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  1. That's interesting and makes sense. I'll dig into that tomorrow. Thank you.
  2. OK...and that must be related to the IP address? What is the impact of that?
  3. Ok, the Lumin U1 is working now! I ran a 25 foot ethernet cable from another switch in another room to the U1 and it works fine so there is something going on with the switch at my audio rack. Interestingly, before I did that I did put the Lumin U1 in the place of another working device at my audio rack switch (my dac) using it's working ethernet cable and the Lumin was still not working. Thank you both for your quick help!
  4. Thank you. The LED lights at both the switch port and the U1 are both on. I have also tried different ports on the switch and different network cables that are working now with other equipment.
  5. I just finished power cycling everything in the network from the modem, router, switch and U1 as well as swapping ethernet cables and ports on the local switch including known working ethernet ports and wires and still get "network error" on the screen.
  6. When trying to set up a new to me U1 I get a "Network Error" on the screen and the U1 is not seen by the Lumin iPad app nor by Roon. The U1 is connected by ethernet to a local D-Link switch then to a router. My music files are on a Qnap NAS running minim-server that I just installed. The Lumin app and the minim-server communicated and loaded all my music to the app. Is there a reset process for the U1? I've tried power cycling the U1, the DAC and the switch a few times. Thank you.
  7. Great food for thought. But if a 27 minute tape was the standard high-end music offering at the time (was it?) shouldn't we use the full inflation adjusted price of $94.16 per album (instead of cutting it in half) as representative of how a high-end album in 1956 compares to today's high-end offering (even though the music plays longer today) in terms of price? Today seems a much better bargain price-wise.
  8. I bought Harvest and After the Gold Rush and they are a definite improvement over the redbook cd and vinyl I have. I'll be buying more but wish a coupon would drop down in my lap somehow.
  9. Has anyone ordered and listened to Harvest and After the Gold Rush in Hi Res? Wow, I am very, very tempted to buy those two great albums.
  10. Just a quick look on Amazon and it seems the Blu-spec CDs are significantly more expensive than the 24/192 download. Is it having the physical media that makes them attractive?
  11. I was able to get Tidal working through PM 2.02 in Playthrough mode but it crashes after about 15-20 minutes each time I try it (which were many). I've contacted PM support but until I hear something, I'm done with the play-crash-restart PM routine. I've been playing the desktop app through my mac mini/ Directstream setup.
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