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  1. Right, in terms of building a connection between the two sides this is a friend, a Physicist/Cosmologist explaining one way of looking at it (and this can be streamed trough your systems ). Note I love Hitchens as well and all kinds of ways of looking at things.
  2. Jud, I'd love to talk about this more but alas I feel this isn't the appropriate place. Extremely briefly, what if both could exist? I work in science as do many of my friends and for a lot of us there is no conflict. The issue arises when religion attached to a non-metaphorical version of the bible (Oh, my God, the sun has sunspots, that means everything we believe is bogus!!!! Aaaaggghhhhhh!!!!! I'm mellllltttttiiiinnnngggggggg!!!!!!! Someone, quick, throw Galileo in hell before anyone reads his papers!!!! Hurry!!!!!) and from Galileo and Darwin (Darwin himself when he wrote Origin a
  3. Although I have to add that the best scientists I've known, atheist or other, all are acutely aware of the evolutionary nature of science. I realize I might ruffle some feathers here, but in my opinion it is only the weaker scientists or science enthusiasts, who think that science at any particular year month and day (hour?) has some sort of final say on reality. It changes too much, it evolves. In many cases the change may be slight and represent a convergence towards a single truth, but then we also have scientific revolutions that throw things very strongly assumed to be wrong or a subse
  4. I'm not making a value judgment of the different philosophies, but am saying that it *may* influence how we look at subjectivist vs measurementist approaches to audio. I could be wrong, it is a theory.
  5. As to your last comment ("I thought the idea was to share ideas") this is actually quite a timely and imporant comment. I think the highest challenge to the whole human race right now, particularly in light of recent events here in the US, is to find a way to have meaningful dialogue when we disagree. To establish a level of unity as co-human beings on a small planet all in pursuit of truth even while we may have different axioms, logic and conclusions. Whether anyone likes the other things he has said or done, Van Jones recently did a series of three interviews that I thought were pr
  6. Actually, I'd like to suggest as the thread originator that in this case, the more humor the better. Go for it. We need it these days... I was quite proud of my early 'see-through output section' early on and haven't been able to get back to that level since. And the 'he was right, or not right' one was perhaps pretty good as well (in response to the literary vs philosophical meaning of tautology). Ironically I've studied Alan Watts quite a bit and rivers as part of Environmental Engineering (contaminant fate and transport, etc., all kinds of stuff, rivers, groundwater as well, etc.).
  7. Yes, someone beating it was elsewhere, all I remember was that it was choral music. We're going back in time quite a bit there. Right - he wasn't suggesting you don't need amps to match speakers, just interesting to note that it can be expensive to properly drive low efficiency speakers and that right there creates a lot of expense, not getting into high-fi voodoo. Many took his claim to mean that a 1k or 500 amp should be fine for anyone, but the trick was that it could be quite expensive just to meet the basic requirements.
  8. In all honesty, if we could set up a good Richard Clark style test, we could start with a solid good lower priced DAC and see if with EQ people could ABX a 1.5k or so DAC with a 10k DAC. There may be something interesting there. Should be a new thread, but I'd participate. Note I don't think ABX is 'everything' but it at least gives a baseline for how large differences are. I agree some very resolving DAC's can be harsh owner time (listening fatigue).
  9. Els!!! So this whole time you tricked us and used Trump Twitter-style tactics in a reverse spin to get us all! Brilliant play, my friend, brilliant. Very meta .
  10. From our own Chris C.'s review of the Schiit (3 separated power supplies, no less, btw) "I've enjoyed the Yggdrasil so much since I took delivery of the unit that I can say it's unequivocally one of the best DACs at reproducing acoustic music I've ever heard. Of course this DAC is fabulous at amplified / electric music as well, but there is something about its ability to convey realism when reproducing acoustic instruments that is remarkably alluring. In my experience, sound quality of this caliber comes at a price that most of us simply can't afford. We read the reviews of ultra high-end
  11. Well, but that is the whole point. I consider the position extreme and have described it as bizarre, which I will stick with. As stated, even at the 800-1200 level I think we can be somewhere where most DACs from there are 2% or 5% better (sticking with your concept that romantic colorations are to be ignored for now), but not at 500. And certainly if we raise just a bit more, to 2k or so then there are more than one DAC where many many people say there are only a few percents left to be had. The Schiit Yggy (no DSD) is one and there are a few others. Again, one thing I know people do in
  12. There it is... 8 years ago. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/the-richard-clark-quot-all-amps-sounds-the-same-quot-test http://www.tom-morrow-land.com/tests/ampchall/index.htm
  13. Re: this comment being what you cited in the other thread: "I don’t have much to say about the sonic qualities of Benchmark’s new AHB2 power amplifier because there isn’t that much to say. Used within its limitations and for its intended purposes it is in any practical sense perfect. I know this is not the sort of thing we’re supposed to say about products, but it has been evident for a very long time now that solid-state electronics, particularly linestage preamplifiers and power amplifiers, have reached a point where they are effectively a solved problem such that it is exceeding diffic
  14. Just out of curiosity, is there anyone else who believes that the Emotiva and Berkeley Reference 2 are indistinguishable? I want to understand the dynamics of the conversation. As to listening to the files, I think there is a problem with the test. You are assuming that the ADC is sufficiently good to pick up on all of the differences. That said, I'm happy to do it. But I can't right now, just spent 45 min trying. I just moved, and my NAS is out of commission, my computer is farther than 15 feet away from DAC right now (longest USB is 15 feet) and I found a USB key but it was bad.
  15. Happy to listen to tracks. My pre is being upgraded, so I don't have my best sound for 2 more weeks, but can do it now or then, or both.
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