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  1. Jean-Christophe, I'm not sure why you appear to be deliberately hobbling yourself with the hardware you've selected - as pointed out, you wont get DSD512 going that route - but I've never really thought of CA as a great source of info re video (happy to hear otherwise from members who've had a different experience). Chris reviewed JRiver Media Center several years back and its been under constant development since then - you may have more luck on their forums. https://www.jriver.com/ Forums: https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php My advice is to take your time and read as many of the existing forums entries as possible before posting - you may find someone with similar plans. As good as Roon, HQPlayer and other playback applications (regularly) discussed on CA are, they don't decode video and I doubt that Kodi or any of the other HTPC applications have JRiver's audio capabilities. Best of all, you can install a trial version of JRMC on basic computer hardware, hook up a DSD-capable DAC and a TV and you'll be up and running in a fraction of the time you'll spend setting up a networked solution. JRMC has its own peculiarities, but that's the case for every major playback application in this space. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the clarification - I guess my twisted imagination had the Nucleus outfitted with a few more tweaks than a vanilla ROCK install. I dont know what those tweaks would be, but I imagine that Roon is very familiar with the NUC architecture by now.
  3. It would seem that the hold-up is the 'bespoke operating system' - just as most of us could assemble our own hardware (including mini-ITX solutions if the NUC doesnt have the grunt for DSD upsampling), many of the regulars here could roll their own Linux distro in under a week so I'm assuming they've set their sights somewhat higher. If I seem overly critical, its simply because they've done such a superb job with RAAT and I guess I've put their engineers on something of a pedestal. Anyone who has struggled with UPnP (particularly the control point software) will readily attest to the fact that Roon 'just works' - lets hope their all-in-one solutions are every bit as seamless. I'm fine working at the Linux command line but I doubt that anyone who shells out 2K USD for the Nucleus+ will feel the same way.
  4. All I can say is that I wouldnt want to be hanging by my proverbials waiting for Roon Labs to make this thing a production reality. I accept that Munich saw a rash of product announcements, but we arent talking exotic bespoke hardware here : most of us could have installed Roon Rock on Skull Canyon for less money than Roon seem to be asking for the Nucleus+. I guess I must be missing something, or they didn't pay someone for SEO on the new hardware - happy to hear that I'm being unfair to a company/product that I know is something of a sacred cow here. I've worked in enough desk slave gigs to know the delta between marketing promises and production timelines - I guess I'd hoped for better from a company that has come so far so fast. 'Coming soon' is sadly reminiscent of the time Audioquest took to release a single firmware update for the Dragonfly Black/Red and that's just not good enough for mine. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/nucleus-when-can-we-expect-the-first-deliveries/30269 Ned
  5. The problem doesnt lie so much with his personal preferences, its with his legion of acolytes taking everything that is written by their guru as the absolute truth. The logic is 'well, he's articulate and he's heard all these big dollar DACs, so this must be the gospel truth !' : I cant think of a single Stereophile or TAS reviewer who was ever given that sort of 'all-knowing God' status, not even Harry Pearson. To me, and I've been beating the Yggdrasil drum from day one, the single biggest problem with Head-Fi is that you only need to post a photo of a few components and several TOTL headphones and suddenly you're the go-to guy. I sold some gear about a month ago and got hammered with PMs asking me to compare the upper and lower mids on the HD800 with those of my (now departed) LCD-X : given that our aural memory is roughly 8 minutes I doubt that anyone can make comparisons like that based purely on recollection, but purrin does it repeatedly and it's swallowed up by his adoring readership. purrin has subsequently been forced to field a bazillion queries from newbie Yggy owners which start with 'So when can I expect the magic to start ?' - fuelled by the requirement to leave the DAC on 24/7 which seems to have come as a shock to some - and I respect the fact that he has told one or two that if they arent hearing the magic, it may be time to send their Yggdrasil back while they still can. Inevitably, in the way of all things on Head-Fi, there will be a backlash and many of the same people who thought this was 'the one' will be pounding their keyboards asking when someone is going to release 'their' R2R DAC. C'est la vie, but it gets awfully predictable after a couple of years. e.g. HD800 - 'greatest headphone ever' became 'needs the perfect amp' became 'cant live with the treble' HE-6 - 'awesome ortho' became 'what the hell do I need to drive this thing' became 'impossible headphone to live with' About the only exceptions are the two Stax flagships and the Headamp BHSE - everything else gets bouquets followed by a tornado of brickbats. Compare that with a site like Audiokarma where people are still very much in love with 30 and 40 year old gear. :shrug:
  6. Interestingly, my IFI iDSD nano had no problems with the default and I suspect this is why some are claiming that their DAC is working without issue. I dont have time to mess around with higher bitrate music - A+ should change the sample rate automatically - and I'm not that interested in DSD : just get 16/44.1 working and take it from there.
  7. Oh snap ... installed Yosemite to find my Marantz - same DAC chipset as yours - didnt play anything from my Mac mini : 'Unsupported format', so I started poking around. OK - i didnt think of this immediately either, but shutdown your OS X playback software then go into: Applications -> Utilities -> Audio MIDI Setup you should be able to configure the Marantz from here. My sampling rate ('Format') was set to 352.8k - reset that to 44.1 and my SA-14S1 magically plays my music again. The other setting should be '2-ch, 24-bit integer' - that was fine on my Yosemite install but some dufus has allowed the MIDI settings to default to the highest possible sample rate. Just another example of people under pressure rolling something out without testing it. Please advise if this fixes your problem.
