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  1. Give us a review. I am torn between the Teac, Lumin d2 and Brooklyn bridge
  2. i wish I could get my hands on the 24/48. Version without buying the box set
  3. Fantastic writing. So is one of my top ten albums of all time. I need to seek out the box set
  4. Nobody owns a T2 here?
  5. It sounds from the many posts on Audiogon, Roon and Audioshark that the Lumin T2 is a really special unit. I just wished it Costca little less. However, I’m tempted to wait a month or two and just get the T2. Roon, Qobuz and Tidal are 98% of my listening. I really do not need additional inputs. I rip any new SACD I purchase because my current Dac ( pro-Ject S2) sounds better than the Oppo 103 internal Dac. I could still keep the S2 for anything else I need or just use RCA outs on the oppo.
  6. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on the T2 streamer/Dac. I've been asking on various forums about T2 Owner's impressions. I have heard from many that the T2 is closer to the X1 than the D2. In fact, many have said the T2 is miles ahead of the D2 in sound quality. The T2 is approx $2k more than the D2. I do not need the ability for dac inputs, so this unit seems ideal and will last a long while. In fact, If I ever wanted, down the road, to use a different Dac, the T2 has a USB output. Plus, the unit has balanced outputs which will be a new requirement moving forward. If you have heard, compared or own the T2, please let me know your impressions and how the T2 stacks up to other brands with similar units.
  7. Audio Asylum looks, along with Blue Jeans Cables, look like they were developed in 1992.
  8. Thanks Peter. I really want a Lumin T2, however, it is outside my price point ( no dealers have any demo or trades units to sell since it's so new). I then looked at the D2 and of course, everyone says T2 is a major step above and should wait.
  9. I wonder how the Ultrarendu would compare to the new Pro-Ject Stream Box S2? Does the Sonore pass MQA thru so dac can do full unfold?
  10. Any suggestions yourself from units you have heard?
  11. I actually I quoted a streamer for regular Dac+ (not bridge). People above were saying one could get a better streamer by buying separately. I am buying something this week. Either a Brooklyn Bridge, Lumin D2 (T1 is so tempting..but 2k more) or a dac and the Project s2 Stream box (thats still $800 in itself). An all in one seems like the best option for me. Plus, by going Brooklyn, I have other inputs unlike the Lumins. The Lumin fans and dealers tell me how much better the d2 and T2 (especially) sounds over any Mytek product.
  12. What would be a good external streamer (MQA and Roon ready) to pair up with a Brooklyn Dac+?
  13. I know they have two totally different user interfaces. However, If one wants to have a streamer/player that passes bit for bit (including MQA-Bluesound will not do that to an external dac if using ROON) and supports being a Roon endpoint, which of the two would be better? Any other alternatives?
  14. Right now I'm rebuilding my system with a new Pre amp on its way (BHK Signature Pre). In the mean time, I am using my Pro-ject s2 Dac/pre as my preamp since I just shipped out the Rogue RP-5 to its new owner. I'm noticing a slight hum from the S2. I unplugged and used only bus power...still there. Changed amp to a filtered outlet. The noise is in the USB connection somewhere. I unplug USB...goes away. Turn off computer ..goes away. I have changed cables, changed rooms, use laptop on battery power, etc. I even swapped analog cables. I just ordered and will pick up this evening an Audioquest Jitter-noise isolator thingy. If it works, I will then seek out higher end options (ifi, etc). Any other suggestions or kind of cable upgrades I could add to the Jitterbug?
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