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  1. Hi Marcin, Thanks for the response. . That approach - Jplay Classic via ASIO in Roon is what TakeoAudio does in their Extreme. In your opinion, does that provide better SQ than Jplay FEMTO with Squeezelite? Thanks! Rick
  2. Possible, yes of course . . . but then Mr. O can simply advise that he is subject to non-disclosure . . . end of discussion . . . so for the sake of all us CA folks, lets' hope that's not the case . . . certainly not in his best business interests!! BTW, I don't understand why you are so obstructive - are you Mr. O's lawyer!!?? I thought the purpose of these forums was to enlighten and benefit CA folks??
  3. Perhaps, but it's Mr. O's terrific software, and its hard to imagine anyone else understanding how best to talk to it. I think it would be in the interests of all CA folks to understand the different ways of coupling the arguably the worlds best library management with the worlds best (windows- based) player!
  4. Marcin, After offering this link, you proceed to trash the SQ of this combination in comparison with using Femtoserver. One of the best (most expensive?) servers on the planet - the SGM Extreme, uses Roon for library management and control and Jplay for playback as their preferred, default playback. Their machine is aimed at NOS DACs. They don't mention use of a plug-in (e.g., Squeeze2Unpn) to achieve compatibility between Roon and Jplay. Please tell us what they are doing differently to achieve what, in their opinion, is the best sound to go with the best library managment? Thanks! Kind Regards, Rick
  5. Thanks all for your input. Close enough . . i will require a 2 TB machine. Yes the server can handle FLAC but promises superior SQ with WAV according to the designer.
  6. I have a library that is about 600GB of compressed (max) FLAC. 90% redbook (that have all been ripped on my Ref dBPoweramp), 10% hi-rez. Can anyone offer an estimate of how large the library will grow if i batch convert to WAV, and also if i'm likely to encounter metadata and/or artwork difficulties. I am on the verge of buying a server that strongly recommends WAV and i must make sure i have enough storage. Thanks for any educated guesses or estimates!
  7. Best DAC every heard? - easy!! Stahltek Vekian (now upgraded to Opus), especially when using their new Audiophile Bridge for Computer (Stahltek A.B.C.)
  8. Thanks Simon - i got the same answer from Sonic Studios today. As i have a fairly static system with a music-only computer feeding a USB converter, i don't expect it matters for me one way or the other . . . but it's nice to understand what the buttom means as it was not clear to me reading the users manual.
  9. The new Amarra 2.4 comes with the Hardware Settings Box already checked to "Follow Core Audio Settings". If one is using a USB converter between the computer and the DAC, as i am (Stahltek ABC), should that box be UNCHECKED to allow the software to use settings appropriate for the audio output device (in this case the Stahltek ABC)?? This would apply, of course, to anyone using any brand of USB converter. Thanks for any insight!
  10. If this doesn't produce sweet dreams, I don't know what will!!
  11. Stahltek introduced their new USB A.B.C (audiophile bridge for computer) interface at CES. Inputs include balanced I2S (for Stahltek or e.g. PS Audio transports), USB (for Mac or PC computer servers). Outputs are balanced (AES/EBU) and single ended SPDIF (RCA and BNC) and most importantly balanced I2S for direct connection to the DAC chip and optimum SQ. Sample rates to 192k. Li battery powered. Retail is $3.5k.
  12. For the best sq, have the guys at mach2 modify your mini for batter power, buy a power sonic 35 amphr battery, a ctek charger and a few inexpensive custom built dc cables (also from Mach2) and enjoy pristine sq happily ever after - better than the most expensive ac!! Also decoupled your computer from the DAC, etc.
  13. I want to expand my music library which is now stored on an external SSD hanging off the macmini music server via firewire 800. My plan is to simply jumper another firewire drive to the current SSD (i.e., not use another firewire port on the macmini. Does anyone have experience with this? Will itunes "see" both drives and still manage the content as a single library? Any problems or nuances with this approach? Power is okay since i don't use the firewire bus to power the drives. I'm mainly concerned with how this will integrate and operate with itunes which i use for library management only. Help/experience greatly appreciated!
  14. Your plan should work. My set up is a little different. The external drive i use to hold the library (which i keep permanently connected to the mini) is an SSD (for SQ. So this Seagate, which is an HDD is literally just a "transfer shuttle". As i rip more cds (I'm just beginning), i just use the Seagate to transfer the AIFF files to the SSD. Chris' plan is really slick, but you have to have both the PC ripper and the music server computer on the network. i don't believe you need to employ a NAS in the process. But if both computers are on the network, than you can do the file sharing that he describes (not his connection to the NAS whcih he uses for the Archival Copy) for his Working Copy connection to the Mac G5 (i believe it is). This sounds cool and simple and avoids the need for the intermediate drive, but i believe requires both computers to be on the same network, which is not my case.
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