  8. Can you confirm that iTunes is working from the MBP's headphone out ? I think you are focussing too heavily on the Marantz : as I aid earlier, its really just a 'USB soundcard' from the POV of the Apple community. Once you've determined that Yosemite hasnt completely screwed your system's ability to produce sound from the onboard chip, it then becomes a case of eliminating possibilities. I occasionally have problems which come down to assorted weirdness like the volume control in either the playback software being muted : its a head slap moment, but it happens. As for the 'suck eggs' comment, it was used constantly during my time in the Army as a pretext to any lesson where we were expected to have a basic understanding of how something worked but they had to take conduct the lesson as it was written : Teaching grandmother to suck eggs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia You'll see plenty of threads where people get offended when they're told how to 'suck eggs' in relation to something basic, but we shouldnt need a PhD to sort issues like this. Personally, I'm pretty ticked off that I paid this much money for a laptop with only 2 USB ports and one of them is a dud : I've confirmed this by trying to plug my iPad into it and watching the MBP go into conniptions because it cant decide if there is something on that port or not. Moving the cable to the other port instantly fixes the problem and it instantly solved my dropouts, an issue I initially blamed on the Marantz. Finally, I wouldnt be too hard on any 'troll' who tries to point you to issues with Yosemite and sound output - the issue may well lie in one of those posts and there are several here who've had far more experience with OS X than I'll ever have. Personally, I'm fine with Marantz not making the firmware user-upgradeable as they do with their HT receivers : the prospect of being left with an expensive brick doesnt appeal to me. In any case, I still dont believe this issue is specific to the Marantz, and the comment from the SA8005 owner in the thread I linked to earlier makes me inclined to think the problem is Apple-specific. Ideally, access to a Windows-based PC would help you confirm that, but I appreciate that we dont all have 3+ machines sitting around the house.
  9. I also assume you've read this thread: Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite Problem/Mytek DSD 192 One poster claims the SA8005 works on Yosemite without issue - I think that is a later model than the SA11S3, but surely the USB standard wasnt changed for Yosemite ....
  10. OK - I guess we're going to have to teach one another to suck eggs, but the only issues I've had with my MBP/SA14S1 combination are a dodgy USB port causing dropouts and a complete refusal to play AAC files at one point. My approach would be to get iTunes working from the headphone out on the MBP and take it from there. I'm also using Mavericks but have never tried Yosemite. - I assume you've double checked that the Marantz appears in the System Preferences->Sound dialog ? Mine appears as 'USB High-Speed Audio' but the Marantz also seems to work with it set to 'Internal Speakers' - what format are your music files in ? - remove any drivers - OS X should be doing this natively - I assume you've googled for ANY sound issues (or general USB problems) post Yosemite install ? - if there is a front USB connector on the 11S3, plug in a USB stick and confirm that you can still play music without the same symptoms I very much doubt that Marantz could do anything for you even if their help desk knew their butts from their elbows - the firmware on our players isnt (AFAIK) user-upgradeable and if it was working on Mavericks I believe they're justified to expect that the problem doesnt lie with their firmware. We've all been ping-pong balls when each company points you to the hardware/software guys on the other side, but I think you have a much better chance of sorting this via the massive Mac community online. They dont need to know anything about the 11S3 - from their POV, its just a 'USB soundcard' that worked under Mavericks and doesnt under Yosemite : simple. I'll be interested to hear how you get on, even though I have no plans to upgrade. Worst case, you may have to backup and go back to Mavericks, but I expect that isnt what you want to hear. Good luck.
  11. Still no response from Mr Connaker. Arguably one of the most eagerly awaited products of 2015 - if only by me - and the Computer Audiophile seemingly has no interest in it. Such is life.
  12. I cant remember if you're in the pro-DSD camp or not - personally, I would be thrilled to hear the best I can get from my Redbook collection, which is the claim being made by the chief hypemeister at HF, but each to their own.
  13. If I can be accused of adding to the incredible hype already out there, the impressions that came back from CANJAM 2015 ranged from 'I didnt hear anything that wowed me' to 'This meets the hype and then some'. When you consider that the main hypemeister ranks this above any s-d DAC he has heard from anyone - Berkeley, Bricasti, Auralic, Lampizator etc - you have to wonder if the people making that statement have the same frame of reference. The thing that really irks me about this whole Schiitfest is NOT that I dont believe Mike Moffatt is a gifted engineer and a man with a mission - I completely get that - it's that the man who has heard more DACs than most of us hasnt been given an opportunity to compare Yggdrasil with the best of 'the rest'. Chris, I'm sorry man, but you really need to step up here - you've worn your heart on your sleeve with at least 2 DACs that I'm aware of and both cost considerably more than the Yggy. Please put the rest of us out of our misery. (Please note that I'm not disparaging anyone else's DAC here - nor am I taking potshots at Schiit - its just time we heard from someone who spends a lot of time listening to some gear that most of us will never even get to see in our lifetimes)
  14. Good point - lets leave that to Tyll and the others at HF. Plenty of time for Mike to build another batch of Yggdrasil.
  15. Come get some. After %^@ how many months, its here. Schiit Audio, Headphone amps and DACs made in USA.
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