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  1. I have plenty of ALAC hi-rez and it is just fine, no reason to avoid it, iPhone plays them just fine too. I love, no adore iTunes, apple music is my wildest dream that came through, it is not perfect, what is? Never understood haters.
  2. You'd love how it make your system sound so much better. Tighter bass, darker backgrounds, highs are just off the scale, better definition across the full spectrum, no need for expensive cables - all of it is just with one box!
  3. Surely you will not be the only one. Anyways, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Youn Sun Nah is one of my favorites and having another album is a treat. I love it! Love the experimentation with effects and just LOVE it!!!
  4. Chromecast Audio supposedly has a really awesome implementation as a Roon endpoint with optical out. Without Roon it does not support gapless playback. If you like classical music it might be a really bad experience. I have not tried Volumio on x86. As far as control, it is mainly controlled though a web page so it can be done on x86 if it has a monitor, there are mobile control apps too . As far as playback, Volumio has a few modes. It can play local files, play files on a NAS with a samba mount, play from DLNA server somewhere or have music pushed to it with AirPlay and as
  5. May be I like "boring" when it comes to all of hardware, my RPI3(not even +) with Volumio does its thing for the last 3 years, sounds great. I have tried a few much more expensive solutions but every time came back to my simple Volumio RPI3. Have tried Roon with it, again no overclocking here, it sounded just as great and played any rate I sent to it without a hitch, even tried upsampling in Roon to 768Khz, the highest PCM my dac supports with USB input, no hiccups there either.
  6. It is not unique to the iTunes then, but they should probably change it to something that can capture genres better. Would anybody know if Roon does it better or by http://dbpedia.org/ontology/MusicGenre?
  7. That's what I do. Never had a problem ?‍♂️ Often I do remap thousands of files from one to a different genre.
  8. Files, on iPhone or streaming are digital. If iPhone had no DAC it wouldn't be able to play them to bluetooth headphones, as they probably have no built in DAC. Something has to convert digital to analog, therefor iPhone has to have a built in DAC.
  9. The warning message states that "if you are using the jack audio output, it will limit", not the the Lightning to USB Camera connection kit. I have iPad Pro with the CCK connected to Chord 2Qute and every time a sampling rate change I can see a different light lits up appropriately representing the sampling rate that Qobuz sending. Internal DAC in the iPhone or lighting to 3.5mm dongle will limit it to CD quality.
  10. AE supported gapless from the start. As far as I know, Chromecast Audio still doesn't. If you listen to classical albums that might be really annoying to hear gaps between tracks. no gapless
  11. I'd done it since AE introduction until a few years ago. Run optical out into my NAD receiver that had built in dac and the sound was very very good. Optical into an inexpencive current gen DAC will definitely improve SQ over the AE's analog audio out. I switched to RPI3 with Volumio installation, which still allows me to Airplay to it, just like AE, but have an USB audio out to a stand alone dac, plus other things.
  12. I'm glad you got it going. Since it is working you have to tell us how it sounds ;-)
  13. I'm confused. Does iFI Audio micro IDSD has BNC or coax input? That's what Digione is for. If you are just using USB from Digione to IDSD then Digione needs to be told to output USB, but that defeats the purpose of Digione which is the cleanest BNC/Coax output.
  14. Whichever software you use on RPI3 needs to be told to use I2S output/Digione as its audio out. I use Volumio and it is there under 'Playback Options/I2S Dac' switch.
  15. Sometimes I fantasize about The Chord Dave and it goes like this - what if I sell our second car, then I realize that what I get for it will be just a fraction of what Dave cost and crash back to reality.
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