against lies. What would you do ? And then you join in on the trashing I've never quite figured out where the hell you're coming from, but I never liked what you've had to say about this forum and its members. Happy to formally Ignore you now...
  3. Even the Grateful Dead stuff? C'mon. He voted down JERRY? Of course not, that's just Scott's usual paranoid exaggeration. Yes, I did Down vote a number of his posts, for (IMO) rude behavior and ridiculous statements, in 'open' threads. So what, I get my share too. Is he too much of a snowflake to take it ? And the 'stalking' thing is just a damn lie ! For well over a year, I have refused to click into any posts, in any thread started by wsgscot or esldude, much less post. I might see snippets in Unread Content, through. To be honest, I did
  4. Huh ? And here I thought you had me on 'Ignore' and thus it was a question for all. But since you ask, Yes, I do. Two of them involve you blasting me with 3 or 4 clearly OT replies, one right after I started a new thread expressly stating the type of content desired in it. Oh, sure, you can claim plausible deniability, but the pattern is clear, and you've been around this place long enough (but not quite longer then me) to develop a finely tuned ability to go right up to the line, without crossing it, to survive without being banned. And that point is known by more the
  5. Anyone else notice a flurry of silly, OT, distracting, posts following one that might be a little unsettling to those 'Righteous' keepers of the objectivist, pseudo-scientific, flames ?
  6. Atoms vs bits, and Waaaaaaay Off Topic ! Please take it somewhere else.
  7. Exactly... What I see you saying here is that it is better for the audiophile (and more of a scientific attitude IMO) to be open minded about these reports. There is no need to judge them true/false immediately (or ever), and throw away good data. Collect all this data to get smarter. Some may lead to problems or improvements, some may just be due to wishful thinking, and most will probably remain undecided. Being able to hold contradictory information in ones head, is a skill well worth cultivating if one wants to be truly 'scientific'. This reminds me of subscribing t
  8. Could you just leave it playing at a very low level ? (or muted, depending on where you control volume) At least temporarily, until you have a fix, to cut the hassle. I usually leave my system running 24/7 with a streaming www radio station. More for my convenience, but there are reports of better SQ with a continuously playing system.
  9. I knew there was something about you that I liked ! Great quote I remember that situation playing out on these pages years ago. and it revolved around a posted picture of him. I can't say I know everything about it, but my strong take-away from back then is he descended into an almost pathological fit of paranoia (I was shocked), talking all kinds of wild 'what-if's', and refusing to let it go, which is probably why that myth still hangs around
  10. Fair enough, but I was trying to make a point. And since you bring it up, the CA Terms of Service IS your concern, IIRC
  11. Daudio

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Here are some A+ questions, some simple, some not, I’d like to get cleared up before making some changes. I have to ask some as I can’t recall exactly from all the past posts I may, or may not, have seen And some issues/problems that may have an answer, or not ? Questions: 1) Does A+ 3.x still support iTunes integration ? 2) Does any v2.x version have the ‘dial home for a license check’ functionality that caused a lot of upset a while back ? 3) Does the intermittent dropout problem get solved, or improved, between (my current) v2.5.4 and the ‘latest’ v2.6.8 ?
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