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  1. The PC at 1.5 meters is apparently on sale for $549 - https://www.essentialsound.com/product/MCord-PRO_ES.html I have a number of cherished Jim Anderson sessions - particularly his work with David Murray and David S. Ware. He's helmed the board for quite the array of jazz artists.
  2. Well, that confirms what I'm hearing. Particularly the replacing the Audio Note part. I'll live with the DAC a few more weeks before offering any more thoughts on its sound qualities, as it reportedly benefits from a fair amount of hours to get all the way there.
  3. I rarely post and this is my first OP but I'd like to make a case for what I believe is an extraordinary DAC at an incredible value. There's a 2 year old thread on this DAC at Audiogon but as I have no posting history there I thought this would be the more appropriate place to share my thoughts. Simply put, this is a killer DAC. I took receipt of it 2 days ago and with only 8 hours of playing time it has performed far beyond what I would have thought possible for a $2500 purchase. It's replacing an Ayre Codex and, frankly, there's no comparison. The tone, im
  4. Chris - At the risk of redundancy I"ll reiterate... 1) not @Superdad's first foray into political discourse and 2) not why I'm here. I'll add a 3)... You'd have to be sympathetic to his POV to react as you did. Your site. Your prerogative.
  5. Offense doesn't enter the equation. It was a clarifying comment that screamed, "I don't want your business". Not the 1st time that @Superdad has engaged in a little virtue signalling. What his political bent has to do with audio, power supplies and galvanic isolation is a mystery to me. It's not why I'm here. But apparently Uptone has made a determination that disparaging and alienating half of its potential customer base is a sound business model.
  6. Thanks so much for this. It's too late at night for me to play at a level where I can hear any sonic benefits, but this has cured a host of ills I was experiencing from a Win 7 to Win 10 upgrade I made last night.
  7. Following up on my #20 post regarding the Comet Plus where I wrote in part, "If it continues to improve I'll be whatever surpasses delighted". Well, it has and I am. I've had it for 30 days and as of today (about 200 hours) it's performing at a level beyond what I had hoped for. There were ups (including a gain increase) and downs along the way but as of now, direct to amp, music is just flowing and exploding.
  8. Wilbur Harden's "The King & I" is an exquisitely recorded 1958 quartet session on Savoy courtesy of Rudy Van Gelder. Harden plays trumpet and flugelhorn with support from Tommy Flanagan. Stellar album and a beautiful clear sound rather distinct from RVG's Blue Note efforts.
  9. I can't comment on the Ion but I received an ever so slightly used (seller said he purchased a demo and never set it up) Comet Plus DAC about a week ago. Out of the box I was happy. It has since undergone a transformation that has made me delighted. If it continues to improve I'll be whatever surpasses delighted. I purchased the Comet (over the Ayre Codex) because from what I read it's designed specifically as a pre direct into an amp. Even through the not so hot temporary speakers I'm using (need to get my Audio Notes repaired) it produces alluring, dynamic, properly scaled, faithfully r
  10. Dicky

    Bughead Emperor

    File drag and drop functionality appears to be no more in latest versions. Is there a workaround or am I missing something?
  11. Chris - Your site, your rules. your call. No debate there. But any reasonable reading of this thread illustrates you tapped the wrong suspect. Count me as another in the pro sbgk chorus. To the extent any friction arose during the course of the thread it was without exception the result of Julf's instigation. I'm at a loss to explain what motivates him. I hope you reconsider your actions.
  12. Which MMCSS settings are accounting for the SQ changes?
  13. What you're likely hearing is Bud Powell grunting/mumbling as he solos. You'll hear it on just about every Powell recording.
  14. sbgk - Thanks! Will give it a go by tomorrow and let you know my thoughts.
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